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The Nanny

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Summary: * ON HIATUS *Spike needs a nanny for his three kids. Enter Willow...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/WillowVampiressFR151429,08311311,93829 Nov 048 Apr 06No

8. Halloween

Author's note:

Hello. Sorry for the long wait, I was on holiday and then didn't have internet access for three weeks because we moved house. I promise that updates will be quicker now and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter Eight: Halloween

"Wow Faith, this is a beautiful dress!" Willow exclaimed when she saw what Faith was going to be wearing that evening.

It was a dress cut out of the 19th century. It was a blue dress, which fell to the ground. Underneath it, Faith would have to wear a corset, to make her waist even smaller. She would look beautiful, Willow was sure of it.

"Do you like it?" Faith asked nervously.

"I love it. Come on, let's get you into it, it's going to take a while." Willow answered.

Faith nodded and started putting on the corset.

"Ok. Now take a deep breath." Willow instructed. Faith did so and Willow started buttoning and tying it up like she saw in the movies. When the last knot was done, Faith let out her breath.

"Damn this is tight. How could those women wear this every day and survive?" she asked.

Willow giggled and slid the blue dress over it. It fell from her shoulders and Willow buttoned it up as well. It fit her like a charm.

"Faith, you look beautiful. All the boys are going to go mad." Willow said as Faith went to stand in front of the mirror to look at herself.

She did look pretty. The dress hugged all her curves and showed some cleavage when she took a breath. She smiled at her reflection.

"Can you do my hair and make-up for me too?" she asked Willow.

"Of course. Sit down." She said and Faith sat in front of her mirror. Willow stood behind her and did her hair. She pinned it up on top of her head, letting some loose strands fall around her face. Then, she applied some light blue eye shadow and light pink lipstick.

"Oh my God." Faith gasped when she saw her reflection again. She twirled around laughing. "This is great. I love it. Thank you for helping me Willow."

"Don't mention it. So, have you figured out what I would be wearing tonight?"

"Yeah, it's on the bed." Faith answered absentmindedly, pointing to her bed.

Willow looked over and saw a short black leather skirt and a burgundy, long-sleeved, V-necked, midriff-baring top. Beside the bed were some boots.

"I'm supposed to wear that? I won't even fit into it."

"Sure you will. Just try it on."

Sighing, Willow picked it up and went to change into the bathroom. She put on the shirt and the miniskirt, which miraculously fit perfectly. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her navel and half her stomach were bare and most of her legs as well. Despite herself, she had to admit she looked good. Younger, even. She walked back into Faith's room, who whistled when she saw her.

"But, I can't go like this. This just isn't me. And there will be other teachers and students and they can't see me like this."

"Willow, relax. Look, Halloween is the night that not you *is* you, but not *you*. Y'know? It's just make believe, for one night. Trust me, I wouldn't dress like this everyday even if somebody paid me. I can hardly breathe." Faith said, indicating her dress.

Willow smiled nervously.

"Ok, now, pin your hair up too and let some strands fall around your face. Then, dark red lipstick and green eye shadow. I'll be downstairs." Faith said, turning to the door.

"Um, Faith?"


"What exactly am I supposed to be?"

"If someone asks, you're a sexy teenage girl out to steal some hearts." Faith answered and dashed out of the room.

Five minutes later, Willow walked downstairs. In the living room sat Wesley, Dawn and Spike. Dawn was dressed up as a witch, Wesley was a pirate and Spike was, well-

"Spike, what are you supposed to be?" Willow asked, taking in his long black leather duster, black jeans and black shirt, a cigarette between his lips.

"I am William the Bloody, pet. The most feared vampire in all of Euro-" he stopped mid-sentence when he saw her. She looked beautiful and sexy. Very sexy.

"And * cough * what are you supposed to be, luv?"

"I am a sexy teenage girl out to steal some hearts." She recited, smiling at his expression.

He nodded, still not able to take his eyes off her. The doorbell rang and Willow went to open the door.

"Trick or tre-" Buffy, Xander and Cordelia stopped mid-word, their mouths hanging open. Willow blushed.

"Treat?" Xander finished hopefully.

