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Xander(us) Halloween

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Summary: What if Xander had had a really bad laundry day just before Halloween?

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweentohonomikeFR151338,42511844,31930 Nov 0418 Feb 05No

Xander(us) Thirteen, The Devil’s Due

Xander(us) Thirteen, The Devil’s Due
Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners.. Joss/ME characters. The Star Gate characters belong to Gekko/Sci-Fi/others and are certainly not mine. I do not and cannot make money off of this, but for feedback, I might come up with something more/better.
Rating : About the Same as the ShowPG-17 or R

The Xander Cave, January 13th, 1998
The Romany had come to town, lodging with Xander and around the corner and a block down on Crawford Street, three teams in training learning firearms and small unit tactics with Gunn and some of his people from the now-occupied Hyperion lending a hand. The magic-oriented and Elders stayed at the mansion while the ‘rowdier’ elements took to the Cave.

“What do you have for me, Enjos?” Alexander asked his Romany advisor, “Anything on the Kakistos and Drusilla rumors out of Los Angeles?” The idea of another Master-level vampire and Drusilla could only mean trouble for the Hell Mouth defenders.

“Just a few small…bits,” Enjos conceded, “They are rumored to have resurrected some of the Aurelian vampires, how we do not know, because we haven’t been able to get a hold of any of the rumored vampires.” He sighed, and touched on the next and equally troubling subject, “One of our sources did, however, talk to that green demon at the tavern, who overheard two vampires talking about Drusilla and two old demons she’s ‘bringing to a party’ in Sunnydale, and unfortunately, according to Mr. Giles, it could be the Judge.”

“The Judge?” Alexander asked, staring into the eyes of his advisor for extra confirmation, “This could be very bad, our only hope is that she decides to finish putting him together here, or rushes him at us immediately after putting him together in LA.”

“Unfortunately, there seems to be some dark magics at work to block our few scryers,” the old man continued, “Or we’d be able to attack instead of wait.”

“Alright, for the next few nights we’ll concentrate in larger sweeps, in the dock and industrial areas,” Alexander emphasized, “And maybe we’ll get lucky. Have our people started researching the Judge, Kakistos and the Aurelians if you haven’t already ordered it.”

“Already being done, Alexander,” the Romany Elder replied, “Which leaves one more extremely puzzling concern…” Enjos showed him a police report. The pictures and description of the stolen item set Xander’s nerves on edge, the manner of the death of the museum specialist, Dr. Perren, of a vampire attack made the problem one of profound importance given the Drusilla rumors.

“Acathla?” Xander sighed softly, his actual youth showing through for a moment, then turned toward Enjos again to see the man nodding gravely, “Is Rupert looking into this?”

“As per your instructions, I informed him immediately, though he’d already had your girlfriend Willow investigating on their computers.”

“Good,” Xander replied, a distant look in his eyes, “Two of the worst, a group of Aurelius vampires, Drusilla and Kakistos, all at the same time…not a coincidence, Enjos, not a coincidence.”

“The Watcher teams are in town, as are several from the Council who’ve learned of our presence here and wish to meet with you.”

“Gah, it figures,” Xander replied, shaking his head, “Anything in particular?”

“They probably want to talk alliance and terms, Alexander, after all, with the sudden revival of the Romany and Garoun as offensive forces, and your father’s reputation…”

“How could they not wish to further their own interests? Yes, I know, but how much do *they* know?”

“If they got their information from listening to excited Garoun, then whatever you’ve told us would be the limit, though they might also think you’re your father reborn, they do not strike me as able to fully use their minds for original thought.” The old man noticed Xander look at him with a cocked eyebrow, “Your friend Rupert and Mr. Zabuto being possible exceptions due to actual contact with the supernatural and people who’ve worked for a living.” This latter comment brought a smile to Xander’s face.

“Hey!” Kowalski complained as he entered the room, with the Doyles behind him, “*Francis* might’ve never worked an honest day in his life, but *I* remember working at least once.” The soldier smirked as he dropped a hand-written pile of notes on the desk and sat down, nodding to the gypsy elder as he did, “Anyway, between training sweeps and nest purging, we’ve pretty much reduced the vampire attacks in town to ‘normal’ levels. These vampires seem to be pouring in because of the rumors regarding Kakistos and his ‘army of undead.’” ‘Harry’ interrupted at this point.

