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Secret Summer Love

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Summary: Harmony will always remember her summer love with a certain blonde cheerleader. Response to “20 minutes with Harmony” (Harmony/Torrance) [Femslash]

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Movies > Bring it On(Past Donor)DanKnightFR1511,0010397828 Nov 0428 Nov 04Yes

Title: Secret Summer Love

Author: DanKnight (

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Harmony/Torrance.

Spoilers: A few general spoilers for Buffy seasons 2 and 3.

Genre: Unconventional, Slash, Cross-Over (Buffy/Bring it On.)

Archive: ask first, but I am sure I will say yes

Feedback: Are you kidding? Of course I want feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, bring it on!

Synopsis: Harmony will always remember her summer love with a certain blonde cheerleader.

Authors Note: My second response to the “20 minutes with Harmony” Challenge on Twisting the Hellmouth.

Disclaimer: The characters of Harmony and Cordelia belongs to Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon, FOX, UPN, WB, and whoever else is involved with Buffy, who’s name I forget. Bottom line, I don’t own her. Torrance is the property of Beacon Communications LLC, Universal Pictures and others who aren’t me. I make no profit from any of this. Just writing for the enjoyment of other fans. Please don’t sue me I am a good boy.


Harmony still remembers Torrance Shipman. Even a full year later as a high school senior, she still remembers her.

It was in cheerleading camp that they first met. Harmony had to give her dad puppy dog eyes to get in the camp but she figured it would pay off. After all, being a better cheerleader meant even more popularity.

Each of the girls was paired off with a roommate, that was where she met her. Torrance, it was such a pretty name. Almost as pretty as Harmony herself, but not quite.

They hit it off instantly. After their first night in the room together they had talked about cheerleading, about boys, about their friends back home, everything. Harmony had never had a friend like that before. Sure she had people she was around, most noticeably Cordy’s inner circle, which later became hers after her former friend’s trip to geektown.

But those friendships were all about being together for popularity’s sake. It was more of an association then a true friendship. Even as dense as Harmony was, deep down she knew her pals would turn on her as quick as she turned on Queen C.

But with Torrance it was different. She felt a genuine bond. Away from the pressure of the popular crowd Harmony was herself for the first time. Not a carbon copy of Cordelia in her prime. And it felt so good to be free with someone like that.

As the camp went on the two girls were inseparable. They practices, ate, hung out, and did everything else together. At first Harmony only felt friendship with her, but it wasn’t long before she started feeling something else for the other cheerleader.

Harmony wasn’t gay or anything, at least not as far as she was concerned. But she had wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl, and to do other things with one. She saw it as understandable. She was after all best friends in Sunnydale with the sexiest most popular girl in school. She didn’t see how anyone could hang out with Cordelia that much and not wonder what it would be like to do more with her than just insult nerds and exchange fashion. She was sure Buffy and Willow were thinking it too now that the former popular girl was for some unknown reason hanging with them.

Still, Harmony would never act on it with Torrance, or so she thought.

But as the days went on she found herself wondering more and more. It wasn’t like Cordelia. With Cordy her thoughts were more, “Well if I had to sleep with a girl Cordy is hot. And of course it would have to be someone really hot.”

But with Torrance it was different. Sure Torrance was a hotty, that went without saying. But she was also sweet, and free spirited, and she never judged Harmony. And like Harmony she truly seemed to love being on the cheerleading squad, not just for being popular, but also for the squad itself.

Harmony would never admit it, but she loved being a cheerleader, even if it didn’t make her popular she would do it. Well, she wouldn’t do it if it actually made her unpopular. The blonde wasn’t stupid. But she did love cheering, it was something she was good at, and she wasn’t good at much.

But even with all the connections and even if Torrance was both hot and had a great personality Harmony would never act on it. Torrance would think she was a freak and stop talking to her all together.

Or so she thought.

But on that last day it all changed. Harmony and Torrance were packing that night, since they would leave in the morning. They were talking about how weird it would be to not see each other again, and how much they would miss the other.

They then hugged. At first it didn’t seem like anything, but as they hugged Harmony realized she didn’t want to let go. Ever.

It was then that she made a bold move. She decided it was the last day, the other teen didn’t know anyone in her school, what they heck. So slowly Harmony lifted her head while still holding the smaller girl, and kissed her.

Torrance jumped out of her arms in shock and the blonde Sunnydale native was sure she blew it. She immediately started apologizing and crying. The first true friend she ever had and she just blew it. The cheerleader started babbling trying to explain her actions so much that she came off sounding like that nerd Rosenberg.

Finally Torrance put her hand on the blonde’s lips to make her stop talking. Harmony finally caught her breath and was sure at best she would be told to forget it happened. Then Torrance leaned in and kissed her again.

As stupid romance novel at it was Harmony felt like time stood still as they kissed, first tentatively, then more passionately. Finally, after what was a long time but not nearly long enough they released the kiss.

Then Torrance really shocked her; she asked her friend if she wanted to do more. The blonde nearly freaked out but somehow managed to nod her head.

And they did more, a lot more. Harmony would later claim she lost her virginity a few months later to Percy, football stud, after the pep rally. But the truth is, it was the pretty blonde who for the first time made her feel like a real person that took her virginity from her.

After that night they exchanged e-mails and phone numbers. They kept in touch for a while but eventually the e-mails came further between.

Harmony didn’t know if she would ever see her again. Maybe she never would. But she would always remember Torrance, her secret summer love.


The End

You have reached the end of "Secret Summer Love". This story is complete.

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