Willow and Buffy laughed, while Cordelia smacked his arm. Cordelia was dressed up as a cat, along with the ears, the tail and the body-fitting suit full of spots. Xander was dressed as a soldier. He had army pants, a green sleeveless shirt and a toy gun. Buffy was dressed in tight leather pants and tight top. She was holding something wooden in her hand.

"Um, Buffy, what are you supposed to be?" she asked as they walked in.

"I could ask you the same thing Wills. I am Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whose sole mission is to stake William the Bloody, a. k. a Spike. If you're wondering where he got the name, he enjoys torturing his victims with railroad spikes. And you are?"

"A sexy teenage girl out to steal some hearts?" she offered.

Buffy laughed.

"Faith dressed you up, huh?"

Willow nodded.

"I would have gone with a ghost outfit, but..." she trailed off, indicating to her clothing.

"Nonsense. You look a lot better this way." Spike said, then turned around when everyone turned to stare at him, Willow blushing slightly.

Just then Faith walked in and the attention turned to her and her new dress.

"Faith, you look beautiful!" Buffy exclaimed and went to hug her niece. Faith hugged her back, but was looking curiously at Xander and Cordelia.

"Oh, guys. This is Xander and Cordelia, our best friends. Guys, this is Faith, Wesley, Dawn and William." Willow introduced them.

Spike shook both their hands.

"Please, just call me Spike. I'm sick of William." He told them and they just nodded.

Ten minutes later, they were all out on the streets trick or treating. Gunn joined them after a while, telling both Willow and Faith that they looked great. They had both blushed. He was dressed up as-

"Blade. See I have the leather coat, trousers. I have the stakes, the silver bullets and the dashing sunglasses." He told them, showing them his ensemble.

They reached a huge mansion at the end of the street and went to knock on the door. It was opened by Angel, who was obviously on his way out. He was dressed in his football gear. He stopped when he saw them.

"Oh hey. I was just going out. My folks aren't home so we can't really give you any sweets. Hey Gunn. Going with Blade this year, I see. Oh and Miss Rosenberg, nice to see you out of sch- Miss Rosenberg?" he exclaimed, shock written on his face as he looked up and down her body, taking in the bare mid-riff and legs. Self-consciously, she tried to cover herself.

"You look nice. And Faith, hey. Wow, you look wonderful. The 19th century look suits you more than it suited the ladies back then. May I join ye for tonight, me lady?" he asked, taking her hand and kissing it. Faith giggled, her cheeks red.

The adults looked at each other, rolling their eyes. Willow spared a glance at Gunn and saw that he was clenching and unclenching his fists. She nudged Buffy and cocked her head in his direction. Her eyes widened and she smiled a bit.

"Um, Angel. This is my dad, my aunt Buffy, her friends Cordelia and Xander, my little brother Wesley and little sister Dawn. Everyone, this is Angel." She introduced them.

They each nodded at him and together they set off down the road to other houses. They would knock on each door and it would be opened either by some older citizens or by parents. They would all compliment the children on their costumes and then give them sweets.

The group was now walking in the direction of school, knocking on each door. The adults waited on the sidewalk as the kids went to get their sweets.

"Willow! Hi." A voice said behind them. Willow turned around and smiled.

"Graham. Hi. I didn't know you went trick or treating. Guys this is Graham, he teaches the boys sport in school. Graham, these are my best friends Buffy, Cordelia and Xander. And this is Faith and Wesley's father, William Giles." She introduced them.

They each shook his hand, Cordelia and Buffy wowing to Willow behind his back. She just blushed.

"Yeah, I don't usually go. But tonight my sister couldn't go with her kids, so I'm on duty. So, what exactly are you dressed up as?" he asked, looking her up and down.

"I'm a sexy teenage girl out to steal some hearts." She told him.

"That you are. Ah, Wesley. I just wanted to congratulate you on the well-played match last week. You were great." Graham said as Wesley, Faith, Dawn, Gunn and Angel joined them.

"Hey Mr. Miller. Thanks, I didn't know you were watching. My dad was there too. He said I was the best on the team." Wesley answered, smiling broadly at Spike.

"Only said it cause it's true." Spike said.

"So, Mr. Miller, are you joining the army or something?" Gunn asked, taking in the older man's outfit.

"Good God, no. I used to serve and that's enough to last me a lifetime. No, this is just a costume. I see Xander here also likes the army."

