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In Any Other World

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Summary: My contributions to FFA. Formerly entitled "So This is Christmas".

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAJoAnneStormFR1343,3890103,06830 Nov 0413 Nov 05Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Training Night

Title: Training Night
Author: Jo-Anne Storm
FFA # 2244: Buffy/Nick (from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series)
Summary: Nick gets some unusual training.
Spoilers: None for Buffy, but major spoilers for DH. If you have not read up to "Sins of the Night", run away!
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. Wish I did.

Nick looked through the wrought iron gate into the dark graveyard, curious, but not foolish enough to step into an area where so many spirits were sure to be. He might not have been a Dark-Hunter for very long, but he’d been a Squire long enough to know that getting possessed by a spirit was a bad thing.

“What are we doing here?” he asked his teacher, Savitar. His lisp was barely noticeable.

“Training” was the short reply he received. A year ago, a month ago, even, that would have irked him into giving a smart-ass comment. Nick’s sarcasm had died the same night--

No, he wasn’t going to think about that. He buried the grief and the anger deep, just the way Savitar had taught him to.

“Expecting Daimons?”

“Something better. We’re here to watch Buffy.”

Nick stared at his teacher in shock, sure that he was off his rocker. The man -- Were-Hunter -- whatever the hell he was, had brought him to a graveyard, one of the few places Dark-Hunters avoided like the plague, to watch reruns of an anorexic Valley Girl fight absurd monsters in dangerously high heels, a skirt that barely existed, and earrings that just screamed to be ripped out of her ears?

“Not quite,” Savitar said, either guessing his thoughts from his expression or possibly reading his mind. He didn’t know what exactly Savitar was, or what he could do, but he was scarily omniscient at times, as bad as As—

Nick forced the hurt and betrayal that bubbled up at the very thought of that name back down, into the locked box he stored all feelings in.

Savitar touched his arm and pointed to the graveyard. Nick wasn’t really unsurprised to see said Valley Girl strolling through the tombstones, wooden stake twirling in her hand.

“In this dimension,” he explained quietly. “She’s real and we’re just the product of an overactive imagination. In our dimension, she’s the one who’s imaginary.”

Nick vaguely wondered if he should worry about the fact that he had switched dimensions and hadn’t noticed. Then decided that it was just one more weirdness in his screwed up life.

“And spirits can’t possess you here,” his teacher added as he pushed open the gate and entered the cemetery.

Nick followed, trusting Savitar to know what he was talking about.

They silently followed behind her, watching her fight various demons he recognized from the show. He had never admitted to Kyrian that he watched it, of course, since the Dark Hunter he had once served was rather vocal about his distaste for the show. He blamed his own interest on Chris Eriksson, who had hooked him on it during one of their late-night chats.

She was poetry in motion; clichéd but true. Watching her fight was like watching a ballet, though Swan Lake never ended with Odette ramming a piece of wood into the other swans’ hearts.

“Guess the show’s over for tonight,” Savitar said when they lost sight of her at the edge of the cemetery.

Nick couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

“She’s one of the best, in any dimension,” Savitar announced once they had reached the road again. “She fights with all that she is. Despite constantly saying she wants out, her life is Slaying.”

“I have seen the show,” Nick reminded him. And got a smack on the back of his head in return.

“You think the version our dimension watched every Tuesday night is anything compared to the real thing? Mijo, you have a lot to learn.”

Buffy watched as the two strange men who had been watching her disappeared into thin air. She mulled over what they said, about dimensions and how she fought. She shrugged off the implications of it all and decided she’d let Giles deal with it when she saw him next.

She skipped through the graveyard, glad her patrol was over and she finally had time to read the latest Sherrilyn Kenyon book. She couldn’t wait to find out about Nick Gautier, her favorite character. Not that she expected him to have a large role in Sins, but according to the message boards at least some of what happened to him after Mardi Gras was mentioned.

The End

You have reached the end of "In Any Other World". This story is complete.

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