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On a winter's day

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Summary: Holiday 2004: Fic for All. Giles/Storm, Xander/Sara, Xander/Diana, Xander/Helena, Kendra/Nathaniel, Xander/Lex, Xander/Lana, Xander-Alice

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAAriChandaFR13813,93903410,98330 Nov 0419 Dec 04No

On a winter's day

Title: California Dreaming
Author: AriChanda
Rating: G
Fandoms: BtVS/X-men
Pairing: Giles/Storm (32)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Belong's to someone else. Lyrics--TheMamasThePapas

I went for a walk on a winter's day.

He heard her before he saw her. In fact, it was her voice that pulled him out into the cold night, leaving the others in the pub they'd congregated in. So different from Sunnydale. After nearly seven years of snow less winters, he'd found it a bit of a challenge readjusting to the cold snows of England. Even if he hadn't he doubted, most people would have been out in what technically could have been called a blizzard. They'd have been at home themselves if they'd actually been able to make it through the nearly three feet that had descended while they battled the latest evil. By the time they'd been able to claim victory, they'd had to take refuge in the only open shelter. He hesitated at the door.

But the voice touched something in him, the lightly accented tones seeming to chime in the silent snowfall. The singer in the short time since he'd heard her, had all ready moved a considerable distance from the shop. Giles glanced around, noting the absolute lack of people out and about. Snow fell thick, and heavy. But the singer moved as if dancing between the snowflakes. A bright full moon lit up the night. The beams seemed to catch, and sparkle in hair as pale and gleaming as the snow.

California dreaming on such a winter's day. I stopped into a church...

Giles sped up to catch the woman, planning to offer her a haven from the storm. Though she seemed to be having less trouble than himself. The drifts seemed to swirl around her in a deliberate pattern, opening a clearing before dainty black-booted feet.

"Miss," called Giles, hoping to be heard before she got to far ahead. He didn't want them both to be lost in the snow.

Ororo Munroe strolled down the London streets, enjoying the sudden snowfall. She'd left Remy and Logan at the hotel. Needing to escape on her own. And as was her wont she found solace in nature. The noise of man blanketed by the heavy fall, she could almost believe she was alone. She knew her 'brothers' meant well, but their solicitude was a bit stifling. She wasn't as devastated by Forge's and Mystique's relationship as they thought. In all honesty, she was relieved. She wasn't quite sure why, but for months she'd begun to feel that the Goddess had something better for her. She was content to be on her own, until the Goddess plans were revealed. Inspired by the chill winter's night, she'd began to sing.

The call startled her, and she stiffened, automatically preparing herself for battle.

Giles noticed the woman tensing, and rushed to assure her. "I mean you no harm. It's just that it's so cold out, I thought I'd offer you shelter. Perhaps a drink. A group of us are holding up in a pub just around the corner."

Ororo turned around at the reassurance, liking the sound of the oddly accented English. She could hear the tinge of American in it. She slowly took in the man before her. Handsome, not too much older than her. The thick head full of sandy blonde hair, tinged with sliver at the edges attested to that. He held himself like a warrior, but the glasses perched on his nose and the intelligence in his gaze, spoke of a scholar as well. She wondered if this was what the Goddess had in mind for her. Not many people would have rushed out into a storm, to offer shelter to a stranger, sight unseen.

Giles had a hard time breathing as he waited for the woman to speak. She was stunning. He'd all ready noticed her lovely shape, accentuated by the short bomber jacket she wore. But it had nothing on her face. An exotic African beauty, with dazzling blue eyes. He suddenly wanted nothing more than for her to return with him.

"How'd you even know I was out here," she asked, curiously.

"I heard the singing, and hand to find the one doing such a beautiful job on one of my favorite songs," he replied. "I haven't heard it sung so well in years. Might I enquire as to the artist's name."

Ororo blushed at the compliment, and decided to take a chance. "Ororo Munroe. Seeing as, I don't have anywhere to be at the moment. A glass of mulled wine on a night like this would be delightful."

"Rupert Giles," Giles beamed, offering his arm. "I would be delighted to purchase the lovely songstress a drink."

Ororo took it, moving in to the warm shelter of his body, letting her powers still so she could enjoy the feeling even more. She gave him an appraising look. "Do you sing?"

It was Giles turn to blush, and Ororo found it charming. "A bit."

"Shall we," she said.

"All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey," began Giles

"I went for a walk on a winter's day," chimed in Ororo as the pair made their way out of the cold.

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