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Summary: 127. Darla/Jack S. 128. Joyce S./Ollivander

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Christmas in Port

(127) Darla / Capt. Jack Sparrow

A certain Captain Jack Sparrow smiled as he sauntered off of his ship, taking care not to breathe too heavily of the… heady aroma that surrounded Tortuga. Really, what more could a pirate want? He had his ship back in tip-top condition, plenty of gold amd gems squirreled away from the whole Isla de Muerte debacle and a loyal crew - undoubtedly thanks to the gold and gems. With a look over his shoulder at the Pearl he set off into the pirate town, humming on the cheery little ditty Elisabeth Swann had imparted on his mind.

He considered what to do first, visit his favourite pleasure house or refill his supply of rum. The first option won… barely, and only because he’d missed out on a visit the last time he’d been in Tortuga. Really, a man had his needs. Not many minutes after his decision he sauntered into ‘Madame’s’ calling out a cheery hello, eyes lighting up appreciatively at the sight of the beauties lounging on the scattered furniture. Sparrow smiled widely as he spotted his favourite blonde and strode over to her. “Darla, me darlin’, ye are a sight for sore eyes!” he exclaimed happily, bowing elegantly to the pretty blonde.


…Didn’t this happen last time?, Jack Sparrow thought, pouting slightly as he watched the retreating woman, idly rubbing his sore cheek, then chuckled as he heard the lass call ‘Merry Christmas!’ to him. Maybe it wasn’t too late, the pirate pondered and ambled off in the general direction Darla had gone… Maybe he could help her heat up some, her hand had after all felt rather cold.
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