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Ten Things That Never Happened To A God-King

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Summary: 10 assorted crossover drabbles on things that never happened to Illyria.

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Multiple Crossings > Fred/Illyria-CenteredLightSpinnerFR13101,44511110,70328 Nov 043 Dec 04Yes

Forget the Dog

Ten Things That Never Happened To A God-King

Drabble #1: Forget the Dog

Author: Light Spinner

Disclaimer: I don’t own Angel, it belongs to Whedon. I also don’t own The Wizard of Oz,…

Note: This is a set of drabbles in response to Kamikaze’s Ten Things That Never Happened challenge.

She watched the child from Kansas from boredom only. True, said girl had killed both her great-nieces, but that held little importance to her. They were annoying creatures, but this insect was more so. She thought she could do such actions without consequence. The first could be considered an accident, but the situation only continued because of her thievery.

The god-king glanced at the winged monkeys surrounding her before ordering, “Snatch that insolent girl and bring her to me.” Before they had left Illyria added, “And I don’t care what your previous master told you. Forget her small canine companion.”

Please R&R. Next time: Is it possible for Illyria to just follow the trend?
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