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The Nanny

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Summary: * ON HIATUS *Spike needs a nanny for his three kids. Enter Willow...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/WillowVampiressFR151429,08311311,93829 Nov 048 Apr 06No

10. Consequences

Author's Note:

I know, I know, I promised a week and it turned into more than a month. I want you all to know that I am really sorry, but real life got in the way. I've got exams in a week, so I don't know when I'll be able to update again.

For the next chapter, the writing in italics, at the beginning of the chapter, represents what happened during the first week after the autumn holidays, and the writing in bold italics represents flashback's from Faith's encounter.

Warning: Deals with attempted rape.

Chapter Ten: Consequences

As November came, it brought cold and rain along with it. The streets of LA were soon filled with puddles and the drivers were getting more and more cranky by the day. The school busses were having a hard time maintaining their schedule because of the traffic on the streets. More students were staying at home because of the flu. Some, whose parents wanted them to still go to school, would come and infect their classmates. The halls of Hemery were filled with sneezes and unhealthy coughs. Very few people were in a good mood.

It was now a week after Spike had kicked Willow out of the house and he seemed determined to stick to his plans of taking care of his children single handedly.

The first Monday after the Autumn holidays, Faith and Wesley had come to school, their faces gloomy. They had brightened a bit when they saw her and proceeded to give her a hug. She had been touched. The bruise on Faith's cheek was still visible, though it had healed a bit. Before the first bell had rung, Willow had taken Faith to Anya's office.

"Good morning Anya." Willow greeted her boss and friend.

"Morning Willow. And Faith. What can I do for you?" Anya greeted them and indicated for them to sit down.

"I wanted to have a talk with you about harassment between the students."

Anya raised her eyebrows, a curious expression on her face.

"The incident I am talking about did not happen during school hours, nor did it happen here in the school building. Is there still a way the school can punish a student?"

"Willow, I would need to know when and how this whole thing happened." Anya told her, leaning forward in her seat.

Willow looked at Faith, who nodded.

"Miss Jenkins, this Saturday I was on a date with Angel. He took me to a restaurant and everything seemed to be going really well. After dinner, he took me to a hill nearby our house. We sat in his car, looking up at the stars. Then he wanted to kiss me." Faith stopped, closing her eyes as flashback of the scene played in front of her eyes.

"Faith, I really like you. You're like no person I've ever met." Angel said, looking at her.

Faith's heart started banging in her chest as nervousness overtook her.

"Really?" she squeaked.

Angel nodded and leaned closer to her, facing her. His lips were inches away from hers when she pulled back.

"I'm not sure we should be doing this. I mean, it's only our first date."

"So?" Angel asked, leaning forward again.

"I just don't want to." Faith said, looking at the sky again.

"You don't want to? Is that why you dressed the way you did? All revealing and stuff? Do you have any idea what happens when a boy looks at a girl dressed like you? It's too tempting to resist."

"I said no. He started taunting me, telling me that the way I was dressed just demanded attention. He wouldn't back down."

His hand slid up her thigh.

"Stop it. I said no." Faith said, pulling his hand away.

"And I said yes. Come on, you know you want to." He told her.

Fear spread through her.

"No, I don't want to."

He gripped her arms and kissed her. She yanked back her head and tried to free her hands. After a few attempts she succeeded. Angel seemed highly amused.

"I always liked a girl who plays hard to get." He said huskily. His hand grabbed her hip, pinning her to him.

"Stop it! Let go of me! I said no!" she screamed, trying to wriggle away. He started leaning to her again and she tried back away. This got them into a very compromising position with Angel on top of her. She tried to throw him off of her, but he was stronger.

"Oh come on Faith. Don't be a spoilsport. It'll feel good, trust me."

"I tried to get him off of me, but he wouldn't budge. I was getting really scared. One hand was gripping my waist while the other one was running up and down my thigh." Faith told them.

Tears sprung up in her eyes as he tried to unbutton her skirt. She started slapping him on the arm.

