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Whats the 'Stitch'

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Summary: Answer to the "Xander gets a Pet Challenge"

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Cartoons > Lilo and StitchTjinFR7378711611,07030 Nov 049 Oct 09Yes

Whats the Stitch 2

“Euco Sha Beecha”

Xander looked over at the small demon that Dawn had adopted several weeks earlier and shook his head. “What’s the matter, Stitch? Has Dawn fell down the well again?” he said before being jerked down to the little monster’s level.

“No Lassie… Dawn. Is. Gone.” Stitch said in the halting tone he used when he wanted to make sure people understood him.

Struggling against the grip, Xander nodded in understanding. “Gotcha, no more Lassie comments.” He managed and was relieved when Stitch let go of him. “So if Dawn’s gone, why don’t you go get her?” he asked as he climbed back to his feet and stared at the small blue vampire’s bane.

“Eh, can’t, Hellmouth.” He said, waving the idea aside as Xander shuddered at the thought.

Stitch had only been to the Hellmouth once in his entire life and had lost what little control of his destructive instincts he had.

After rebuilding the high school there was now a rather severe ‘NO BLUE DOGS’ rule in place for three hundred yards around the learning establishment.

Nobody commented on the sixty foot snake he had helped kill while the destruction was happening, but still it was a situation Stitch and the rest of the Scoobies were not willing to let to happen again.

“Gotcha, I’ll call up Buffy and Agent… Bubbles.” Xander said before shaking off the image of the walking mountain that held that name. “And we’ll go get her,” Xander finished as he grabbed the phone and looked back at the concerned Alien. “Hey, while we’re waiting, do you mind putting the door back on it’s hinges? My security deposit for this place is more then the rent.” he said as the line clicked on the other end.

Time to call in the Scoobies.
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