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Long Road Home

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Summary: When she ran to get away from her destiny, destiny followed. Instead of LA Buffy went to San Francisco and started work in P3.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The club was crowded tonight, it usually was. P3 was one of the most popular clubs in San Francisco and Buffy didn’t mind working there one bit, the pay was good and Piper was really nice. Every night Buffy tried to feel as happy as she looked on the outside, but she could never really bring herself too. Whenever she did feel a tiny ounce of happiness somebody out of the male species would come up to the bar and try to flirt with her, which always took her back to memories of Angel. He may never have been the flirtatious type, but everything little thing lately made her think about him, getting her down, and it was starting to show.

“Buffy,” Piper called as she walked towards the girl who looked deep in thought. “Are you sure that you are alright? I mean you look a little distant.” Piper asked as she stood next to her. She had wanted to check on her all night but it had been very busy, this was the only chance that she had had all night.

“I’m fine Piper. Really I’m fine” She tried to reassure Piper with a smile but the smile didn’t reach her eyes, so she could see right through it. Piper was about to say something when her husband walked in.

“Well look who finally decided to show up.” Buffy looked over at what Piper had seen. It was her husband Leo. Buffy had to admit that Piper had done very well, he was definitely a cutie. “He is over an hour late and my sisters are no where in sight.” Buffy had met Piper’s two sisters and they were also really nice. Buffy and Piper watched as Leo made his way through the crowd and made his way to the bar. He smiled at Piper but that smile left quickly once he saw the glare that she was giving him.

“Piper, honey. I’m sorry that I’m late. Umm… I need to talk to you.” Leo said indicating that they needed to talk alone. Buffy noticed it and walked a little to the side which would be out of hearing distance to anyone with normal hearing, but perfectly alright for slayer hearing. She made herself look busy by cleaning glasses.

“Leo what is it? And where are my sisters?” Buffy heard Piper demand quietly.

“They had a little trouble. It seems that somebody got bit in the neck and they had to help them.” He spoke in semi-code just in case anyone could hear them. “Also blood loss was a problem. Phoebe saw it and helped out where she could. They are going to meet you hear in a little while.”

Buffy couldn’t believe it. Vampires, it had to be. She almost dropped the glass that she was holding, people getting bit in the neck, blood loss. She had run away to escape her destiny, but it seems that it had caught up with her. She might not be in Sunnydale anymore but she was still the Vampire Slayer. She ran from Sunnydale because of the memories of Angel, not the vampires. She never actually thought that there would be vampires in San Francisco,

‘But it seems that wherever I go there will be Vampires’ she thought bitterly. People are going to get hurt if she doesn’t help. From the sounds of it Piper’s sister Phoebe witnessed an attacked. She came so close to being killed, and if that had happened she wouldn’t be able to live with herself.

‘After I get off work I am going to patrol’ Buffy thought finally. She got off work in an hour. Buffy wasn’t really listening to Piper and Leo anymore, but she stopped her mental tirade when Piper’s phone rang.

“Hello… Phoebe… Oh my god, are you all right? Is Paige all right as well? No I will be home right away… No my manager can look after the club… Phoebe, stop it I’m on my way home.” Piper put the phone down and turned to grab her coat from under the bar. “Buffy can you tell Louise that I have a family emergency. Tell her to lock up tonight.” Buffy was nodding along with everything that Piper was saying. It sounded like something had happened to her sisters. “Oh and Buffy, please get some sleep tonight.” Buffy smiled genuinely at Piper for the first time in ages. Just like Piper Buffy thought as she continued to mother hen her. Piper smiled one last time at Buffy, turned round grabbed Leo and nearly ran out of the club.

‘I am definitely patrolling tonight’ she thought ‘Piper has been so nice to me. If anything happens to her or her sisters, then it will be entirely my fault. I cannot let that happen.’ She kept thinking along those lines as she continued to work for the rest of the hour.

“She’s on her way home.” Phoebe said as she just hung up with Piper. “I told that we were fine and that she could stay there, but you know how she gets.”

“She was probably out of the door while still on the phone.” Paige replied smirking.

“Yeah,” Phoebe replied “It’s just that Piper shouldn’t be dealing with all the stress, she could seriously damage our niece’s health.”

“Oh Phoebe stop worrying. Piper would never do anything to put her daughters’ life in danger, and anyway she told us not to worry about her.” Paige said back.

They continued to talk for about ten minutes until Piper almost knocked the door off of its hinges by storming into the house.

“Oh god, are you all right?” She asked worriedly.

“Yes Piper, as we told you on the phone we are fine.” Phoebe replied with a roll of her eyes. Piper changed her attitude immediately.

“What the hell were you thinking? I am so glad that you okay. Now I can hurt you myself. You could have gotten yourselves killed, going into an attack without the power of three. You didn’t even have a spell to vanquish it.” She continued to rant until Phoebe cut her off.

“Piper, we were thinking about saving that innocent girls life. We got there and she was running away from the vampire. If you could have seen the terror that was on her face you would know why we had to do it.” Phoebe explained softly.

“Oh Phoebe. I’m sorry. It’s just that I worry. I know why you did it.” Piper’s attitude once again changed as she went and hugged her sister. “But you are all alright though.” She added once again.

“Yes!” They replied at the same time, even Leo joined in.

“Good. Now, wait vampires, I thought we got them. Well not us but something.” Piper asked confusedly.

“Yes, vampires. Leo, explain.” Phoebe waved her hand directing her brother-in-law to take over.

“Again?” He asked but quickly shut up when he saw the glare his wife and her sisters were giving him. “Ok there are two types of vampire, the ones who were with the queen and the ones who broke their allegiances to the queen. All the ones who stayed with the queen are now dead. But the other type of vampire are out there right now spreading.”

“Wow, that was quick. Why couldn’t you have given us the quick version?” Paige asked after hearing the much edited version of the story. She was quickly stopped when Phoebe hit her hard across the arm.

“Don’t worry about it Piper. We had everything under control. We staked the vampire, well Paige did and it went poof. Very cool.” Phoebe exclaimed.

“Yeah we were able to handle one. It was only when the other twelve showed up that we had to leave.” Paige said without realising. Phoebe glared harshly at her sister.

“WHAT!?!” Piper shouted.


“There is more out there, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Piper we didn’t want to worry you. To much stress can be bad for the baby.” Phoebe said fussing over her sister.

“Phoebe stop worrying. I’m fine. Now tell me how we are going to handle this.” Piper replied back.

“We should go up to the attic and research vampires some more. Then we can come up with a spell that will actually work on them.” Phoebe said as they all started to make there way up to the attic.
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