"No. Stop! Get off me! Please, stop!" she cried, tears falling down her face. Her hand came up and she slapped him across the face, her nails scratching him.

Shocked, Angel put his hand to his face and brought it back, his hand bloody.

"You bitch! You are going to pay for that!" he told her and slapped her, hard, on the cheek. Her head jerked to the side from the impact. He tried to tear off her shirt. Faith was trying to free her legs. After a few seconds, but it seemed like hours, they were free and she brought one leg up and kicked him between the legs.

Angel howled in pain and sat up, his weight off of her body. Frantically, she groped for the door handle. Her hands were shaking and her face hurt. After many tries, she finally opened the door and ran out of the car, crying.

"It was terrible. I was so scared that he was going to follow me. I ran all the way home."

Willow looked at Anya, who was watching Faith closely.

"Is there any way he can be punished, other than by an angry parent?" she asked.

"I'm not sure. It didn't take place during school hours, nor anywhere near school premises. I have had complaints from other parents, about Angel's bad temper. He has gotten into many fights. You could report him to the police. I can try and talk to coach Miller, he's their football coach."

"Would you mind if I did that?" Willow asked.

"No, not at all." She answered, smiling.

"Would it be possible to get him suspended or even banned from the team for this?" Faith asked.

Anya nodded.

"As I already said, he does have a history of violence, so we can build on that. The bell is going to ring in two minutes, why don't you two head off to class?" Anya suggested.

They nodded and left.

"Angel, can I talk to you for a minute after class?" Willow asked on the second November Monday, during the last lesson before lunch.

Angel looked up from his seat in the last row, a surprised expression on his face.

"Sure Miss Rosenberg."

Waiting for the bell to ring to signal the end of the lesson, Willow thought back to her meeting with Graham to discuss Angel's behavior.

As the bell rang at the end of Willow's first lesson on Tuesday morning, Willow left the classroom and hurried down to the football pitch. She greeted some of the students on the way and smiled at Christina when she passed her, but didn't stop to chat until she was standing beside Graham in the middle of the field.

"Graham, I need to talk to you." She told him. He looked at her and nodded.

"Alright guys. I want ten laps around the pitch, then some stretching exercises." He told the boys, before turning his full attention to Willow.

"I need to talk to you about one of your football players. Angel in particular." She started. Graham frowned, but nodded to her to continue.

"He has a history of violence doesn't he?"

"Yes, he does. Why are you asking?"

"You know Faith?"

Graham nodded.

"They went on a date and he forced himself on her. She barely got away, but he did have a chance to give her a bruise."

"Oh dear. Is she alright?" Graham asked, concerned.

"She's alright, freaked out, but dealing. I was wondering, if there have been complaints about him before, why is he still on the team?"

"He's one of the best players."

"So? He hurt people, physically and maybe even mentally. If I remember correctly, you agreed with me when we were talking about boys using the fact that girls can't defend themselves, to their advantage. And it happened. Faith could have been raped. I already talked to Anya about it and she says that it is possible to suspend or ban him from the football team, what with his reputation."

Graham looked at her.

"Are you sure you think this is the right thing to do?"

Willow gaped at him.

"Excuse me? Have you even been listening to me? Your precious Angel almost raped a girl and you're asking me if taking actions against him is the right thing to do?!" Willow exclaimed, her voice rising. The class stopped to watch them.

"Willow, calm down. I'm only saying, if we ban him from the team and tell him the reasons, Faith could be in even more danger. He'll want revenge."

"I don't care. I'll give Faith private self-defense lessons if I have to, but I will see Angel punished. If you don't help me, fine. Don't ban him. But I will find out when his team practices are and give him detention on those days until the end of the year when he graduates. You mark my words." She told him and turned on her heel, walking away from him and leaving more than one surprised face in her wake.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Angel asked, as his fellow students filed out of the classroom.

