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Summary: (YAHF) Xander dresses up as someone else for Halloween.

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Raiden 3

Hearing the distinct *Thump* as the female fainted, Raiden shook his head at the so called noble before motioning Frai’ak to rise. “Tell me champion; where am I and how do I come to this realm populated by these lesser… vermin.” He said with a growl as one of the mini-demons started to sniff the frills surrounding the collapsed human.

Bowing again, the Agate demon felt nothing but pity for the mage responsible for this when his Lord located him. “Lord Raiden, you are in earthrealm, on the continent of America in a small town called Sunnydale.” He said before straightening his shoulders to deliver the last message. “It seems a chaos mage channeled the powers of the Hellmouth to bring you here.”

Looking at the demon in shock Raiden tried to find some flaw or lie in the statement. “The Hellmouth? Impossible, those have all been sealed behind the veil for the last ten million earth years.” He said and swallowed at the demon’s nod. “I have been brought behind the veil?” he asked and growled at the demons affirmative nod.

Shaking off the desire to hunt this mage down he focused on the immediate problem. “I Assume as this is a chaos mage that I am not in my own form?” he asked as he started to see the specks of humanity hidden underneath the demonic and chaos energies of the beings around him.

Resisting the urge to scream out his rage he turned to the demon. “Are there others that remember me?” he asked and smile at the nod. “Contact them, I want to find the one responsible for this.” He said indicating the destruction going on around them. “And when they find out who that is… send for me. I wish to speak to this individual.” He said with finality before indicating the unconscious form behind him. “And have someone escort her to safety.” He ordered before moving down the street in search of the mage that had brought destruction down on his planet.

The End

You have reached the end of "Raiden". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking