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Destiny Interrupted

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Summary: A short series, written for the 'Fic For All' challenge. None of the characters belong to me.

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Jail Bells Ring (Faith/Jack Sparrow - pairing #41)

Title: Jail Bells Ring - Destiny Interrupted 1/?

Pairing: Faith/Jack Sparrow

Fic For All: Pairing 41

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me!

“Oh, shiiiiiii-“ The scream was cut short with a very realistic *thud* noise. Jack’s eyes narrowed, and he hoisted himself up to look out of the cell window. Considering the fact that there was nothing but open sky, no-one should have fallen past Jack’s window at a great speed. It was, however, completely reasonable that they should end in a *thud*, but that really wasn’t the point.

Peering as far out as he could, Jack caught sight of a young woman in brown slowly clambering to her feet.

“Damn.” She said, rotating her hand and wincing as the bones in her wrist clicked. Rolling her eyes, she noticed Jack staring out at her, and looking completely dumbfounded. “Hey, are you…” She trailed off, wrinkled her nose slightly in thought, and then fished a bit of paper out of a pocket. “…Jack Robin?”

“I’m Captain Jack Sparrow – if that’s what you’re askin’. Why?”

“Oh goody.” The girl said, and even Jack could tell that she was being sarcastic. She tilted her head back to yell up to the sky. “Why couldn’t D give me a normal one?”

“No offence, girly, but why are ye yellin’ to the sky?” Dark eyes flashed angrily at him.

“Do. Not. Call. Me. Girly.” Then she grinned slyly. “You can call me Faith.”

“All right then, Miss Faith…” Faith’s grin widened. “Now, what do ye want me for?”

“I’m recruitin’ you for a quest.” Now Jack grinned.

“Beggin’ your pardon, I’m sure.” Jack retorted, hand on hip. “But mebbe ye haven’t noticed the little problem with me bein’ locked up an’ facin’ me death tomorrow on the gallows?”

Faith titled her head and smiled sweetly, but Jack caught a glimpse of mischief in her eyes.

“That’s where I come in. Hold on, I’ll be five minutes.” With that she jumped, catching hold of the roof ledge above Jack’s window and disappearing from view.

Shaking his head, Jack jumped down from the bed, and sat on it, leaning back against the wall.

“Jack, mate, this is exactly what happens when ye don’t drink your rum…” Port Royal had infinitely worsened since Jack had last been in town, and he knew, if he ever got out of this, that he was going to take Will and Elisabeth and set them up somewhere a little safer from him to visit.


Five minutes later, or as near as Jack could time it, shouts and clangs could be heard out in the corridor. Ten seconds after that the door burst open and half off its hinges to reveal Faith, standing in front of Will Turner and Elizabeth.

“What the blazes are you two doing here?!” Jack asked, grinning from ear to ear nonetheless.

“We came to rescue you.” Will said, then glanced down at the woman in front of him with a raised eyebrow. “But it looks like you have that covered.” Faith smirked up at the young blacksmith.

“Hi.” She purred, holding out a hand for him to shake. “I’m Faith.”

“Will.” Turner answered, taking her hand and laying a kiss on the back of it. Jack rolled his eyes. Well, at least the society-or-some-such lessons Elizabeth was giving him were helping, although – he glanced at Elizabeth’s face – maybe this wasn’t exactly the right time.

“And I’m Elizabeth…his wife.” Faith grinned at her.

“Alright, calm down Lizzy. I was only playing.”

“Play with someone else’s husband.” The two women exchanged identical smirks, having presumably found a little bit of themselves in each other.

“Right, then.” Faith said, turning back to the matter at hand. “I believe we should take a hike out of here. God, I’m starting to sound like G-man.” She muttered the last part to herself, eyes wide in horror.

“Who’s ‘G-man’?” Jack asked, standing up and swaying over to them. While not drunk, it had become an ingrained habit over the years.

“Giles. He’s…oh, never mind! You’ll find out soon enough.” She fished in her pocket and drew out a round metal disc. Gripping it tightly, she appeared to be thinking about something, and then a green circle appeared in the air in front of all four of them.

“Witchcraft.” Will hissed, pulling Elizabeth back.

“Yes, but good witchcraft.” Faith rolled her eyes. “Now, come on. Or, you could stay here and get spit-roasted by the guards.”

All three exchanged a glance, then stepped forward as one. Since the ‘Incident’ – as it had been dubbed – three years prior, Elizabeth and Will were generally mistrusted by the people of Port Royal, and Jack…well, Jack was mistrusted simply because of his ‘vocation’.

“Alrighty, then.” Faith smirked, then pushed all of them through the green portal, diving in after them just before it shut with a click. When the guards poured into the cell, there was no one there.


They landed in a heap in a huge drift of snow.

“Faith’s back!” Someone yelled, and footsteps were heard. Groaning, Jack pulled himself to his feet, automatically holding out a hand to pull Faith to hers as Will helped Elizabeth up.

“Oooh, I love your dress!” Someone else squealed, and Jack looked around to find himself surrounded by teenaged girls and a few men.

“What th’ hell is goin’ on?” He shouted, quieting everyone immediately.

“Faith, tell me you explained.” A young woman, approximately four years younger than Faith was, stepped up.

“’Course I did, D.” Faith replied, looking slightly wounded. “I told them…well, him…that I was recruiting him for a quest.” ‘D’ looked extremely unimpressed.

“Oh, Buffy’s gonna love hearing this.” She tugged on Will and Elizabeth’s arms, leading them in the direction of a large house. “I’m Dawn Summers, and…” Her voice trailed off as they left, followed by all of the onlookers.

Faith grimaced, and turned to Jack.

“Merry Christmas?” She offered weakly. He glared down at her, kohl-ringed eyes narrowing.

Faith squeaked as he hoisted her up with his arms around her waist and planted a huge kiss on her mouth.

“Thank ye for savin’ me life.”

Faith smirked, getting over the shock extremely quickly.

“Oh, the pleasure’s all mine.” She launched herself at him, knocking them both back into the snow.

Evening spread over the snowy English countryside, but the two new lovers barely noticed as they got to know each other…a little better. Biblically speaking, anyway. Talking would have to come later, after Dawn explained, for the fifth time, and using quite a few flashcard pictures, just why they had been ripped from their own time and existence.

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