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Fic-For-All Stories

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Summary: My collection of stories written for the Fic-for-all.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAGaerielFR131410,4460309,05630 Nov 0418 Sep 05No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Cookie Talk (Cordelia/Alfred Pennyworth)

Title: Cookie Talk
Author: Gaeriel Mallory
Rating: G
Fandoms: Angel/Batman
Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth,, The Haven
Disclaimer: Cordelia belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy, Inc. Alfred Pennyworth belongs to DC Comics, and Warner Brothers.
Note: Written in response to TTH’s Fic-for-all #551: Cordelia/Alfred Pennyworth. A semi-sequel to my first TTH story, “Guardian Angel”.

Alfred Pennyworth had gotten used to her presence in the Manor. He had even gotten used to her less than tactful manner and the heels she wore that left scuff marks all over his wooden floors. Maybe one day, he would become accustomed to her habit of popping out of thin air to visit.

Despite the lack of romantic entanglements between Miss Chase and Master Bruce after the JLA holiday party, Miss Chase had decided that she would personally watch over the well-being of the entire “family”. He had feeling that this could be accomplished just fine from wherever she normally is when she isn’t on Earth but did not mention his hunch to either Miss Chase or Master Bruce.

Alfred had started to look forward to her visits and the ever-present smile on her face. Maybe her company would do some good for Batman, as well, who was too withdrawn from everybody, even Alfred. He had welcomed Dick, Jason, and Tim, hoping they would bring some cheer back into Wayne Manor, and they had. Disturbingly, however, the Robins had ended up becoming more like Batman over time and any affect that they had on Batman was not as long-lasting as the reverse.

He had a good feeling about Batman’s new Guardian Angel, though. Speaking of... He pulled the tray of cookies from the oven and smiled as he heard high heels clicking against the tile.

“Hiya, Alfred. How are you today?”

“I’m doing tolerably, Miss Chase. Cookie?”

Cordelia’s eyes lit up. “Oooh, as if I would ever turn down your cookies.” She sat down at the table as Alfred prepared a plate. She took one and bit into it, closing her eyes in appreciation. She waved at him to sit down, which he did reluctantly. He had learned very early on that if he didn’t, she would keep at him until he joined her. “So how is he? Still as broody as ever?”

Alfred chuckled softly and picked up a cookie himself. “He might have smiled earlier today.”

“Real smile or Brucie-smile? And do you have witnesses?”

“A real smile, I do believe, and Master Tim saw it as well.” Alfred smiled himself at the memory.

She nodded. “Good. I won my bet with Wesley, then.” She grinned at Alfred’s surprised face. “What do you think guardian angels do when we’re not being all guardian-y? It gets pretty boring up there.” She finished her cookie and got up. Brushing the crumbs from her fingers, she walked out of the kitchen. “I’m going downstairs now. Thanks for the cookie.” She waved and disappeared around the corner.

Alfred shook his head fondly and ate another cookie. They were rather good, if he did say so himself.


Note: This particular story line is continued over in Angels in the Belfrey. I have moved all of the installments I had posted to this particular story past this one. Later ones will be posted there and not in my Fic-For-All entry.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Fic-For-All Stories" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Sep 05.

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