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Summary: (YAHF) Xander dresses up as someone else for Halloween.

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Raiden 2


I own none of these characters.



Raiden almost growled as he walked down the street.

Not only was he stuck in earthrealm in his mortal form, he had also been shackled to a screeching female.

Shaking his head at the absurdity of it all the Thundergod growled at a small demon that was looking at the female too closely and smiled as it scurried off to find something less likely to end in its destruction.

Rolling his eyes as the female screeched and clung to his arm Raiden continued to walk.

Two blocks later he finally ran into something that gave him pause.

Two Oni Demons were attacking an Agate demon as it protected its nest.

Shoving the Female away Raiden Jumped into the fray with a vengeance.

Moving towards the distracted Oni, Raiden kicked the first in the back of the knee before spinning around into a heavy crescent kick to the side of the large demon’s head.

As its companion dropped the second Oni turned to face the new threat.

That distraction cost him dearly as the Agate demon’s bone spike slashed out cutting the Oni up the right side of its face.

Dropping under the Oni’s swing Raiden stepped forward into an open palm strike to the Oni’s chest.

Stepping back as the demon doubled over, Raiden drew what power he could and focused it into a single uppercut.

He felt the tingle of lightning build up in his arm just as his fist caught the demon on the bridge of the nose and flung the creature back several feet.

Spinning at the sound of a crash Raiden watched the Agate collapse against the wall and cradle his hand as what was left of its bone spike slowly slipped back into its arm.

Stepping towards the last Oni Raiden felt the tingle behind his eyes as his power grew.

Slipping under the demon’s swing Raiden gripped the arm in a vice-like grip and twisted.

As the Oni bent over slightly to relieve some of the pressure on its arm Raiden brought a straight kick up into the demon’s chin.

As the kick impacted Raiden felt the creature’s nose shatter under his foot as he let go of the demon’s arm and watched it stumble back slightly.

As it stood there holding its nose Raiden smiled to himself as he whispered the words long ago chosen for this moment.

“Finish Him.”

Stepping forward Raiden felt the tingle from his eyes slip downwards and into his arm. Charging as much power as he could Raiden moved to just before the staggering Oni and smiled.

“There can be only… me.” He growled, still smiling as he picked the huge demon up with his left hand.

Shifting all his power to his right hand, Raiden swung a heavy haymaker at the huge demon and grinned as it slammed into a parked car several feet away.

At the screech from the female, Raiden turned to stare at the Agate as he slowly rose to tower over the Thunder God.

Slowly charging his power in case he attacked Raiden stood defiantly before the demon for several seconds before it slowly lowered itself to one knee and bowed.

*Lord Raiden.* it growled in Abbysial before looking back at him. *I am Frai’ak, third Champion of the Ra’thu, you honor me with your presence.*
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