“We’ve also noticed some of the better-armed vampires seem to be coming from New York and Boston, so some of them might actually be part of Kakistos’ minions.”

“Better armed?” Xander stressed, “How so?”

“Normal handguns and such any street criminal would carry,” Doyle waved away, “Being vampires they don’t tend to use ‘em, but carry them outta habit, but we might want to think about vests and such pretty soon.”

Wolfram and Hart, Los Angeles, Same Time
“Mm, fresh virgin’s blood,” the resurrected Angelus said, smacking his lips, then looking to the door as his new Master and Mistress came in, “I can see working for you is going to be a pleasure.” He noticed the old vampire raise a residual eyebrow at him, and inwardly scoffing, “Sire.”

“Sonny!” Drusilla gushed while holding onto Kakistos’ arm, “We’re a family again, we is. Your brothers and sisters are rising as we speak.”

“So what’s the plan…Sire,” Angelus asked his new Master, who looked nothing like Darla unfortunately, “I hope it involves the Hell Mouth and a lot of killing.”

“I told you he’d be your good boy, I did,” Dru crooned into the ear of the old vampire, “Just the thing to kill us the Slayers while you become our King, milord.”

“Perhaps,” Kakistos conceded, holding out his ringed hand for Angelus to kiss in the old rites, acknowledging him as Sire and Lord. The resurrected vampire paused then did as expected, the taste f the fresh kill still pleasing him enough for the moment, “Angelus, you will take some of your old companions with you to the Hell Mouth, and create havoc while others in my service put something together and dig something up.” The old demon smiled at his own wittiness in letting just a little of the truth out. “I expect you to kill the Slayers and their Watchers before the end of next week. Do you think this a problem?”

“Not at all, is Summers still a Slayer?” Angelus asked, receiving a nod from his new sire in return, “Then next Wednesday is her birthday. We’ll simply attack then and make it a surprise party.” Down the hall, Holland Manners cocked an eyebrow in curiosity from the sound of evil laughter.
Sunnydale, January 16th, 1998
Mister Treat pulled the charter bus into the warehouse near the docks, it being just before sunrise, kicking the body of the driver out of the way as the ‘new kids’ got out and looked around.

“Not my usual accommodations, but this will do,” the human-looking Joseph Nest quipped as he joined twenty Aurelians and twenty of Kakistos newer minions, “So what now?” Even in human form the evil oozed from this one.

“Now we wait until night, when you, Angelus and the rest do your thing and I return to our boss in LA.”

Saturday, 8 PM, the Vampire Warehouse
Three large gas trucks pulled into the large building, brimming with gasoline. Spike and two of his former minions alighted and swaggered up to Angelus and Darla.

“Hey kids,” he smirked, “I figured rather than going to the quickie mart for refills all the time, we could just go from here and burn what ya want, anything left over we’ll turn some locals and make ‘em soften up the party by blowin’ ‘em up next to the building, eh?”

“So you started to think William?” Darla half-sneered, half-complimented as she bit Angelus’ ear lobe and rubbed her hands across his chest, “That’s an improvement over the last time I saw you.”

“Well toots, give a man a century, and his killin’ skills are bound to improve,” he pontificated, then allowed a nasty sneer of his own, “*Angel* excluded of course.”

Joyce’s Gallery, 11PM
The alarm rang as bricks and burning gas cans flew through the windows and door of the building, eight dark forms swaggering away as one whistled an Irish tune of centuries past.

‘We’ll see if the blonde bunny-girl gets a clue before her birthday…’ William the Bloody smirked to himself, ‘At least it’s Angelus’ arse on the line if he screws this up, and I might just get the Slayer myself.’

Buffy’s House, Midnight
“Yeah, Mom, it was weird, first the…” Buffy began, relaying her night to her mother as the phone rang. Joyce picked it up, paling as the voice on the line continued. Joyce set the handset in the cradle.

“That was the police,” Joyce gasped, swaying, “Someone vandalized and set fire to the gallery…”

Sunday, 8PM, Apartment of Rupert Giles
Rupert Giles quickly pulled Jenny down behind the couch as the bookcases shook and splintered from some type of incendiary device. Looking around the end of the furniture, he noted the damage had mostly been absorbed by the singed and newly burning bookcases containing rather unimportant textbooks and novels.

“What is it Rupert?” the dark-haired teacher asked.

“I think we’re under attack,” he deadpanned and handed her the phone as he drew a rapier from under the couch, “Please call Xander and then the police if you would.” He was about to say more as he heard vehicles crashing into the courtyard of his apartment building, another following a moment later as Jenny got off the phone from reporting the problem.”

The front door and bookcases shuddered, the enter wall framing bending and starting to give as what looked to be a delivery truck managed to force its way into contact. A moment later, the wall began to collapse.

“Get upstairs, Jenny,” Rupert told her, “In my bedroom I have flare guns, shotguns and swords, I fear we’ll need them. Once the integrity of the building disappears, it is unlikely they’ll need an invitation to enter a ruin.”

“Who Rupert?”

“Them…” he replied with a grimace, pointing at six dark forms looking in and pulling the truck free of its wedged location, “Presumably vampires.”

Sunday, 8:20PM, Apartment of Rupert Giles
Giles fired down the stairs four times in a row, the quick collapse of the front of his home, and the resultant fires up-top seeming to allow entry just moments before as a second wall started to buckle from another collision. He could hear the laughing downstairs.

“Come on Slayer’s Daddy, come out and play,” a lower class British accent called out, “School’s out and I don’t see any fire axes to save anyone this time.” ‘Why is that familiar?’ Giles asked himself as Jenny handed him a fully loaded weapon.

The window in the next window crashed in, as did the one here. Giles turned, Jenny ducked aside and into the closet, the shotgun gouging large holes into two of the three minions in his bedroom, flooring them in agony as the other twisted and rolled behind the bed. Giles could hear feet racing up the stairs, and turned to check the hallway to see if the vampires had reached the top. They had.

Behind him he heard his old double-barrel go off, Jenny screaming from the pain to her ears in the tight confines of the closet, the vampire with them dusting as a brick flew into the room, bouncing off the closet door frame and glancing the teacher in the head. Rupert meanwhile fired down the hall toward the guest room twice, dropped the weapon as screams and dust greeted his action, and used an old Webley to fire toward the stairs to catch a vampire in the face three times and his partner behind him in his face twice as they both screamed in pain and rage.

Xander charged into the collapsing building, his immediate teammates with him as they attempted to secure the collapsing entry. He fired his M-16 in three bursts of three, catching three minions facing away completely unawares, flooring them. Enjos moved forward as if on a Sunday walk, using his cane to finish the beasts off as his lord continued to advance and fire.

“Enjos, stay back!” Alexander ordered.

“And disgrace the Tribes by abandoning your back?!” the old man grimaced mockingly, “I’m an Elder, not a child, milord.” The fire was spreading, and the Romany team outside reported engagement behind the place, a man carrying a woman across the rear rooftops. Automatic fire from the rear off the house followed by screams from upstairs, then screams form the team as they came under attack.

“Back out and around, Enjos, go drive around back, I think Jana will be found with Rupert and need a doctor; Charlie, Doyle, with me.” And with that they abandoned the ruined residence for a more open field of fight.

More gunfire, two screams cut off and sirens finally sounding in the distance, Alexander and his companions rolled on the ground and proceeded to target and dust four gun-wielding vampires, bursts at a range of only twenty feet from side and rear ending their fight and then unlives. They hurried forward, Giles’ apartment building finally exploding from leaking gas lines behind them. Two Romany of the second team were dead from gunshot wounds, and two more had been clawed and slammed by less-modern bloodsuckers and needed a doctor.

“Alexander, I have Rupert and Jana,” the Elder reported over the commset, “We are taking her to the hospital now.”

“Gotcha, we’re right behind with our own,” he reported back, “We lost two.”