"Yeah, I'm sergeant Harris. Codename-"

"Whelp?" Spike offered teasingly.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?"

Laughing, the group waited for Graham's two nieces to arrive. They were twins, five years old. Both of them had long black hair and brown eyes. One of them, Julia, was dressed as a fairy. Her sister, Susan, was dressed as a princess.

The men decided to go on ahead, taking the kids with them. This left the three women on their own.

"Oh My God. Willow. You never told me you worked with two sinful hunks!" Cordelia said, rounding on Willow, as they slowly walked down yet another street.

"Well, you never actually asked about either of my jobs and I don't just go around bragging." Willow answered.

"Oh please. So tell me, what are they like?"

"Well, Graham is really nice. We have a lot of things in common, he teaches sport. And Spike. Well, we don't actually talk that much."

"He's a workaholic." Buffy explained.

"And you! You never mentioned that you were related to such a good-looking man." Cordelia exclaimed.

"Spike? Please, he's my stepbrother. I'm not allowed to think about him like you are."

"Technically, you are. Because you're not blood relatives. So, dish, you never thought of him as sexy?"

Buffy turned pleadingly to Willow for help, who just shrugged, smiling.

"Well...ok, I admit. I think he's sexy. There, satisfied? What do you care anyway, you have a boyfriend."

"True, true. So, it's up to Willow now. She's the only one left single."

"Hold on! What's up to me?"

Cordelia rolled her eyes.

"It's up to you to date one of them and then tell us all of the juicy details." Buffy told her as if it was the most clear thing in the world.

"Now hold on just one sixty second minute. I can't possibly date a colleague or my boss! And besides, Spike is totally not interested. He doesn't even spare me a second glance, until tonight. And I really don't plan on dressing like this just to get his attention."

Buffy and Cordelia shared a that-girl-is-totally-clueless look.

"Alright. And what about Graham? You've talked. You know things about each other. And he does have killer looks." Buffy pointed out.

"I know, it's just... I don't know. We'll see." Willow answered and walked off.

"Five bucks says she'll be dating one of them in a month." Buffy said.

"I see your five bucks. But I'm going to raise it ten and say it's going to be Graham. And another ten that they will not sleep with each other."

"What do you mean?" Buffy asked, raising one perfectly shaped eyebrow.

"Just trust me. She will date Graham, but he's not the ONE, with whom she'll want to take the next step after Oz."

"Oh come on. It's been what, four years now? You're going to tell me she hasn't gotten physical with anyone in four years?"

Cordelia nodded.

"Willow isn't the kind of person who would just hop in the sack with anybody. She waits for love. Trust me."

"Fine. I hear your bet."

Laughing, they joined their group and took off down another road, saying hello to schoolmates and colleagues.

It went on like this for about four hours before Spike decided it was time to go home, as Dawn fell asleep in his arms. They walked to Gunn's house and dropped him off, saying goodnight and wishing him a nice week.

The next stop was Angel's house. Throughout the evening, he had been hanging out with Faith, laughing and talking about their interests. Faith had been beside herself with happiness. She was the only one who walked him to the door, while the others waited on the sidewalk in front of his house.

"So, um, I was wondering. If you don't have any plans Saturday night, I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date with me." He asked her, in a somewhat shy manner.

Faith's eyes widened happily.

"Yes, sure. I'd love to."

"Great. I'll see you on Saturday then. 7p.m. ok with you?"

She nodded.

"Cool. Bye then." He said and waved at the others. They were however looking in a totally different direction.

"Bye." She answered and walked back to her group, a dreamy look on her face.

After they separated from Graham, Susan and Julia, the rest of them walked to the Giles' residence. Willow put the kids to bed and joined the adults downstairs in the living room.

"Well that was an eventful night." Spike said sarcastically. "I didn't get any sweets."

"I think your Big Bad image just wasn't convincing enough." Buffy teased. Spike just scowled.

Xander looked at his watch. It was nearly twelve.

"Well, it was great meeting you Spike, but we should be going. It's been a long day. We'll see you some other time." He said, standing up and going to the door. Cordelia, Buffy and Willow joined him. After saying goodbye to Spike, they walked to Xander's car and drove home.
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