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Something in the Closet

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Summary: Response to challenge 626 - Lucy Harris warns her Dad about a monster problem

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Xander-CenteredAbbyFR711,2021183,44028 Nov 0428 Nov 04Yes
Challenge 626 - There’s a monster hiding in Lucy Harris’s closet.

AN: read and review, tell me if it needs work.

Rating: g

Standard Disclaimer applies.

The nightdress reached her small feet and a teddy bear dangled from her hand as the little girl with raven black wavy hair dashed up the hallway, the light of three night lights illuminating her path way.

The door to her Father’s room was ajar and she pushed it open with a tiny hand and hurried into the sanctuary that the room represented. Her panicked breathing settling as her eyes settled on the sleeping form of her dad.

Resting teddy on the edge of the mattress the four year old hauled herself up onto the bed and crawled on hands and knees across the bedspread until she came to a rest beside her Dad’s torso. For a moment she watched as the chest in front of her rose and fell with each breath and then a little hand reached out and rested on Xander’s chest and then tried to shake the much larger figure awake. But the shaking had no response so the little girl sat up on her knees and reached over Xander. Placing one hand on each cheek she squeezed softly.

The big brown eyes of Xander Harris blinked open in confusion and despite the ungodly hour of the morning, he smiled when he was met by the deep brown eyes of his daughter.

“ Lucy?” He asked reaching out and grabbing her into a hug, hopefully designed to inspire the child to fall back to sleep.

Lucy squirmed out of the hold and Xander looked at her in the gloom of the room questioningly.

“ There’s a monster in the closet.” Lucy informed him seriously and Xander smiled reassuringly,

“ It’s just a bad dream Luce, you can go back to sleep in here.”

Lucy seemed to think about it for a second and Xander rolled back the covers next to him so that she could remain warm while thinking, finally as Xander was mere seconds away from sleeping again Lucy muttered,

“ But the monster is real dad, I heard him he was swearing because he bumped his head.” Lucy whispered in the darkness and Xander’s eyes flicked open again. That did sound like a creature of the night.

“ Ok, Luce stay here,” Xander informed the child as he rolled out of the bed, and then to be sure that the little girl would stay in the bed he tucked the sheets up around her tightly.

Padding back down the hallway towards his daughter’s room, Xander stopped to acquire a baseball bat from a coat holder and walked boldly into the child’s bedroom.

Without switching the light on he flicked the closet door open with one hand and brought the baseball bat swinging down on the contents inside with the other. The swing was met with a squishing sound and Xander made a face as he pulled the baseball bat back covered I an streak of dark purple goo.

Reaching out and turning on the light as the closet groaned, Xander peered inside. A small hairy purple monster was sitting on a pile of shoes holding his head which was bleeding he looked up at Xander in surprise.

“ What the hell was that for?” The monster demanded and Xander raised an eyebrow, and then the baseball bat ready for another blow but the monster held out his little arms in a gesture of surrender,

“ Whoa now there’s no need for that.” He stammered and Xander looked down at the monster and then lowered the bat,

“ Who are you?” The one eyed father demanded and the monster winced

“ Col, well that’s not my real name but in order to say me real name you’d have to cut your tongue out and develop a lisp.”

Xander looked down unamused and the Monster smiled nervously,

“ You’re a bogey demon aren’t you?” Xander stated recognising the monster as a non-violent species of nighttime monster,

“ Yeah, how’d you know that?” The monster asked happily and Xander stared down at it,

“ Does it matter?” Xander asked and the monster shook his head almost violently,

“ Are you gonna do me in?”

Xander seemed to think about it for a moment but finally he shook his head,

“ My daughter’s room is off limits, go back and tell everyone else because the next monster I find in here is going to make a great bath mat for Lucy.”

“ I wasn’ gonna hurt her!” The monster said indignantly and Xander shrugged,

“ I don’t care if you were going to paint butterflies on the wall, this room is off limits.”

The monster nodded and Xander took a step back from the closet and looked up as a noise alerted him to someone standing in the doorway.

“ Did you get it?” Lucy asked and Xander gave her a look,

“ I thought I told you to stay put?” He asked and Lucy started forwards,

“ I wanted to see if you got the monster,” she replied earnestly creeping toward the closet and darting behind Xander’s leg when she caught sight of the purple creature.

“ Kill it!” Lucy shouted and the monster’s eyes widened,

“ Got a bit blood lust for a babe,” he stated and Xander looked between his daughter and the purple monster,

“ He’s not going to hurt you Luce, and he’s going to spread the word that this house stays monster free. He can’t do that if I kill him.” he explained and dropped the baseball bat at his feet in order to scoop the four-year-old up into his arms,

“ Kill it!” Lucy stated after a moments thought and Xander chuckled, and laid a kiss on the child’s hair,

“ You are too much like your mom sometimes Luce.” He whispered and looked back down at Col and nodded,

“ I’ll spread the word, “ Col assured Xander as he scurried away disappearing through the bedroom wall.

“ You let it get away,” Lucy announced disappointed and Xander nodded,

“ He wasn’t dangerous so there was no need to kill him, we only kill the bad monsters.” Xander explained and turned to deposit the child back into her own bed.

“ When I’m bigger can I kill bad monsters too?” Lucy asked with a yawn and Xander nodded,

“ Sure thing, you can kill all the bad monsters that are smaller than you.” He stated and kissed the child on the forehead.

“ Night Lucy goosy”

“ Night daddy,” Lucy whispered as her eyes closed.

Xander sat on the edge of the bed for a moment and then turned around as there was a rustling in the toy box in the corner of the room,

“ Col said we had to clear out.” A voice in the darkness whispered, a panicked whisper replied

“ Shhhh he’s still sitting right there do you want to get us all killed!”

There was the sound of something scurrying in the night and then silence again. Xander smiled and headed back to his own bed dodging another Bogey that was darting down the hallway towards the front door.

“ I should take this gig on the road, I could make a fortune as a monster buster,” Xander muttered as he climbed into bed to the sound of monsters fleeing not so subtly into the night.


The End

You have reached the end of "Something in the Closet". This story is complete.

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