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Long Road Home

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Summary: When she ran to get away from her destiny, destiny followed. Instead of LA Buffy went to San Francisco and started work in P3.

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Charmed > Buffy-CenteredCharmingStarFR1358,49922715,15929 Nov 0411 Mar 08No

Long Road Home

Long Road Home

Author: CharmingStar
Rating: PG-13
Category: Crossover/AU

Summary: When she ran to get away from her destiny, destiny followed. Instead of LA Buffy went to San Francisco and started work in P3. BtVS/Charmed crossover.

Spoilers: Charmed season 5. Piper/Leo. Phoebe and Paige both single. Buffy season 2 AU after that.

Authors note: This is the first Buffy crossover that I have EVER written. If there is anything wrong with please tell me.

Authors note 2: I have gone over and edited certain things so you may want to read it again

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters out of Charmed and Buffy. They both belong to their respectable owners. Any characters that you do recognize, I do not own.

Chapter 1

Waves crashed upon the sand, the smell of salt filled the air. A lone figure walked across the beach barefooted, feeling the sand between her toes. Buffy breathed in the air and thought that it felt good to be free. She stopped and looked out to the vast ocean, lifting her head to feel the sun upon her face and to listen to the lulling sound of the sea and the cool breeze that surrounded her. After a while of just standing there, a pair of cold but comforting arms wrapped themselves around her. She covered them with her own and looked up to see her Angel. She reached out with her hand to brush it across his cheek.

“How did you find me here?” She asked gently.

“If I was blind, I would see you.” He replied with the same gentle tone.

She lowered her hand down to his again at her waist and closed her eyes. She leaned into the embrace with Angel.

“Stay with me.”

“Forever. That's the whole point. I'll never leave.” He bent down to whisper in her ear. “Not even if you kill me.”

She heard those words and her face contorted into one of pain, until she jerked awake from a nightmare that never ceased from recurring.

“Oh Buffy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.” A woman said with a sheepish smile on her face.

“No Piper, its fine. Oh god, my break was over 20 minutes ago. I’m so sorry,” Buffy rushed as she realised that she must have fallen asleep while on her break. “I just sat down and…”

“Buffy, its fine, there are plenty of other people out there. If you want you could take the night off, you look like you haven’t slept properly in weeks.” Piper offered. Buffy had turned up at P3 two weeks ago looking for work and Piper had given her a job, out of sympathy mainly, although, Piper had to admit, she did the job well. Piper sensed something about the girl, but she just couldn’t tell what. She saw a look in her eyes that told her a great tragedy had happened to her. She had seen that look many times. It was in her sister, Phoebe’s, eyes when they had had to vanquish Cole for the first time, and it had been in her eyes every time she had looked in the mirror after they had lost Prue and now Buffy had the same sort of look in her eye and it hurt Piper to see it which brought out the compassionate side and the need to watch out for her.

“No Piper. I’m fine. I can work.” Buffy said as she stood to go back to work. Piper was the owner of the club P3, she was a kind woman. To most people Piper acted very motherly, always worrying about other people’s well being.

‘She would make a great mother’ Buffy thought when she suddenly stopped that train of thought as it reminded Buffy of her own mother and how much she missed her. But she couldn’t go back, not after what happened with Angel. However much she missed her friends and mother, she couldn’t face what she had done and what had happened to them.

“Ok well if you are sure.” Piper and Buffy both walked back out into the bar where the bar staff and others were setting up, getting ready to open tonight. P3 was a very popular club, it may have had something to do with all the bands that Piper Halliwell managed to get to play there, but the staff was always kept busy.

“Ok please tell me why we are roaming around in a cemetery when we could be at the club having fun.” Paige Matthews whined at her sister as she dragged her round one of San Francisco’s cemeteries. Cringing Paige looked down as she stepped into a patch of mud with her very new and very expensive pair of shoes. “I definitely don’t have the right shoes on for this, why didn’t you tell me where we were going before dragging me out!”