"Yes, close the door please." Willow answered and stood up. As soon as the door was closed, she rounded at him, her face furious. Angel back away from her, swallowing loudly. He really did not need another lecture about his school work and quite frankly, Miss Rosenberg was scary like this.

"Alright, you listen and you listen good. I know what happened between you and Faith. Her father knows, the principal knows and so does your coach. Now, I may not have the power to suspend or ban you from the team, but I can make school life very difficult for you. I could very easily fail you, anyone who sees your marks in math would not be holding it against me. I can also give you detention until the end of the year, so I suggest you think very hard about how you treat the girls in this school. You may be all high and mighty when it comes to football, but otherwise you are nothing special. You are just a spoiled brat from a rich family, who uses so much gel that it has seeped into his brain. So unless you want to fail this year, you are going to do the following. You are going to publicly apologize to Faith, I suggest during a lunch hour. Don't worry about getting everyone's attention, I'll make sure all eyes are on you. Then you are going to have detention until the end of this semester. If I hear any more complaints about you, then to the end of the year. Are we clear on everything?"

Angel nodded silently.

"Good. I'm sure Mr. Giles will be in touch with you as well, you know, with the whole hurting you in ways you can't even imagine. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm a bit hungry. I expect an apology to Faith tomorrow at lunch. Have a nice day." She finished and walked out of the classroom, leaving a very scared, very ashamed Angel behind.

Two hours later, Angel was sitting in a history class, doodling on his paper while the teacher raved on and on about some revolution or another. He didn't even look up as someone knocked on the door.

"Angel, you're wanted in the counselor's office. Right now." Mrs. Nelson told him.

Angel looked up and saw Miss Radcliff, the school secretary, waiting for him at the door. Sighing, he gathered up his books and walked with her to the counselor's office. The sight that rewarded him was not pretty.

Sitting behind the desk, as always, was Tara. Behind her stood Anya, Graham and Willow, all with looks of deep distaste on their faces. He gulped, before sitting down.

"So sorry to have to drag you out of history class like this, Angel, but I'm afraid under the circumstances, we had no choice." Tara said in her kind voice.

He just shook his head to indicate it was ok.

“I’m not sure if you know why we called you here. If not, I will tell you. Here in this file,” Tara said, picking up some papers. “Is your history at this school. And it is a colorful one. You have a violent past and have been in detention a couple of times because of fighting. Being the lead football player on our team, we let it slide. However, it has come to our attention that you sexually harassed a fellow student. And we simply cannot let that kind of behavior go unpunished. After carefully consulting the matter with your coach, the headmistress and math teacher, we have decided to take the following steps. You are as of now banned from your football team and are under watch by the other teachers. If we hear that you are still getting into fights or threatening other students, it could easily lead you to suspension or even expulsion from this school. Also, Miss Rosenberg has told me that she has decided to give you detention for every afternoon until the end of the semester. You are to meet her in her classroom every afternoon, straight after school. What you will do or how long you will have to stay is up to her. Is everything clear?”

Angel looked at her, his mouth hanging slightly open. In turn, he looked at the other teachers in front of him. Not one of them looked like they thought the punishment was too harsh. Knowing that he really had no say in this, he just closed his mouth.

“Yes, I understand.”

Tara smiled.

“Good, you may now return to class. Have a nice day.” She told him and turned to the other adults, showing that the discussion was finished.

Numbly Angel walked back to class only to find that it was already break. Walking to his locker, he saw Faith talking to her friends at the end of the hall. She flipped back her hair and he distinctly saw the bruise he had left on her face. He winced when he remembered the night. God, he had been a jerk. He couldn’t even remember why he had forced himself onto her. A part of him was however enraged. He knew it was all his fault, but still it was easier to blame some little kid than himself for what happened and for the consequences. If only she had kept her mouth shut or made up some excuse, he could still be on the football team. He shook his head in disgust. What the hell was wrong with him? This was his fault and he would have to suffer the consequences. It was only fair.
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