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Not in Kansas Anymore

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This story is No. 1 in the series "XanderScape". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Finds he's not in Kansas Anymore

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Television > FarscapeTjinFR1365,56434036,15329 Nov 0427 Oct 06Yes

Not in Kansas Anymore 6 (Updated)

Not in Kansas Anymore 6
Xander was halfway through the door when a burning pain slapped into his side and sent him tumbling across the floor. Stifling a scream as his momentum rolled him over onto his injured side Xander, shifted until his weight was off the wound.

He vaguely noticed someone drop to his side, but all thoughts fled from his mind as he tried to ignore the urge to swing at the responsible party when a pair of hands applied pressure to his bleeding side.

Stifling a scream, Xander was thankful as his senses finally started to fade from the pain.

“In the room, I said get him in the room.” Crichton said as he leaned against the door and listened to Durka shout at him from the other side.

“You said get him TO the room!” The pale alien shouted back as she tried to keep as much blood inside the man that had saved her. She clamped down on her gag reflex and tried to ignore the red liquid that covered her hands as she tried to stop the bleeding. She ignored Crichton as he continued to talk about the idiot plan he had come up with.

It wasn’t until he moved over beside her and tried to help that she snarled and shoved the human back. “Frell that, go get him before he kills us all.” She growled and glared after him as he went after the Psychotic Peacekeeper.

“Tell me some more about your planet.”

Startled by the low voice, Chiana looked down at Xander in surprise. “What? You’re bleeding to death on the frelling floor and you want to know about MY home? Are you insane or is your entire planet farbot?” she demanded in shock before swallowing the insults she was ready to throw at him.

Xander grins, “I’m wounded here, humor me?”

Taking a moment to get her emotions settled, she took a deep breath and started talking.

As she talked Xander idly wondered at the numb feeling in his hands and feet as the world started to dim.


John entered the modified holding cell the small band of renegades used as a medical bay and quietly watched as Zhaan worked to save the first human he had seen in months.

“How’s the patient?” he asked carefully as he tried to project as little of a distracting element as he could.

With a sigh the blue skinned alien wiped her hands carefully before taking a step back from her patient. “I have done all that I can, he lost a considerable amount of blood.”

“Could I…” John offered as Zhaan waved the offer away.

“Your blood doesn’t match his, I doubt there is anyone that matches his specific blood type anywhere save for your homeworld.” The Delvian priestess said as she watched the shallow breathing of the injured human before her.

“There’s nothing you can do?” the misplaced astronaut asked as he tried to hide the terror he had growing inside at coming so close to a link home and losing it.

“I’m sorry John, if I knew more about your species I might come up with something, but as it is… “She explained before gently laying a hand on his shoulder. “I shall pray for him.” She said simply before leaving the room.

With a sigh of regret, John Crichton watched the only other human he knew of as the boy fought to survive.


(A/N) I know I know, too short and a cliffy, but in truth I had no clue how to write Xander into the next Episode.

As such I tacked this onto the end of the original 6 and I think I’ll leave it here until I can get my bearings on where I want this to go.

Hope you all enjoy it and I’ll see you next episode.

- Tjin

The End

You have reached the end of "Not in Kansas Anymore". This story is complete.

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