Four vampires leapt from the roof of the adjacent building, revolvers cracking and forcing the teams down as they melted into the darkness.

Sunday, 11PM, Old Harris House
“Huh?” Xander responded to Giles question as he stared at the smoldering ruin of his former household. They’d just dropped off Jenny at ‘The Base’ when the call had come in.

“I asked who would care to do this, and why leave a message on the Library answering machine. First, bombing my apartment, then your place. I’m just fortunate that last month you helped me move those bookcases over the window in case such a thing might occur.”

“I don’t know, maybe someone has finally figured out who’s been dusting the vamps in this town and wanted to start an escalation?”

“Perhaps, but it’s not as if you live here any more.”

“So it might be someone with old intel, or they haven’t been around in a few months. And I can think of only one ‘person’ that’s gotten away from us.”


“Who else? This seems to be more of an Angelus thing, but if it isn’t a fluke or a new player…”

“I-I see, best we plan for the worst and perhaps recheck old hideouts and lairs tomorrow.”

“And find out what you can on the Aurelians, past and extant, as I’ve read that minions tend to follow the behavior established by their sires at least somewhat, so it might give us a better idea of the mindset.”

“Good thinking.”

“It should be, those were your words from just before those Bezoar demons.”

Monday Morning, 4am, Rosenberg Home
Willow awoke from her sleep, realizing her home was on fire. She looked out the window, thinking she saw a dark form leap away as the roof seemed to be engulfed in flame, and she grabbed her phone, speed-dialing Xander’s home. She prayed he’d pick up, panic starting to creep in when a male voice picked up.

“This is Doyle.”

“Doyle! This is Willow! My house is on fire and I think the people who did it are still outside!”

“Hold on Willow!” she heard Doyle tell her as an alarm began to ring in the background on his side of the line, “We’ll be there quick!”

Monday Morning, 4:10am, Rosenberg Home
Willow’s Willow crashed inward, causing the girl to move out of the way as she had just heard similar, louder crashes throughout her home. Gunfire outside and the screech of cars overwhelmed her ability to process. She fainted.

Xander Harris quickly rolled up his red-headed girlfriend in her comforter and made his way back outside, a certain blonde slayer emptying another large industrial fire extinguisher onto the roof to cover Xander’s exit and drop to the ground before following.

“Thanks, Buff,” Xander greeted his favorite blonde slayer, kissing her on the cheek as he started waking up Willow. He didn’t notice her stop and put her hand to the cheek as he started gentling bringing Willow back to consciousness.

Looking around, and as firemen showed up, the Romany withdrew after kicking around the dust of four minions around the lawn where they wouldn’t be noticed. Charlie, Doyle and Harriet helped the Rosenbergs out the door of the house, the exterior and interior now both awash in flames.

No one noticed the grimacing large-foreheaded individual in the shadows of the house across the street. Another form smirked next to him in distaste.

“Kinda runnin’ out of help, Angelus,” Spike told the other, “And where did they get these hunter buggers anyway?”

“Shut up Billy.”

Monday, School Library, Lunch Hour
“Xander, you’re here already?” Willow asked tiredly, “Are you skipping classes?”

“No Wills,” Xander replied, “GED and placement exams last week, remember?”

“Does Snyder know, yet?”

“I didn’t plan on telling him right away, not high on priorities like a certain gal I know?” He hugged her and they sat down next to each other.

“Mm, I like hearing that,” she replied as Jenny and Giles came out of his office and a laughing Cordelia and Buffy entered through the main doors, then mock-sighed, “But if I can’t have you exclusively…”

“So Willow?” Buffy called over, “How’re your folks handling things?”

“Well, they’re meeting with the insurance people today, and then we might rent a place until we sort things out, the motel room’s a little small even if my folks are going to yet another conference day after tomorrow.”

“You could stay at my house while your folks skip town,” Cordelia offered, receiving looks from the others, “What?! It’s not like we’re enemies any more and my parents *are* gone off to New York for the next two weeks. Plenty of room.”

“Wow, thanks Cordelia,” Willow replied, “I’d like that.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander(us) Halloween" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Feb 05.

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