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It's that time of the year... again

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Summary: for the Holiday 2004 Fic For All – pairings #49, #67

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It's that time of the year... again

Title: It's that time of the year... again
Summary: for the Holiday 2004 Fic For All – pairings #49, #67
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, am just playing... it is Winter, after all. *weg*

Dawn/Draco Malfoy

She saw them coming, huge and relentless. The snow creaked beneath her, giving way for her boot clad feet to sink deeply into it. She dodged another unforgiving missile, darting for the relative safety of the trees. Her eyes stayed on her pursuers, thus her startled gasp as she impacted with another body. Long hair flew about her as she whirled, frantic eyes meeting cold grey ones. She froze, breath leaving her trembling lips in a small cloud.

Words were unnecessary, really. The corners of his lips turning upwards, the cheeky wink, head tilting slightly to the side.. she needed nothing more. Mitten clad hands grabbed at the snow, forming weapons of their own and as one they moved from behind the trees to launch their revenge. And the snow fight was on. That in itself was not an unusual sight on the grounds of Hogwarts, but the participants were. Many passing students stared in amazement at the normally cool and aloof Slytherin Prince as he laughed and threw snow balls in a valiant effort to bury his two bodyguards.

A few minutes later they were all collapsed on their backs, stomachs aching from too much laughter. Crabbe and Goyle looked like snowmen, their red noses bearing enough of a resemblance to carrots to complete the picture. Of course, as she shared that with her battle companion, another fit of giggles ensued. They were lying there, shoulders touching, watching the clouds gathering anew. Snow flakes began drifting down, melting as soon as they came in contact with their warm skin. She could almost imagine she was floating as she watched the small crystal flowers dancing. A face was suddenly over her and she wondered at the serious expression. Then all thoughts fled as soft lips caressed hers, tentative at first then with more pressure. She felt his tongue gently lapping at her lower lip and with a soft sigh she granted access to her mouth. His body was pressed against hers, hard and strong, and the snow was no longer cold, the air in her lungs no longer burned. All she could focus on was him kissing her, finally. And her grin matched his as they broke apart, not caring in the least about the gaping mouths of those who saw him carrying her piggyback style up to the castle.

And amidst her laughter, Dawn came to the conclusion that being sorted into Slytherin was not so bad after all.
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