“Shh! I had a premonition. Someone is going to get attacked, we need to stop it.” Phoebe Halliwell, the middle sister, replied back to her younger sister. The three sisters, Piper, Phoebe and Paige were sisters but they were also witches, the three most powerful, good witches in the world. Phoebe, the middle sister got premonitions of the past and the future when she touched certain people or objects. Tonight Paige and Phoebe had been getting ready to meet Piper at P3 when Phoebe had touched Paige’s cross necklace.


“Hey Paige, are you nearly ready yet?” Phoebe called out to her sister as she had been in the bathroom for the past twenty minutes.

“Yeah I am. I just need to put my jewellery on.” Her muffled reply came back from the bathroom. “Phoebe, can you find my necklace for me, the one with the silver cross, I think its somewhere on the dressing table.”

“Yeah, sure.” Phoebe started searching through Paige’s mess on her dresser when she found the cross and picked it up. She was thrown into a premonition.

Girl running. Cemetery. Gravestones. Man chasing after here. Inhuman speed. Grabbed her. Tried to fight him off. He held her down with inhuman strength. Bit into her neck. Flung to the floor. Lifeless. Dead.

“Whoa. Ok Paige. Premonition. Get out here now. I’m going up to the attic to check the book of shadows. I think that there are some vampires still out there.” She didn’t wait for Paige’s reply as she left her in the bathroom and ran up to the attic where their family heirloom, which had been passed down for generations, the book of shadows was kept. It didn’t take long for Paige to join Phoebe in the attic.

“Wait, what did you say? Vampires. No we got the queen. They are all dead. I think I should I should remember the vampire thing.” Paige said not believing what her sister told her as last year when she had been attacked by vampires and almost turned into one still rang clear in her mind. Her sisters showed up and somehow the queen had been killed, along with all her vampires, saving Paige. ‘Actually, we never did find out who killed the vampire queen’. Paige thought

“Yes I know Paige. But I just had a premonition and a thing that had inhuman strength, inhuman speed and bit into someone’s neck sounds like a vampire to me. Although I thought that we had killed them all.” Phoebe said as she flicked through the book of shadows. “Maybe we should call Leo?”

“Yeah, good idea. Maybe he can shed some light on it.” Paige agreed. “LEO!”

After having to only wait a few seconds the familiar sequence of blue and white lights filled the attic signaling the entrance of Leo Wyatt the Charmed Ones whitelighter, also Piper’s husband and their brother-in-law.

“You called.” He replied with a smile on his face. “Wait aren’t you supposed to be at the club. You know meeting Piper there.”

“Yes Leo, but I had a premonition. I was just wondering, are you sure that all the vampires are dead from when the vampire queen was killed?” Phoebe asked looking up from the Book of Shadows.

“Umm… well as far as I know all those type of vampires were killed. Yes” Leo answered.

“Okay then…Wait, what do you mean ‘those type of vampires’?” Paige asked walking around the book towards him.

“There are two different types of vampires.” Leo answered back. Looking around at their confused faces, he continued. “The ones who pledged their allegiance to the queen and the ones that decided that they wanted to go at it alone. Nobody knows when but way back when the queen ruled all vampires there was a power struggle and a group of vampires who thought that the queen wasn’t fit to rule and started a war against her. After years of fighting they called a truce and the ones that did not want to follow the queen left and with them they took their allegiance, which meant that if the queen died, they would remain unharmed. Only a few left, but those few learnt to survive quickly and they spread like vermin across the world, feeding off of humans and turning some. Does that answer a few questions?”

“So are you saying that now the queen is dead only the other type survives? Can they turn into bats?” Paige asked still not liking the memory she had at being attacked by a bunch of bats.

“No they can’t. That was only a trick that the queen’s vampires mastered. The others spread by biting their victims, sucking their blood until almost dead, then having them suck their blood.” Leo replied.

