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It's that time of the year... again

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Summary: for the Holiday 2004 Fic For All – pairings #49, #67

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > DrabblesLillyFR1521,029022,35430 Nov 041 Dec 04Yes

Christmas Present

Buffy/Bill Weasley

It had been years since she’d last had been able to enjoy this simple pleasure. Gliding smoothly over the shiny white surface of frozen water, feeling like she could fly. The Winter Holidays had yet again found her away from family and friends. Last year it had been France, now it was Egypt of all places. At least Paris had had snow.

The last Slayer she’d tracked down had asked to spend the Holidays with her family before going to the Slayers Academy. Buffy couldn’t fault her that, so she’d stayed in Cairo longer than initially planned. The first two days had been boring as hell, but then Giles had told her to get in touch with the son of an old friend of his. Who just happened to be a Wizard.

Boy, had they gaped when they’d been told about the Wizarding World. Not to mention the first trip to Diagon Alley. Dawn had bought a camera to take a few pictures. That particular album was full of dropped jaws, bulging eyes and getting better acquainted with the road due to said gaping. A chuckle passed Buffy’s lips at the memory.

She’d gone to meet this Mr. Weasley and had been pleasantly surprised to find him not at all stuck up, like the other few Wizards she’d met before him. He was friendly, cute and he’d offered to show her the sights. Like she’d ever say no to that. So sight seeing they went... for a whole week and a half. Ten days in which she’d gotten to know this man pretty well, considering they’d practically spent every waking hour together. And she found herself liking him, very much so.

The soft strands of a Christmas carol filled the air and she smiled. Her Slayer senses had no trouble picking up the whoosh of skates on ice, the enchanting lotus scent of his aftershave.. the beating of his heart even before his chest pressed firmly against her back.

“Hello, beautiful.” he breathed against her neck.
“Hey there, handsome.” she answered with a grin.

What exactly was it about this man that made her so indescribably happy?

She leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed softly as his arms encircled her, guiding her along the ice. A skating ring in Cairo. Who would have ever thought? Though to be fair, it was Wizarding Cairo.

The music turned into something slower, dreamier and they danced, going through moves like the Olympic pairs. Faster, slower, twirling, flowing, laughing... and as the song reached the end applause and cheers greeted them. Buffy opened her eyes to find herself in the middle of a rain of white petals, drifting down on them and disappearing just inches above the ground in a show of sparkles. Her eyes settled on the empty spectators seats and she smiled again, a tear traveling down her cheek as she heard his voice.

“Merry Christmas, Buffy.”
“Merry Christmas, Bill.” she whispered, turning in his embrace to look up at him, the loving expression on his face touching her more than anything else could. “And thank you.” she added.
“You’re welcome.” came his reply and was that a blush on his cheeks?

They stood there for a while, just holding each other and feeling like they’d come home. And the following week, Cairo smiled at the sight of the handsome redheaded man and the beautiful blonde holding hands and laughing like they owned the world.

A few days into the new year Buffy sat in her plane seat, Slayer trainee at her side and plans for the following weekend firmly in her head. She had a date.

The End

You have reached the end of "It's that time of the year... again". This story is complete.

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