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Long Road Home

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Summary: When she ran to get away from her destiny, destiny followed. Instead of LA Buffy went to San Francisco and started work in P3.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Here vampires, vampires, vampires.” Buffy said as she stalked through one of San Francisco’s cemeteries. As soon as she had got off of work she had gone back to her crappy little apartment, changed into something comfortable to fight in and left to find something to kill. So here she was, stalking around the second cemetery of the night. So far all she had killed was a fledgling vampire and right now she was getting annoyed because after a few weeks without killing anything she had all this pent-up anger and sorrow that she wanted to let out on some unsuspecting bloodsucker.

“Hey look Luvos, dinner” Buffy spun around at the voice and saw two men. One was definitely a vampire as he was out in game face; he looked to be about 20 years old. The other just looked like a normal man, about 35 years old.

“Why do most vampires use that line?” Buffy asked as the vampires moved towards her from opposite directions.

“Because they are stupid and only have the brain power to find food and eat.” The man replied calmly with a smirk. Buffy was surprised because, if he was a vampire, he was insulting himself by saying that.

“Hey man, that is so not cool.” The young vampire replied after realising that he had just insulted him.

“Are we going to fight or not, because I need to stake some vampires?” Buffy said impatiently.

“If you wish…” The man replied. He made a hand motion and in his hand sat a ball of fire “…but I am not a vampire.”

“Oh crap…” Buffy replied just before the man reached back and threw the fireball towards her.

“Ok, there is nothing new here.” Phoebe said as she looked through the book. “We already know this.” Piper moved around to look over Phoebe’s shoulder.

“Vampires; Demon possessed body. Super human strength, speed, senses. Killed by stake through the heart, sunlight and beheading, repelled by holy water and crosses.” Piper read, “We know all this.” Phoebe closed the book with a defeated sigh. After the book had closed a ghostly wind entered the attic and blew the pages open, they flickered for a little while until they opened on a certain page.

“Thanks Grams.” Phoebe yelled up to the ceiling. Paige moved around so all three sisters were looking at the book.

“Vampire Slayer, The; In every generation, there is a chosen one. She alone shall stand against the vampires, demons, and forces of darkness. She is the Slayer, usually always a girl, when one dies another is called. They are gifted with super human strength and speed, they also have a sense for vampires and other forces of darkness.” Paige read aloud. “What so there is always a Vampire Slayer around then?”

“Yeah” Leo replied. They all turned to look at him. “What?”

“You knew about Vampire slayers and you didn’t tell us.” Piper said glaring at her husband.

“Well yeah. I never told you because it never came up, and it isn’t Vampire Slayers, its Vampire Slayer. There is only ever one. One dies another is called. But they usually reside in places where vampiric and demonic activity is highest.” He explained.

“So why don’t we have one here?” Phoebe asked thinking about how many demons there were in San Francisco.

“Well there are different reasons. One, the slayers abilities are physical, think about most of the demons you have come across. They can shoot fireballs, energy balls, and electricity. Two, which is the main reason, San Francisco has you.” He said indicating towards the sisters with a smile. “San Francisco doesn’t need a slayer, it has the Charmed Ones.”

“O…k but still, we have a vampire problem and…” Phoebe was unable to finish her sentence because as she touched the page about Vampire Slayers she was drawn into a premonition.

Girl. Blonde hair. Familiar. Demon and vampire. Demon throwing a fireball. Girl diving out the way. Vampire leaning into bite girl.

“What did you see?” Piper asked as her sister came out of her premonition.

“Umm… well I saw a demon and vampire. There was a girl… she seems so familiar but I just can’t place her. The vampire attacked her. She was in the cemetery we were in earlier. We need to go, we need to save her.” Phoebe explained getting ready to go save her.

“Wait… what about the demon?” Piper asked.

“What about the demon, that girl is going to be attacked we need to help her!” Phoebe said adamantly.

“Ok let’s go.” Piper finally said. They gathered the stuff they needed. “Leo stay here. We will be back soon.” She told him, kissed him then left with the others.

“Oh crap…” Buffy said just before the man threw the fireball in her direction. She back flipped out of the way and took shelter from a tall gravestone. “They have never done that before.”

“Come out pretty girl.” The vampire taunted.

“No it’s ok! It’s pretty cozy where I am thanks.” Buffy shouted back from her hiding place. The vampire was looking behind different gravestones while Buffy put her stake up her sleeve so that it would be easy for her to surprise him later.

“Ok I better go out there.” Buffy whispered to herself, she stuck her head around the side of the gravestone to see where her opponents were. Once she had got a mental picture of where they were she vaulted herself over the gravestone and kicked the fireball wielding man in the chest. He flew away with great force and smashed into a gravestone. The vampire heard the commotion and turned to see the small blonde girl attack his companion. He growled and lunged at her, but Buffy was ready for him and punched him and followed it up by a roundhouse kick and he tumbled over a nearby gravestone. By then the demon had regained his composure and had risen and formed a fireball. He threw it and Buffy had to dive to the floor once again and roll to the side. She swiped his legs from underneath him and he fell to the floor with a thud. Buffy jumped up and spun around and kicked the vampire that was trying to sneak up on her. He once again lost his momentum and fell to the ground.

“Ok you are getting annoying.” The fireball man said, losing the cocky smirk that had been firmly placed on his face since the beginning, as he stood back up. He formed two fireballs, one in each hand, and once again threw them towards her. Buffy ducked but did not see the vampire sneak up, once again, behind her. He saw his opportunity and sunk his fangs into her neck, with a surprised gasp from Buffy’s mouth.

“Ok Phoebe where did this happen?” Piper asked as they moved through the cemetery as quickly and quietly as possible.

“I don’t’ know exactly but I feel that it is over there” she said as pointed in the direction that she believed the attack was taking place. “We have to hurry.” They urged on and finally they heard something, they broke into a run, hoping beyond hope that they were not too late. They arrived to see a demon throw a fireball at the girl and see her dive out of the way. As she got back up, Phoebe was just about to warn her about the vampire sneaking up behind here when she spun around and kicked him.

“Wow.” Paige muttered as she watched the vampire tumble over a nearby gravestone.

“Let’s get closer.” Phoebe said moving forward silently as the others followed.

“Ok you are getting annoying.” They heard the demon mutter. He conjured two fireballs and threw them at the girl and she ducked but the vampire behind her was too quick while she was distracted and sunk its teeth into her neck.

“NO!” Phoebe yelled as she saw her premonition coming true. Phoebe ran up to the vampire and kicked him off of the girl. She tumbled to the ground holding her neck. Piper and Paige also ran forward.

“What the…?” The demon uttered just before Piper raised her hands and brought them down blowing him up with scream of agony. They both turned around to see Phoebe battling with the vampire, although it looked like the vampire had the upper hand

“A little help here!.” She managed to get out whilst trying to fend off blows.

“Move!” The girl yelled as she pushed Phoebe aside, kicked the vampire in the chest, then pulled the stake out of her sleeve and plunged it deep into the vampires’ heart. They all watched while he turned to dust almost instantaneously. She turned around to face Piper, Phoebe and Paige. They finally got a good look at her.

“Buffy?” Piper asked confusedly.

“Hey Piper.” Buffy replied with a sheepish look before fainting from blood loss.


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