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Dueling Is Life

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Summary: Will's gets a letter from a childhood penpal witch set off a chain of events.

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Dueling Is Life

Title: Dueling Is Life
Author: Lady Of The Rings
Disclaimer: I own niether BTvS Or Yu-Gi-Oh!
Spoiler: BTvS S4
Summary: Will's gets a letter from a childhood penpal saying she's coming to Sunnydale for the DM tournment. The guys were ranting about that as nothing like that comes to Sunnydale so they get tickets witch set off a chain of events.
Author Note: Buffy Gang goes to college. Not many nasties since the hellmouth is closed. No Tara. No Spike rebounding after Buffy came back from the dead. The YuGiOh characters are going to be different for my fic. Midori is a penpal of will's since she was little also a famous duelist.
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing; Midori/Yugi Buffy/Joey Xander/Tea Willow/Kaiba Spike/Mai
Feedback: It's cool hope you like the fic!!
Suggestion: From this list in the Files. Sorry if It's not W/Y!

Chapter One

The guys were sitting at the Magic Box bored "Oh there's nothing to do" whined Xander form the table. "Things did become slow when we colsed the hellmouth" said Willow from her spot on the counter where she was sitting. "Yeah but after fighting demons and vamps daily for six years is a change of pace" said Buffy in her chair.

"I'm getting on my laptop to chack some things out" said Will as she powered up her laptop. Eventually everyone had something to do and forgot about boredom. Will came back to Buffy's afterthey left the Magic Box. She was in the kicthen with the others "What's that Will?" asked Xander with a mouth full of food. "A letter? From who?" she she said as she opened it to read and smiled. "I haven't heard from her in years" she said as she read the rest of the letter.

They lloked at her "What's it say?" she looked up at the them "Oh just she's coming here to be a oaprt of some tournment that is being played here" she said a little puzzled. Then Xander said "Oh you mean the Duel Monster thing I've been hearing about in the paper?" They all continued on this subject though out the night.

The guys were at lunch "So we Bronzing?" Buffy asked them. "yeah that sounds like fun"Xander said as he ate his lunch. "Yeah, I mean we got all this time now why not" Willow said happily as they got up a few moments later to go to class and resume the day.

They were just leaving school grounds when they saw some girl asking a student something. They didn't know what she was talking about as the overheard her question so Buffy went to her and said "You looking for someone?" she looked at Buffy a moment then said "Yes a girl named Willow Rosenberg" they looked at her shocked. "That's me" Willow said surprised this girl was looking for her. She smiled "Oh okay then Hi I'm Midori we finally meet at last" They all just looked at her again shocked.

"Your Midori?! the girl I've been writing to since I was a child?" Will asked in awe.
"Yeah amazing huh?" she said smirking. "Yeah we were just going home you wanna come?" said Xander in a daze as he liked her. She looked at the girls then said "Sure lead on" They all walked talking about everything to Buffy's.

They were all sitting in the living room and talking when Xander asked "So what's this Duel Monsters Tournment?" She smiled at him. "Easy it's a card game we play very popluar were I'm from" She paused "I can teach you some time" he looked at her. "Really?" he asked "Yeah, but now I must retire fir the tournment is in four days and I need my engery" she said and went up to the room they gave her for her stay.

"She's cool Will" Buffy said smiling. "Yeah I like her she has this confident air to her you know" Xander said glad to meet Will's penpal after so long of hearing about her. They all talked for some time then when they got sleepy went off to bed for school the next morning.

Midori ws left at Buffy's during school she became bored there after the first day. She went to the school to wait for them to get out. The guys came into the lunch hearing people shouting and cheering. "Wonder what that's about?" Will said to Buffy.

"Don't know, but let's find out" she replied back as they neared the crowdof shouting students. Inside the crowd was two people dueling on the lunch table. One was twitching and sweating while the other was just sitting there calm like this was normal.

"Your Move" She said to him. He looked at his hand and decided on a card and pulled out The Man-Eater Bug ATK/450 DEF/600. "Monster in attack mode" he said to her. She just smiled at him as she looked at her hand to pick a card an placed it face up The Beaver Warrior ATK/1200 DEF/1500.

"Monster in attack mode" and his card was wiped out. People cringed when she got rid of his card she looked up "Not bad for an american, but not good enough train up some more and then well see." she said as she got up to leave when Buffy came up to her.

"Wow what was that? Your good" She looked at her "Thank you Buffy that was what I was telling you about Duel Monsters" They were walking out of the cafe to the hall as the bell rang "Don't be late for class later" she told them as she left them in the halls.
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