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A Lack of Eggnog

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Summary: FFA #70 Riley/Sam Carter, #334 Angel/Ainsley Hayes, #567 Giles/C.J. Cregg

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAStaciaFR1332,137052,3221 Dec 0418 Dec 04No

A Lack of Eggnog

Title: A Lack of Eggnog

Author: Stacia

Rating: 13

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Buffy or Stargate.

Summary: FFA #70 Riley/Sam Carter

Samantha Carter walked into the mess at 10:45pm on Christmas Eve, badly in need of a cup of coffee. She had expected the place to be deserted, and she felt her eyebrows lift in surprise as she saw someone sitting in the corner. With caffeine in hand, Sam slid into the seat opposite the SGC’s resident mystery man. In a place where ‘classified’ was an everyday occurrence, Riley Finn was a bit of the unknown. He was nominally in the chain of command, with rank equivalent to a major, but no one really knew what he did, except for General O’Neill, of course.

Sam surveyed the remnants of a modest Christmas feast – pumpkin pie, blue Jell-O, a few gingerbread cookies wisely abandoned after the first bite, and an entire carafe of coffee. Riley looked up as she joined him.

He gave her a nod and a half-smile in greeting. “Hey, Sam.”

His expression froze as he realized his mistake, “Ma’am! I’m . . . I’m sorry, Colonel Carter. I was just thinking about . . .”

“Your wife.” She finished for him, with understanding in her eyes. He started to apologize again, but she cut him off. “Riley, forget about it . . . so, where is the other Agent Finn?”

Riley shook his head with a rueful smile. “I don’t know. I talked to her a couple days ago, and she said that there were big bugs and a distinct lack of eggnog.”

Sam laughed, “That sounds awfully familiar.” She paused for a moment, “Well, she’s on Earth, at least you know that her bugs aren’t giant metal spiders.”

Riley looked at the CO of SG-1 incredulously for a second. He wasn’t sure if she was trying to be reassuring, or funny, or both.

He finally managed, “Well, ma’am, that is a silver lining, I guess.”

Sam took a drink of her coffee to hide her smile, and thanked whatever beneficent forces existed that Jack hadn’t been there to witness her weak attempt at humor. He definitely would have made fun of her.

Just then the klaxons sounded, signaling an active gate. Sam plunked her cup down with a sigh of relief. “Finally. I thought they’d never leave.”

“You’re talking about the trade representatives from P3X-448?”

“Yes, Daniel must have convinced them to go home.” She glanced at her watch. “It only took him five and a half hours.”

Sam stood and indicated the door with a toss of her head. “Come on Agent Finn, SG-1 is heading over to the General’s house. There probably won’t be eggnog, and I make no guarantees about bugs, but there will be pizza and beer. What d’you say?”

Riley was speechless for a moment. “Ma’am, that’s very nice of you, but it’s really not necessary.”

Sam turned for the door. “I think it is necessary. I would have thought you had been here long enough to learn that by now.”

Riley had to jog a couple of steps to catch up with her as she headed into the hallway. “Um, ma’am, learn what?”

She favored him with a gentle smile. “We don’t leave our people behind.”


Happy Holidays everyone!
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