“Well that’s disgusting, wait that’s what happened in my premonition. This girl was running through a cemetery, something was chasing her, and then it grabbed her and bit her neck which is why I thought vampire.. So are you saying that if we don’t help her then she will turn into a vampire?” Phoebe asked closing the book.

“Only if she sucks its blood, usually vampires just kill their victims to feed only turning a few when they feel the need.”

“Ok we need to get out there. We need to save that girl.” Phoebe said moving to get stuff that they would need to fight a vampire. She moved towards the chest that was in the attic. She opened the lid and removed certain objects. Paige walked over to her and she started handing certain things to her. “Ok cross, holy water and stake. That’s all we need isn’t it. That’s what we took for the last vampires.” Phoebe said shutting the chest.

“Yes but last time we didn’t really have a chance to use it. Especially not me.” She said accenting that last part.

“Ok, if you two are alright I’ll go to the club and give Piper the edited version, she doesn’t need the added stress, if you need me just call. I’ll see you at the club later.” With that he left to go tell his wife what her sisters were up. Silently hoping that his wife wouldn’t rush off to try and help them, after all she was pregnant.

End flashback.

“Are we there yet?” Paige whined as her shoes sank into the mud once again.

“Shh… wait. I think that we might be close, I recognise these stones.” Phoebe said. They were suddenly cut of from their musings when a scream penetrated the peaceful, but eerie, atmosphere of the cemetery. They stood still and looked around to see if they could see from who the scream had come from. It didn’t take them long because very soon the girl out of Phoebe’s premonition came running towards them. She looked terrified and her pursuer was not far behind. She screamed again, and then noticed Phoebe and Paige. She ran towards them.

“Please… please help me.” She pleaded as she ran behind them. “He’s gaining on me.” But that was too late as he was already there. He was of medium build and had ridges along the brow of his face. He also had amber eyes and a sharp pair of fangs inside of his mouth that he was showing with a feral grin plastered on his face.

“Oh look, starters, main course and desert, my lucky night. Which one shall I eat first?” He said as the feral grin became even wider. He moved towards the three while Phoebe turned around to the young girl.

“Run. Run as fast as you can. Don’t look back.” It didn’t take telling her twice as she turned and fled as fast as she could.

“Don’t run far. I’ll get to you soon.” The vampire shouted to his fleeing prey. He turned back to Phoebe and Paige, he waited only a few seconds before he lunged towards Paige, but she had suspected that he would do so, so out of fear she orbed away and then orbed back again only a few feet away, but it was far enough.

“What… witches? That wasn’t on the menu.” The vampire didn’t back down but there was a hint of fear in his eyes. He was close to Phoebe so she did a high round kick to the chest. If he were paying attention the kick wouldn’t have really done much damage, but because Paige orbing had distracted him he lost his momentum and fell over a nearby gravestone.

“Quick, Phoebe, stake him.” Paige yelled as she rushed towards her sister. Phoebe fumbled around in her bag that held all the items but by the time that she had got the wooden stake out of the bag, the vampire had regained his focus and was getting up to attack Phoebe. He strode towards her and slapped her hard across the face causing her to fall to the ground

“Stake!” Paige yelled and the stake dematerialised in a swirl of blue orbs. She directed her hand and the stake plunged deep in the vampire’s heart. In moments the vampire was crumbling into dust with a shocked expression on his face. Paige rushed over to Phoebe to make sure that she was ok, when Paige reached her side she was already getting up.

“Ow, ow, ow… that hurt!” Phoebe stated as Paige helped her to stand.

“Well at least we stopped the vampire harming that girl.” Paige said cheerfully as Phoebe fully got to her feet.

“Yeah… but whose going to save us?” Phoebe said as she stared out around the cemetery. When Paige turned to look at what had Phoebe’s attention there were a dozen more vampires were heading their way.

“I don’t think that we can deal with twelve.” Paige said as they continued looking out, each vampire with that same feral grin on their faces. “Lets get out of here.” Paige announced and grabbed Phoebe by the arm and orbed them away and back to the manor and safety.
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