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The World With Shrimp

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Summary: An AU of the Wish starring vamp-Xander. (NOTE: HBP didn't happen in this world. Both BtVS and HP are warped and rearranged.) Xander/Willow at start. Some *SLASH* but in a largely non-connish way and with no real "relationship" other than power games.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherFeyganFR182411,79201523,5211 Dec 0422 Feb 13No


Puppy was wracked with bad dreams. The burning on his arm made him want to scream and kill, but he held it all in. He hoped it would stop hurting on its own.

Puppy could tell when Master noticed something was wrong because there was a sudden chilling in his blood and he couldn't help sinking low to the floor, trying to get as flat as possible. He took off his shirt when commanded.

"What is that?" Master poked at the Dark Mark, grimacing at how swollen it was, the skin having pulled tight enough to split open. Blood oozed out slowly.

"The Dark Mark, Master," Puppy whispered.

Master looked at him and seemed to know he wouldn't be getting much coherent information, not when Puppy was biting his lips bloody to hold in the pain. "Parrot!"

Parrot was wearing a pink taffeta dress today, all cupcake ruffles and her hair teased into spiral curls. When she stood next to him in her polished black Mary Janes, Puppy saw that she was wearing black stockings with faint heart designs. He had to curl his hands into fists to keep from reaching out and running his hand up her leg.

He zoned out while she explained the Death Eaters and the Dark Mark to Master. The pain in his arm felt as though it were gouging into the bone and he could feel it expanding up his shoulder, throbbing heat. The Dark Lord was calling with all His might at the moment, much worse than all those other times when He had His followers call instead.

Puppy cringed back when Master was suddenly in front of him, staring into his eyes.

"You seriously have this connection to Moldywort?" At Puppy's shamed nod, Master laughed. "Perfect."

"Master?" Puppy asked.

Master gripped Puppy's left arm hard, a hand above and a hand below the Dark Mark. He examined it intently, jerking the arm this way and that.

Puppy cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Master's face twisted and he lunged forward, biting the Dark Mark.

There was a ripping, tearing agony that made Puppy scream and flail, but Master kept him from pulling away. There was the moist sucking of his blood being drawn, but it felt as though Master was sucking out something else at the same time, something DARK and poisonous that Puppy hadn't known lived under his skin.

It was torment, jagged teeth buried in his flesh and the pain he felt magnified until burning agony was all he knew...

Until suddenly it stopped. The pain was gone and Master pulled away with a bloody smile. His face was still twisted and animalish, his eyes gleaming gold. He was beautiful.

"First lesson most big time magic users learn: Don't leave an open mark. It's an invitation to vampires." Master used the front of Parrot's dress to wipe the blood off his face. "Looks like Moldywort just got a valuable lesson."

Master seemed to vibrate with energy, his skin twitching and jerking. When his face shifted back to his human mask, he still wore a manic grin.
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