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The Nanny

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Summary: * ON HIATUS *Spike needs a nanny for his three kids. Enter Willow...

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Author's Note:

Ok, here is a new story from me. As you can see it's not a crossover, but a Willow/Spike story. It is also an AU - Alternate Universe. This means that there are no demons, no vampires and no slayers. The characters are all human, they just have the names of the characters from the TV show.

This story is rated NC-17, but it will start out pretty innocently. The adult stuff will come in in the later chapters. I really hope you like it and I always value reviews. This time especially because it's my first time writing a Spillow story, so your opinions are wanted.

Thank you and read on!

Title: The Nanny

Pairing: Willow/Spike, Xander/Cordelia, Buffy/Riley, Faith/Gunn

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Spike needs a nanny for his three kids. Enter Willow...

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Joss Whedon and co. All characters not seen on either Buffy or Angel are my own creation.

Spoilers: None. The story is AU. No demons, vamps or slayers. Everyone is human.

* * *



It was a beautiful sunny day in late June. The birds were singing and the sky was blue. It was a cause for fun. In one of the cemeteries in LA however, it was the beginning of mourning. A certain Drusilla Giles had died and today she was being buried. Drusilla had been a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a sister in law. Her family loved her and was here to say goodbye to her.

Closest to the grave, dressed in all black, was her husband and their three children. William Giles was a 30-year-old man with blue eyes, almost white hair and very high cheekbones. He was dressed in a black suit. In his arms was Dawn, his youngest child. Dawn was just two years old and had short brown hair and blue eyes. She was now sucking her thumb and smiling up at daddy. To his right was a boy, Wesley. He had just turned seven. His eyes and hair were brown and he wore glasses. To William's left stood another girl. Her name was Faith. She also had short brown hair and brown eyes.

Behind them stood William and Drusilla's family. Drusilla's mother, a 50-year-old woman named Joyce, was crying on her husband's shoulder. Her husband, Quentin, was holding her around the waist, silently watching as they lowered his baby girl into the ground. Beside them stood a young woman called Darla. Darla was Drusilla's older sister. Next to her stood a petite blonde girl who was clutching another young man's hand. The girl was Buffy, William's stepsister and the man next to her was Riley, her boyfriend. Beside them stood another couple. They were William and Buffy's parents. Rupert Giles was William's father. The woman was Jenny Summers, Buffy' mother.

Behind the family were the colleagues and close family friends. They were all sitting down on chairs.

Faith looked up at her father. How could he just stand there and not cry?! This was his wife, love. His life. Her mother. Tears fell down her face.

The priest looked at her. It was her turn to throw dirt onto the coffin. She picked up some dirt and walked forward.

"I love you." She whispered and threw the dirt into the grave.

* * *

At the same time, in New York, graduation was taking place. The students of NYU, class 2001, were sitting in rows and looking at their principal as he gave a speech.

"I have been a headmaster for many years, a teacher for more. Every year, a class of strong minds leaves this school, and a part of their life behind. You are our future and I am proud of each and every one of you. As I call out your name, please come up and take your diploma. Abrams, Parker."

A boy stood up and walked to the stage. The students cheered. A girl in the third row clapped along with everyone else.

"Chase, Cordelia."

A pretty, brown haired girl stood up. The girl in the third row cheered harder.

"Harris, Alexander."

The crowd clapped harder and louder. The rows were emptying. Soon, it was her turn.

"Rosenberg, Willow."

She stood up and received her diploma. Happily, she ran to her friends. It was time to celebrate. They had graduated. A week from now, they would all be moving to Los Angeles to see what life had in store for them.
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