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When Nightmares Awake

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Summary: Xander is having a nightmare

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralTjinFR1352,718097,32730 Nov 047 May 06Yes

When Nightmares Awake



Xander Dreamed

Xander watched as he sat under the stars with willow

It was him, down to the stupid Hawaiian print shirt and lop sided grin he used to wear as he named the stars what he wanted instead of what some long dead Stargazer thought they should be.

"And what are you going to call mars?" Xander watched as willow asked the other him.

"Ooh that's Bob" Both Xander's said at the same time "Bob is Kinda odd" The other Xander said as they looked at the planet "Bob goes away for a while... but he always shows back up where you least expect him to" the younger Xander said as they stared back at the sky.

"Okay what's that one" Willow asked as she pointed out the North Star

Xander smiled as he remembered he had never named that one to her *That ones a bit to personal wills* Xander thought as he watched his younger self shrug it off

"That ones always named by everyone, I just never gave it a name" he lied as Willow just smiled

"Ooh... okay" she said quietly

Xander watched as his younger self looked over his shoulder at him and smiled *What the hell?* he thought as his younger self turned back to willow

"Actually wills I did name that one" he said with a smile at his childhood friend. "That's ones named Willow, because it's the brightest star in my sky"

Xander knew it was corny as hell but he had been fourteen then and he really had named the star willow. *What the hell is going on? I never told her that* Xander thought as willow blushed a bright red and started to babble about The light-years from earth to there and the effect of faster then light travel when is younger self set a finger on her lips

"Wills, Your babbling again" he said as willow stared at her dress and picked idle at it "Willow you've always been the light in my darkness" he said as he slowly trailed his and down her neck.

At the last second Xander realized something was wrong, he never expected to watch himself snap her neck violently before his younger self's face warped itself into the twisted image of his Vampiric self.
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