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The World With Shrimp

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Summary: An AU of the Wish starring vamp-Xander. (NOTE: HBP didn't happen in this world. Both BtVS and HP are warped and rearranged.) Xander/Willow at start. Some *SLASH* but in a largely non-connish way and with no real "relationship" other than power games.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherFeyganFR182411,79201523,5201 Dec 0422 Feb 13No


"He was a monster, Albus, a monster with the face of a boy," Sibyll Trewlaney stuttered, her hands twisting together in flustered knots.

"Who was a monster, Sibyll?" Dumbledore asked, looking at her over his half-moon glasses.

"The creature in Diagon Alley. He was like a gaping maw. He wanted to swallow everything. Consume us all, every one of us."

"Have you been drinking again, Sibyll?" Dumbledore asked.

She shook her head with violent fervor. "No, Albus, I have not been drinking again! I Saw him with my own eyes, I did. He was hunger given flesh. He was just walking down the street like he wasn't a monster but a man. He wasn't even really trying to hide what he was, but no one else could see it. He's going to kill us all, Albus. He's going to eat the world whole."

"I think perhaps you need to rest, Sibyll," Dumbledore said, adding slight emphasis on her name as though to calm her like she was a wild animal.

She glared at him, this man she had respected for so long. He really didn't understand anything. He was so blind for all his power. "You're going to let this happen, aren't you?"

"Let what happen?" he asked.

Her lips twitched spasmodically. "I can See it now. You're so focused on the visible evil that you're going to let him creep in on us completely unhindered and by the time you do anything... it's going to be much too late."

"Are you talking about Voldemort?"

She growled in exasperation. "This has nothing to do with You-Know-Who, Albus. I don't know who he is... but he's hungry and he's never going to be satisfied until the entire world is consumed."

"Maybe you should have a lie down, Sibyll," Dumbledore said.

"Whatever you say, Albus, but when the time comes... don't you dare pretend that I didn't warn you. Voldemort is a great evil... but he is not the only evil."
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