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Whats the 'Stitch'

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Summary: Answer to the "Xander gets a Pet Challenge"

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Whats the 'Stitch'

Written in Response to Hatten JC's Challenge, A Pet.

this is a bit differant then he asked as the pets for someone else

but i still think it fits.


It was three days after Buffy had run away that found Xander and Dawn standing outside the Sunnydale Pet Shop.

Walking inside Xander smirked as he listened to one woman ask about the high number of `Animal Attacks' and wonder if it was a rabies outbreak.

The last two days Dawn had become increasingly depressed as the usually cheerful girl had felt she was responsible for her sister leaving.

Xander smiled as he buried the feeling of guilt as he realized who was responsible before turning to the youngest Summers.

"Okay Dawn, your mom said that you get to pick the pet out but

remember the rules. Dogs, Cats, Birds and Fish's ONLY. No Rats, Bats, Lizards, Snakes, Spiders or anything that has a habit of EATING people okay?" he said with a smile as Dawn nodded before looking around the shop carefully.

It was fifteen minutes later that Dawn called the store clerk back and showed him her choice.

Xander raised an eyebrow at the `Dog' he would have staked at any other time as Dawn smiled at the slightly snarling creature.

"Ok Dawn he's… yours, Do you have a name for him?" Xander asked as he took a step back from the squat, blue dog the young girl had chosen.

Dawn thought about it for a moment before she smiled. "He told me his name already, His names Stitch."


I Don't own BtVS or Lilo & Stitch
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