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Bump in the Night

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Summary: Buffy/CSI: Miami. A strange case for the CSIs in Miami leads to some even stranger meetings and discoveries about the things that go bump in the night when Willow and Xander arrive in Miami. Now Complete!

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Chapter 11

Disclaimer: Do I really have to list who owns what? I own nothing, cept my computer. Wish I owned Speed, Eric, Spike & Xander tho. *Sigh* Oh well.

Rating: PG-13 Violence, language.

Pairings: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Xander/Willow, CSI:Miami – Speed/Calleigh

Summary: A strange case for our favorite CSIs leads to some even stranger meetings and discoveries about the things that go bump in the night when Willow and Xander arrive in Miami. Takes place during the beginning of Buffy season 7.

Willow and Xander were waiting on the boardwalk a little before ten the next morning. The others said they would meet them there to spend the day – barring any major crimes. Part of Willow wished they had more than one day to enjoy with their new friends, but the other part was glad to know she and Xander would be home soon with Buffy, Dawn and Giles. Even Spike – although Xander didn’t share that sentiment.

Xander was scanning the crowds for the Miami group. He was looking forward to a day at the beach. Even though living in Sunnydale, California put them within driving distance of the beach, there was something to be said about the beaches in Miami. A little sun, a little surf – it would be a good day.

“Willow!” Calleigh called as they approached, waving cheerfully.

“There they are,” Willow said, grabbing Xander arm in a tight squeeze in her excitement.

“Yeah, I see. Wanna give me back my arm?”

She blushed and loosened her grip – but not releasing his arm. He gave her a warm smile, and then focused on the three investigators as they arrived. “Hey guys.”

Speed nodded. “Hey.”

“I am ready to shop,” Calleigh told Willow gleefully. The redheaded witch was in agreement, nodding her head. “Me, too.” Eric muttered something about women to Speed and Xander that made the three men laugh.

“What’s so funny,” Calleigh asked with narrowed eyes. Tim affected an innocent face before answering, “nothing.” She punched his arm playfully.

“That hurt!” he complained jokingly. She smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “All better?” she asked.

He gave her a sexy little grin. “Not yet, but you can make it up to me later.”

Eric rolled his eyes while Xander smirked at their antics. Willow grinned, happy that Calleigh and Tim seemed to be on the road to a happy romance.

Calleigh led the way to the souvenir shops.

“Oh, here!” Willow exclaimed as she stopped in front of a magic shop.

“Will,” Xander whined. “You always go to magic shops.”

“Come on Xander,” Calleigh defended the witch. “I’ve never been in a *real* magic shop – just one of those stupid trick shops. This could be fun.”

Xander threw Tim a look that begged the man to do something. Speed shrugged. “What can I do?” he teased. “We’re at the girls’ mercy.”

Sighing, the younger man follow the other four into the shop.

The smell of incense reached them. Willow smiled, feeling at home instantly. Calleigh studied the wares with delight, dragging Tim in her wake. Eric looked a little nervous. Xander noticed and nudged the other man. “What’s wrong?”

Eric gave self-deprecating grin. “I guess this place makes me uneasy. I’m Catholic,” he explained. Xander nodded.

He then spotted a book on one of the shelves behind Eric. Xander moved passed him and picked the book up and started flipping through the pages.

While still perusing the books contents he approached his best friend. “Hey Will?”

She turned to look at him. “Yeah?” Xander held the book out to her with a grin.

Willow took the book and read the cover. “Spanish Demon Lore.” She glanced back at Xander, beaming. “It’s perfect.”

“Thought so.”

Calleigh practically bounced up to the pair. “Look at what I found!” She held up an amulet made from beautiful blue quartz. “Do you know what it does, Willow?”

Willow gingerly took the amulet and studied it, holding it up to the light. “It for focusing in – well, uh – certain spells.” She looked embarrassed.

Speed came up behind Calleigh and wrapped his arms around her. “What kind of spells?” Willow blushed, causing Tim to get an evil smile. “Oh, *those* kind. I say we buy it Cal.”

Eric rolled his eyes, “you would.” Color flooded Calleigh’s face.

Several minutes later they left the shop, Willow with the book for Giles and Tim minus the amulet. A fact he lamented to Calleigh.

“Tim,” she explained patiently. “We don’t know magic, and we really don’t need it.” He looked at her, smile growing on his face. “We don’t, do we.”

Eric led them to a shop that sold agates and shells and all the things you’d find on a beach. “I know it’s not exactly original. But you might find something here for your friends.”

“Sure,” Willow reassured with a smile.

After several minutes of browsing the redhead made her way to a display of small container of sand and tiny stones from the beaches. She didn’t think they were anything special, but felt compelled to look anyway. One container drew her attention when she saw a hint of metal inside.

Shaking the object so the sand inside shift revealed an antique skeleton key. Smiling she made her way to Xander and the others.

“What do you think?” she questioned joyfully as she handed the miniature jar to Xander. They smiled at each other and said in unison “Dawn.”

Calleigh, Speed and Eric were confused by the allusion only the pair understood.


