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Summary: Slash/het mix of fics. 106) Willow/Ranma, 2229) Dru/Lord Voldemort, 2351) Connor/mini-Jack

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Willow 1/2

Title: Willow 1/2
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy/Ranma 1/2
Pairing: Willow/Ranma Saotome
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Ranma 1/2.
Chinese and Japanese dialogue is encased in **.
She was spending the day in a small village in China when it happened. One of those weird flukes that often seemed to take control of her life and change everything forever.

*Look out!*

Willow glanced over her shoulder just in time to be splashed right in the face by an urn full of water wielded by a horrified looking Chinese girl. She gasped and sputtered. "What the..."

Her voice broke as she felt a wave of energy pass through her entire body. It didn't exactly hurt; it was just this surprising surge of magical energy that left her entire being tingling. Then, when she checked to see what kind of damage had been done to her now soaking wet clothes...

"OH MY GOD!" With shaking hands, she pulled the waistband of her skirt out and looked down. "I HAVE A PENIS!"


That was the start of it all. One little teleport-happy day-trip to China, and voila! her entire life was different. And it totally wasn't like she could just spend the rest of her life avoiding cold water to keep from suddenly switching from Hot Mama to Big Daddy, as Dawn jokingly called her sudden sex changes.

Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang were sympathetic and everything, but she could tell that they were totally weirded out by her new and confusing gender-hijinks. Which was why she took a little sabbatical from the Watchers Council and headed out to scour the world for a fix to her new problem, since she had long-since exhausted her handy supply of spells.


After over two months of searching, she ended up in a small town in Japan where she felt a curious gathering of the same kind of energy that had been localized in the water that had been splashed on her.

With a determined cant to her chin, she stalked down the street until she reached the source of the energy... the Tendo Dojo.

Even before she reached the front gates of the place, she could hear the sounds of a fight. Numerous voices were yelling angrily in Japanese, and there was the sound of shattering pottery and breaking wood.

Years of demon fighting had left her with an "act now, think later" approach to things when someone was in trouble. So without even pausing for a second thought, Willow broke into a run, heading straight for the sounds of violence.

She came through the gates and froze, her mouth dropping open as she took in the most unexpected sight possible.

A young man waving around a bokken and shouting that he was the "Blue Thunder" or something like that while trying to attack a young man in a Chinese-style red shirt and pigtails. Another young man wearing a yellow and black shirt with a matching bandana screamed "Die Saotome!" before being thrown through a brick wall. A pretty short-haired girl in a blue dress was screaming angrily and swinging a ridiculously oversized wooden hammer that the red-shirted boy dodged adroitly. Then there was the Chinese girl on the bicycle, the middle-aged man shouting something about "Family honor," the boy with the thick glasses pulling all kinds of weird things out of his sleeves, the girl whipping around what looked like gymnastic ribbons, and the...

Willow shook her head and closed her mouth with a snap. There were too many

people moving too fast for her to even focus on, all attacking the boy in the red shirt, who ducked and dodged with a quicksilver grace, all the time keeping up a running dialogue of almost Scooby-style quippage.

"Wow," Willow whispered. The guy was good. Even without the superpower, he probably could have given Buffy a good run for her money.

*That is it!* someone shouted. A girl stepped out of the dojo and threw a giant bucket of water with alarming skill.

Willow couldn't help wincing as she watched the deluge hit the fighting martial artists. The winter weather in Japan was already freezing, the arguers had kicked up a sweat fighting, and now they were being drenched in cold water.

There were shrieks and screams that changed pitch in mid-tone, each becoming something else.

"Holy crap."

In the place of the human-shaped fighters, there was now a wide-array of wildlife. A yowling cat, a honking goose wearing thick glasses, a panda waving around a white sign with [UNFAIR] printed on it, a little black pig wearing a bandana, some kind of mix of bull-eel-crane-yeti creature... it was crazy.

But what really caught Willow's attention was one of the still-human people.

Her mouth was dry and she felt as though she had been struck hard between the eyes. A vision of buxom farm-girl beauty had replaced the boy in the red shirt, and there was only one thing she could say about it... "Me likey."

Everyone turned to look at her, which was pretty weird when most of them were in animal form.

