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Christmas Wish Tree

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Summary: Sam Carter and Faith meet in a mall

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Stargate > Faith-Centered > Theme: FriendshipMaineiacFR131559293,0351 Dec 041 Dec 04Yes
Disclaimer. I do not own BtVS or SG-1. The idea of a Christmas wish tree just seemed to fit for this pairing, hope you like it’

Pairing Faith/Sam Carter

Rating: 7

Christmas. That time of year when people spent more money then they had to buy things for people they cared about. But one holiday tradition was worth the time it took thought Samantha Carter as she stood looking at a fake fir tree in the mall.

Hung on the branches where small cards, listing a child’s age, gender, and what they wanted. Secret Santa. Every year for the past ten she had pulled a tag from a tree just like this, why she started she couldn’t quite remember anymore, but the feeling it gave her to help someone give their child a special Christmas was well worth it.

Walking slowly around the tree, she looked at all the tags, trying to find just the right dream to fulfill. So engrossed in what she was doing, she failed to notice the young woman standing there, looking at the tag she held in her own hand.

"Sorry." The Air Force Colonel said, her face getting a bit red as she realized she had just stepped on the other woman’s foot.

"It’s OK. No big." The short brunette said, barely giving it a second thought as she continued to look at the cards. Placing the one in her hand back, she took another, seeming to be searching the small bit of information it held.

"First time you did this?" Sam asked, remembering her own hard time deciding the first time she herself pulled one off a tree.

"Yeah. Figured someone deserves a bit of joy this year. Only fair I do what someone did for me." The woman, no more then about twenty said, seemingly lost in her own thought.

"It is the season and all." Sam replied, feeling a small connection to the younger woman. It was strange, someone she had never meet before, yet for some reason she felt like she knew her. "I remember ten years ago I stood here, looking at a tree just like it, wondering if it would really help, buying a gift for a total stranger, a child. It was a stuffed toy. A dog I think. That’s all the little girl wanted."

Beside her she didn’t notice the other woman start, as though tossed back in memory. The image of a brown wrinkle faced stuffed dog flashing through her mind. A gift from Santa so many years ago.

"Do you think the kids know?" the blond said, making her choice from among the one hundred or so cards placed on the tree.

"Yeah." Faith replied, a smile gracing her face. "But a gift is still special, no matter where it comes from to those who don’t have much. Thank you."

And with that, she walked off, leaving the Colonel standing there, holding anther dream in her hands, waiting to fill a childs wish.

As Faith left the mall, she turned, looking back at the woman who could have been the one to give her the only thing good she had ever received as a child, a stuffed dog that to this day she still had, hidden away with a few other special things and her heart was lighter, if even for just a while.

The End

You have reached the end of "Christmas Wish Tree". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking