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Xander meets an angel

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Summary: Buffy/Dark Angel crossover Xander/Max pairing FFA #139. I don't know if this can be considered part of the challenge anymore. The characters I'm afraid have taken on a life of their own. *grin* It's finished.

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Television > Dark Angel > Xander - CenteredcwolfFR1589,36801319,9091 Dec 0420 Sep 05Yes

Xander meets an angel

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Dark Angel

(My first attempt at a Cross with Dark Angel. For FFA #139 pairing.

Xander walked into a room where Willow and Buffy were arguing. “Ladies.”

“Xander. Buffy doesn’t believe me.”

He sighed. “About what?”

“I’ve been picking up some weird vibes from Seattle.”

Xander sighed. “Let me guess. Since I’m the guy who tends to trip into situations, I’m the most likely to find out what’s going on.”

“Well, yes. But that’s not what I was going to say.”

“Bad news?”

“No. I’m just picking up indications that someone there is using some type of superhuman ability. I can’t track it down.”


Willow shook her head. “I’ve managed to set an ID up for you. I also finally got the little disguise spell set up to keep those spy robots from recognizing anyone. Our slayers are a little safer now.”

“Joy. So any ideas what I’m supposed to eat over there? I hear food isn’t exactly regular.”

Willow took out a little pouch. “Something else I worked on. A giant space in a small package.”

“Big words Willow.”

She grinned. “Only for you. It’ll be a direct link to a small magic powered refrigerator downstairs. Only get one meal a day out of it though, I don’t know when we’ll get more.”

“Better than nothing.”

- - - - -

Xander sighed as he walked through a cold Seattle, Washington at dusk. There were many people roaming around doing some type of business. He even saw a bicycle messenger ride by. It was near Christmas. He was in his forties, and still in fighting trim thanks to his constant stumbling into vampires. But who had time to celebrate anything when a vampire was always around the corner. Just because the pulse happened, didn’t mean the slayers should stop fighting. And of course, he had to continue too. He thought back to before the pulse.

It had been Xander’s idea back before the pulse happened but after the Sunnydale incident to get a house that wasn’t solely reliant on electricity or gas. Then he fixed it up to make it more insulated. Little did they know that Xander had saved their tails yet again. He was jarred back to the present by a scream.

He groaned.

When he turned the corner he stopped and gawked. The messenger he had seen not more than a couple minutes before was fighting with a skill level that he knew a slayer would be hard pressed to match. Arrayed against her were a few vampires. Though she was doing good, it was obvious that she didn’t know what they were. Behind her on the ground was a woman kneeling beside a bleeding man.

Xander took it all in, and ran forward.

- - - - - - -

Max had heard Cindy’s scream and responded. When she arrived, Sketchy was on the ground bleeding, and a weird figure was bending its mouth toward Original Cindy’s neck. She ran forward and threw him back. When she turned around, there were others.

She stood facing them. They growled, and their faces changed.

“Not your usual muggers.”

Then began the weirdest fight of her life.

She ducked a punch from one, kicked the second, backhanded the first and leaped over a third. During that, she continued to stay between her friends and the muggers. As she did, she saw a man turn the corner and watch. Then he ran forward.

“I can handle this!” She yelled.

“Not without this you can’t!” He threw a piece of wood to her, she caught it. “If you don’t stab them in the heart, they’ll keep coming!” Pulling out another piece of wood, he ducked and stabbed to the heart.

Max watched in shock as the figure turned to dust.

“Get the idea?”

She nodded, and she attacked the rest as he was sent flying into a wall.

Xander groaned. “Figures, I last long enough to teach the hero, then I get my butt handed to me.” He got back up in time to stab a vampire in the back, and then it was all over.

He joined the messenger at her friends as the man on the ground tried to sit up.

“You know, as awkward as this is right now, my name’s Xander.” He stuck out his hand to the black haired female messenger.

She stared at him then grabbed him with one hand and slammed him into a wall. “Who are you?”

“Well, this is a definite improvement. Of course… we aren’t at the second meeting yet, so I don’t know if you’re going to try to choke me.”

Max blinked. “What?”

“There was this whole death wish thing she had going, I saved her life, she thought I only did it for her body… and the next time we were alone in her hotel room she took it the wrong way and almost killed me. That super human strength thing can really do damage you know?”

Original Cindy stood up and put her hand on Max’s arm. “Calm down Boo. Chill, let’s at least sit down somewhere warm and talk to him. It is the season to be merry after all.”
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