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Ten Things That Never Happened To A God-King

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Summary: 10 assorted crossover drabbles on things that never happened to Illyria.

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Multiple Crossings > Fred/Illyria-CenteredLightSpinnerFR13101,44511110,71228 Nov 043 Dec 04Yes


Ten Things That Never Happened To A God-King
Drabble #10: Wishing

Disclaimer: … or Labyrinth.

“So, you’re saying the Goblin King may be a real person,” questioned Gunn.
“It’s quite possible,” Wesley replied. He was about to continue explaining, regardless of Angel’s eye rolls, when Illyria walked in.
“You know what,” interrupted the annoyed vampire. “If the Goblin King is real, I wish he’d come and take her away.” As soon as the words had left Angel’s mouth, the lights went out. And when they managed to turn them back on Illyria was nowhere to be found.
When Jareth questioned his old blue-haired friend how she had been faring she answered; “I have been better.”

And suddenly it’s over. Thanks to everyone who’s read this, and even more thanks to those who reviewed.

The End

You have reached the end of "Ten Things That Never Happened To A God-King". This story is complete.

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