A little over an hour later Xander and Willow had gifts to take home to their friends. They had the book for Giles – from both of them, since it was more expensive than the usual souvenir – the jar with the key and a bracelet made from small, hand made beads for Dawn. For Buffy an old Spanish cross medallion and a shirt declaring it was property of the Miami-Dade crime labs that Calleigh had brought with her thinking the Slayer might find kind of funny. Xander had found a necklace made of little shells he decide to get for Anya and Willow bought her a book from another magic shop about vengeance through the ages. And Willow had purchased a black tee shirt for Spike that declared Miami’s nightlife as anything but dead. Xander had rolled his eyes when she showed it to him.

Xander placed the shopping bags in the back of the SUV and handed Willow the back that they packed their beach-stuff in. He grabbed the two beach chairs they’d brought. “Let’s hit the beach,” he declared eagerly.


The weather was sunny and mild, allowing the friends to enjoy the beautiful white beaches. Willow and Calleigh sat in the beach chairs and watched as Xander, Tim and Eric tossed the football around – getting sand-covered in the process. The young man from Sunnydale was trying to hold his own against the Miami duo. Even with his years of fighting experience, he was no match. He turned to Willow, pout in full effect. “Will, give me a hand. Please?”

Willow shook her head. “I’m comfortable right here talking with Calleigh.”

“Come on, Wills. They’re creamin’ me.”

Eric pulled his arm back and threw the ball to Tim. Willow took pity on Xander and flicked her hand at the ball. It halted in mid-flight and altered course, heading straight for Xander. “Hey!” Speed yelled. “Cheating!”

Xander caught the football and took off running, shouting “thanks, Will!” Tim and Eric were in pursuit. The pair caught him and tackled him to the ground. Willow and Calleigh winced.

As the guys picked themselves up, Willow turned to Calleigh. “What are the chances of you guys making it out to California for a visit sometimes?”

The blond woman looked thoughtful. “Well, it depends on how much vacation time any of us have saved up.” A smile spread across her face. “But it would be nice for me and Tim to come see you guys. I really want to meet everyone face to face. With everything you’ve told me. . .”

“Yeah, it’s kinda like a side show,” Willow said with a smile.


“What time are you guys flying out tomorrow?” Eric asked as the group walked back to the SUV later in the afternoon. “Nine am,” Xander answered.

“I think we could managed to take off from work to see ya off,” he said, turning to Speed and Calleigh to see if they agreed.

“Sure,” Tim approved. “How ‘bout we meet you at the coven house and we’ll drive you guys.”

“Yeah,” Xander said. “Jean-Marc’s comin’ too.”

Willow and Calleigh exchange excited hugs and goodbyes until tomorrow.


Calleigh drove Tim to her place to clean up. He sat on a beach towel in attempt not to get sand all over her car. “You guys really stole the beach,” she teased as he scratched at his head.

He looked at her with a sly grin. “Yeah. You know I think I’m gonna need help getting all this sand off.” Calleigh smiled back, chewing her bottom lip thoughtfully. “I probably should help,” she agreed, her tone seductive.

Tim raised an eyebrow. “Definitely.”


The next morning Xander and Willow stood beside the private plane with Speed, Calleigh, Eric and Jean-Marc there to see them off. Xander opened their weapons bags, sharing a knowing smile with Willow. “We have something to give each of you,” she said.

Xander pulled out the lightweight crossbow Calleigh had used the other night during the battle against Dru and her minions. “Will and I think you should have this.”

“Oh, guys I can’t,” Calleigh insisted. “You need your crossbows.”

“We have a couple more back home,” Xander explained. “Plus, we can get any other weapons we need. No big.”

“Calleigh, take it,” Willow said. “Dru may or may not leave town. Plus there’s other vampires around town. A place like this with no slayer or demon hunters to patrol, well if you’re out at night you want to be carrying something besides a gun.”

The blond nodded and took the crossbow from Xander with a grateful smile. “I’ll take good care of it,” she teased. Xander smirked, then reached back into the bag and took out two small battleaxes, passing them to Eric and Speed. “You guys definitely need to stay armed too.” They smiled at him as they accepted their gifts.

“And don’t forget the rules,” Willow chided. “Never invite anyone in even if you’ve known them for years. Always carry something at night. And I think you should put crosses up in the morgue and in the labs. Vampires can enter a public building without an invite. There’s no spell to revoke that.”

“Gotcha,” Tim said.

Willow and Xander began their goodbyes. Willow and Xander each hugged Jean-Marc; thanking him for everything he’d don to help them. Willow hugged Eric, then Tim – whispering a thank you to him for talking with her at the Hive the other night. She’d needed to hear the reassurances he had given. Xander shook hands with Eric and Tim and squeezed their shoulders. He hugged Calleigh and let her know how much their talk meant to him. Willow then hugged the woman tearfully.

“If you guys ever come out to California, stop by Sunnydale,” Xander insisted. “I know it’s not exactly a vacation spot, so maybe call first,” he instructed, only half joking. They loaded their bags and climbed into the plane.

Jean-Marc stood with Calleigh, Speed and Eric as they watched the plane took off, carrying their new friends home. He smiled at the trio. “You have my number if you need me. Don’t hesitate to call if you need a spell, or just a cup of coffee,” he assured before leaving.

The three investigators climbed into the hummer from the crime lab to head back to work. “Wow,” Eric sighed in wonder as he drove. “The last few days really don’t seem real.”

“I know what you mean,” Tim said. “I think it’s totally ruined the horror movies for me.” Calleigh reached over and squeezed his hand. “I never liked horror anyway,” she kidded. “I’m more of a romance girl myself.”

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Bump in the Night". This story is complete.

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