*Who are you?* the girl in the blue dress demanded aggressively, her hammer disappearing somewhere. Willow was thinking subspace pocket, but she didn't feel any magic.

*Uh.... hello... my name... is Willow Rosenburg. I heard the... fighting?* She couldn't help an internal grimace at her stumbling Japanese. She understood it much better than she spoke it, which made her feel a little self-conscious.

*Sorry about that,* the redheaded pigtailed girl said, stepping forward. She moved with an almost boyish brashness that Willow couldn't help liking. *My name's Saotome Ranma. I don't know what you saw, but...* She glanced at the others and shrugged before turning back to Willow and offering a falsely bright smile.

*Actually... I think... what I saw was... perfect. I needed to ask... about...* She bit her lip, trying to think about what she was going to say next. It was always so awkward when there were secret identities involved.

The redheaded girl left the rest of the still squabbling group to come close to Willow, examining her face closely. *You're pretty cute,* she said with a charming grin.

*WHAT!* the girl in the blue dress shrieked angrily, her voice grating unpleasantly. From out of nowhere, she pulled out a bucket of water and chucked it at the boy-turned-girl. *Cool off, you pervert!*

Moving with lightning quickness, Ranma tried to block the splash of water from hitting Willow too, but some still got through.

Willow felt her face go red with embarrassment when she felt that wave of vertigo as her height shot up six inches and she turned into a man, her snuggly warm winter outfit suddenly becoming uncomfortably tight and just a little too short. "Ooh..."

The red-shirted girl stared at Willow in shock. *You... you've been to the Jusenkyo of Drowned Man?*

"What?" Willow asked, shocked as always by her now deep, manly voice. "Er..." *What? I've never heard of that... Jusenkyo? What's that?*

*How... how were you cursed if you've never been to the Jusenkyo? * Ranma asked.

Willow shrugged her shoulders, then winced at how tight in the shoulders her puffy pink coat had become. *I was... splashed?... splashed with water while in China. It was an accident.*

Ranma stepped even closer, so close that her chin almost rested against Willow's chest as she gazed upward. *Some accident. Look at you... you look...*

Willow didn't know why, but under that focused attention she couldn't help blushing. A jolt of warmth went through her and there was a strange tingling down below.


Years of having to deal with his sudden sex-changes had had a definite impact on his mental outlook.

He had been raised to be a man's-man, and since falling into the Jusenkyo of Drowned Girl, he had kind of become one. If you examined the term "man's-man" and realized that it was pretty much made to describe a gay man... then he had become exactly what his father and mother had always wanted him to be, though he highly doubted that homosexuality was what they had meant.

Ranma had always been more drawn to men than women, even before he knew what that could possibly mean. There had never been anything really sexual about it, it was just that he was more comfortable surrounded by other males than with females.

Even after he was Cursed, he never thought of men in a sexual context. He wasn't attracted to men, but then, he wasn't attracted to women either. Really, he had never liked anyone that way, not until he met Willow.

She was beautiful in her female form, and smarter than he was ever going to be. A powerful witch that made him feel special just by existing. And her male form... she was awe-inspiring, especially after he started her on a training regime to tone her muscles and get her more in shape.

When he asked her if he could travel with her to find a cure for their Curses, he was surprised when she instantly agreed. For some reason, he had thought that she would turn him down, especially since they had only just met. But she was too nice to leave him to suffer the way everyone else had.

And when after a year of searching, they still hadn't found a cure... it really didn't seem like such a Curse anymore.

To him, Willow was always "she" and "her," while to Willow he was always "he" and "him," no matter what forms they wore. And over all, they were just "Willow" and "Ranma." There just wasn't any confusion in who and what they were... human.

So it really wasn't so very strange to him when their relationship somehow progressed to become something more than friendship. It just felt as though they had always been heading in this direction.

And it didn't matter that when they made love, their most used forms were male-Willow with male-Ranma, and female-Willow with female-Ranma. They happily experimented with other combinations, but they each understood what made the other happiest, and in the end, it was the form that most echoed their natural bodies.

And he knew that even if they someday managed to break the Curses they were under and they were forever locked in one form or another, even if their love faded to nothing but a ember, they would still have their time together and they would always be friends.

Now he just had to learn how to deal with her friends...
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