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Summary: (YAHF) Xander dresses up as someone else for Halloween.

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I Don't own BtVS or Mortal Kombat

Xander looked through the shop as he grumbled again.

Not only were all the guns gone but rats had gotten into the army fatigues and used them for lining there nests.

Ignoring Buffy and Willow as they gushed over a frilly dress he looked through the racks again before coming on what looked like a set of white Pajama's.

After a moments thought an evil smile slowly spread across Xander's face as he got an idea for a new costume.

Quickly paying the fifteen dollars for the pants, shirt and sandals

Xander rushed out of the store to get the remaining pieces of his costume ready.


Joyce looked confused as she opened the door to find a white haired young man in a baggy white shirt and pants smiling slightly under a large sun hat.

"Good evening Miss Summers." The young man grated in a low voice. "Is Miss Elizabeth and Miss Willow ready?"

Looking him over again Joyce focused on the eyes for a second before smiling. "Xander?" She asked in confusion before shaking her head and stepping back to allow him in. "Who are you dressed as?"

Nodding slightly at the name Xander stepped inside and folded his hands into the opposite sleeves before responding. "I have gone by many names over the years. Thor, Zeus, Maka'din." He said before pausing and smiling for a moment. "But I prefer the name Raiden."

Smiling as she recognized the name Xander had used talking about a game recently Joyce Summers nodded and turned to the stairs. "BUFFY WILLOW, XANDERS HERE."


Raiden shook his head as he felt the effects of the magic wash over him before he looked around before for a moment before he realized exactly were he was.

"How did I end up in earthrealm?" he wondered before a frilly dressed female crashed into him and collapsing to the ground in a heap sobbing about demons as she vaguely pointed towards a car.

Raiden watched the girl for a moment before sighing and pulling her to her feet. "That is not a demon." He said before she screeched and pointed behind him as she started to scream about demons again.

Turning around Rayden stared as the truck pulled slowly down the road before turning into a side street and disappearing from view. "That was a vehicle as well." He said as she cowered behind him.

"Well… what does it want?" she demanded as she watched for any more `Demons'

Raiden sighed and took a moment to compose himself before he started walking down the road with the terrified noble trailing behind.
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