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On a winter's day

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Summary: Holiday 2004: Fic for All. Giles/Storm, Xander/Sara, Xander/Diana, Xander/Helena, Kendra/Nathaniel, Xander/Lex, Xander/Lana, Xander-Alice

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAAriChandaFR13813,93903410,97630 Nov 0419 Dec 04No

Your My Christmas Present

Title: Your My Christmas Present
Author: AriChanda
Rating: PG
Fandoms: B:TVS/Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Pairing: Xander, Alice Walker
nb: Setting the events of RE:A back in the 80's. Maybe a teeny bit angsty.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Belong's to someone else.

On this day of days, Baby, you're my Christmas present. My Christmas past, my Christmas always.

"Are you just going to watch him," asked L.J. leaning against the rooftop beside the strawberry-blond. He knew most men would quail beneath the gimlet gaze, but he wasn't most men. He was her friend, and while she might kick his ass, she'd kill anyone who hurt him. Still, he scooted away a little bit, throwing her is trademark smirk.

"He's got his own life," she said quietly, watching the dark-haired man below them. She'd been watching him for months. Once she'd heard he'd left the Hellmouth, she'd immediately flown to were he was. She'd been dogging his steps since then.

L.J. sighed at the sad, wistful tone. He knew how much she'd wanted to keep the boy, but it had been impossible. Not with the life they'd lived. Being hunted from day to day, an endless bounty on their heads, and no place to lay their heads. And if THEY had gotten Alexander...

L.J. shuddered the thought didn't bear thinking. He turned back to the group below them, six African-American girls ranging from fourteen to eighteen. The dark-haired man was settled securely behind a fort of snow, and despite being outnumbered was apparently winning the snowball fight. He pulled his down coat tighter around him, cold just from watching them. "Well, he's certainly got his dad's eye for the ladies."

She smiled sadly, "Matt always was a charmer. I remember when we met, bodies everywhere and still he made me smile."

L.J. rolled his eyes. "Of course, you'd find that charming."

She didn't do anything as harmless as giggle, but her face did soften. Cerulean eyes losing their mad edge as they always did when watching her child.

"I think he's a hottie," came from the other side of the roof.

L.J. started in surprise, then glared at the woman who'd appeared beside them. "What did I tell you about that? Damn, woman. Make some noise."

Angie laughed, the sound lush and elegant, red hair swaying in the slight breeze. "Has she decided yet?"

L.J. shook his head. "Nah. But I think we can convince her. I mean what better Christmas present than a chance to meet your real mother."

"Or what better way to ruin his Christmas," Alice said. "He may not want anything to do with me. I left him in hell."

Angie moved to stand beside the woman who'd been like a sister to her. She leaned her head onto her shoulder. "He'll understand. You had to do it. Umbrella would have turned him into an endless experiment. His life would have been one of unending pain."

L.J. nodded in agreement. "He seems like a cool cat. And it's not like he's not used to the weird."

Alice looked between the two, then over to Carlos and Jill.

"All he can do is refuse to see you," said Jill, though she knew that was what her friend feared the most.

"And while I hate to be the bearer of bad news," began Carlos. "The kid needs some vital info about his background. The T-virus might awake at anytime."

That decided the hesitant mother. She couldn't let her child discover the nightmares hidden in his blood alone.


Xander straightened slowly as the slayers around him suddenly snapped to attention. His girls bristling, their eyes darting around as they searched the shadows. He ignored it when Xinia, one of the twelve girls he'd brought back from Africa tried to herd him toward the house.

Something was prickling along his skin. Something at once familiar and alien. It sparked along his nerves like lightening. The empty socket behind his eyepatch began to throb, like it hadn't in months. "Whose there? Show yourself?!"

Out of the darkness, suddenly appeared a slender figure, where there'd only been darkness.

Xander shuddered as her bright eyes met his.

Xinia hissed, moving up beside him. She wanted to tell her friend to go inside. This woman was strange, and the power that rolled of her was beyond anything she'd ever felt. It was Senior Slayer Faith, Buffy, and the Witch Willow combined.

"I mean you no harm," came the husky voice. "I just wish to speak with Xander."

Xinia growled, as the other girls tightened the half circle behind their mentor.

Xander knew he should be reprimanding the girls but he couldn't seem to focus on anything besides the woman. He knew her. Knew her deep inside, where soul met soul. "Who are you?"

"My name is Alice Walker," she said, quietly.

"The bio-terrorist," Xander snarled, eye darkening. Despite all the demonic evil he'd faced, humanity's evil still disgusted, enraged him the most.

Alice winced, but plunged on. She'd known this wouldn't be easy. "I'm as much a bio-terrorist as your friend Faith, is a murderous gang-member."

Xander stiffened, then forced himself to stop and think, despite the instinct to react to the implied insult. He had to admit if you only read the police reports or listened to people who had no clue about the real world, that was what Faith appeared to be. But those in the know, those with the blinders off knew what lay beneath the surface. Plus, something inside demanded he give her a chance.

The slayers stirred, and he hushed them. Knowing nothing useful would be accomplished with them hovering, he ordered them inside.

Xinia protested vehemently. Xander tried not to roll his eyes. "Xin, does she feel evil?"

Xinia frowned, mouth settling into a sulky pout. While her senses were going off the map, it was just a reaction to the woman's power. There was nothing demonic about her. And though her aura was wicked dark, it didn't have the taint of evil. "No," she snarled, reluctantly.

Xander raised an eyebrow. Xinia left slowly, shooting a dark-eyed glare at the woman before disappearing inside. Xander turned toward the woman. "All right."

"Walk with me?" she asked, hesitantly. Xander studied her. He could tell she was nervous, and a little afraid. It didn't sit well on her. He nodded.

They headed down the driveway, then turned westward walking towards downtown London. Both ignoring the various shadows they acquired.

Xander glanced over at the woman walking beside him. She'd turned to him twice, in the last few minutes, before turning away. "I find it best to just babble until either everything's been spilled or the listener tells you to shut-up."

"I'm your mother," said Alice.

Xander froze, back stiffening as he wondered what her game was. He'd known he was adopted all his life. The Harris' had liked to throw it in his face, how his mother had abandoned him. "You've got five minutes," he growled.

"You have every right to hate me. But I just wanted you to know, I didn't abandon you. It took everything I had to leave you. It had to be done though. Umbrella was looking for me, there was no way they were just going to let THEIR prize experiment escape. If they'd known I was pregnant, they would have hunted you to the ends of the earth. I deliberately hid you on the Hellmouth. It's ambient energy, camouflaged the massive infection of the T-virus in your blood, you inherited from me and your father."

Too shocked to respond, Xander could only stare at the woman. "Why now," he whispered. Though he knew. He'd seen the reports over the years. Heard about the attacks, the investigations, and finally the global collapse of the Umbrella Corporation.

"We finally beat them," she said, stepping closer. Waiting for him to flinch, rejoicing quietly when he didn't. "There are remnants but nothing of any real threat to me. I can finally stop running, and my first thought was to find my baby."

Xander forced himself to ignore the warm thrill, her words gave him. He wasn't quite ready to accept all this. Not without having Willow check it out first. But he also wasn't going to turn his back on her. "You understand I have to..."

"Have this verified," she said, nodding. "I know. I'm willing to wait. When your ready you can reach me here." She pulled out a card, and handed it to him, then made to turn away.

Xander caught her arm, and she stilled. Her eyes closing in a silent prayer. He couldn't explain it, but he felt a connection with this woman. He wasn't going to let her just walk away. "I'm introducing the girls to the joy of watching 'A Charlie Brown Christmas', if you don't have any plans," he offered, voice trailing off.

Alice blinked back the tears building in her eyes. "I'd like that."

Xander nodded, and offered his arm. "Your friends are welcome too."

Alice chuckled softly, at the mutters of shock she could hear coming from around them. Though really the others should have known, if they were within her hearing distance, then they were within Xander's. "I have to warn you, L.J. can eat enough for three people and he's gonna hit on every woman that catches his eye."

"If he can eat Buffy's cooking, the girls will welcome him with open arms," said Xander, pulling the slender woman closer. Reveling in the feeling of home her arms brought. "And you can start on that long story."

Mother and son, began the walk back to the Watcher's Headquarters side by side.


The End?

You have reached the end of "On a winter's day" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Dec 04.

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