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Issue at Hand

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Summary: W/Josh Lyman. TQC Response.

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Television > West Wing > Willow-Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,376012,4458 Mar 038 Mar 03Yes
Title: Issue at Hand
Author: Jinni (
Pairing: W/Josh Lyman
Rated: PG13
Genre: BtVS/West Wing Crossover.
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things West Wing belong to Aaron Sorkin, et al.
Distribution: WLS, WLF, NHA, BMP, Aislin, TtH, TQC. No one else.
Author’s Note: Pairing #144 at The Quickie Challenge:


“I’m not talking to you about this.”

Josh Lyman, Deputy Chief of Staff under the Bartlet Administration, raised an eyebrow at the petite woman standing in front of him. The corner of his mouth lifted into a definite smirk and he knew his dimples were showing.

They always did when he smirked.

And they always had the same reaction on the red head that was currently trying to glare her way through him with the power of her eyes alone.

“Stop that,” she snapped, crossing her arms. She looked away from his face, though the quick glance back to him and the resulting sigh didn’t go unnoticed.

“I don’t see what the big deal is, Will, you agreed a month ago that it was okay for me to go do this tonight.”

Willow snorted, holding up a hand as if she could silence him with only her palm. Not likely, the look on her face clearly said, considering how loquacious he could be when confronted with a situation that he knew he had the upper hand in.

And this, unfortunately for her, was one of them.

“You didn’t tell me –she- was going to be there,” Willow pouted, lowering her hand.

“Who? Amy?”

“No, Donna.” She rolled her eyes, their green orbs coming to rest on him again with an obviously put-out gleam in them. “Of course Amy, you ninny!”

“Ninny? We’re to the name calling already?” He would never admit out loud, for fear of ruining whatever it was about it that got to him, but seeing his girlfriend like this, all riled up and ready for a battle, was one of life’s biggest turn-ons. It was a good thing she didn’t work with him, or near him, else the term ‘White House Sex Scandal’ would be all over the front page of the Post one morning, complete with pictures of the two of them screwing like horny teenagers in his office.

“You’re being impossible!” she growled, storming past him to the kitchen. “I just don’t know why you didn’t bother to mention that Amy was going to be there until *right now*. You had to have known she was coming before tonight. . .”

“Actually, I didn’t,” Josh conceded, tossing her another self-confident grin when she turned back to him with a look of disbelief. “I swear. I had absolutely no idea that Amy Gardner was going to be at this dinner when I agreed to go.”

That seemed to appease the fiery beauty a little, though her silence could have also been attributed to the fact that she had a bottle of water to her lips and was drinking as she glared daggers into him.

“Why do you care about Amy, anyway?”


Wrong question.

“Why. Do. I. Care?” Willow slammed her bottle of water down on the counter. “She’s your *ex* *girlfriend*, Josh. The two of you were, you know, intimate and stuff. . . And she wants you back.”

“Does not,” Josh argued with a firm shake of his head.

“Does too.”



“Not – look!” He sighed, sliding off the stool to stand in front of her. “There’s nothing in this world that could ever get me to leave you, Willow. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.”

“Better than when you got that Environmental act passed last month?”

He laughed. “Yes, even better than that – though it’s a close running. You might want to make breakfast in bed for me tomorrow to ensure your standing.”

“If you just don’t go tonight I’ll make you breakfast in bed every weekend for the rest of our lives. . . “ she tempted with a small simper and a wink. Breakfast in bed? No – that was definitely a ‘desert in bed’ type of look she was giving him. And so he actually thought about just skipping the dinner in favor of all the ‘in bed’ activities she wanted to give to him.

But there was one thing stopping him from indulging in her delightful offer –

”The President would be upset if I canceled now, Will. It’s a work dinner.”

She was so cute when she pouted and he couldn’t resist leaning over to kiss her lips, her cheek cupped in his hand.

“You’re going. . .?” she whispered as they broke apart.

“I have to,” he answered reluctantly. “Remember, though – you are the only woman for me.”

He kissed her lips again, gently, with a vow to make this up to her somehow, someway.


His watch read 10:30pm by the time he wandered up the stairs to his apartment. The dinner had been a complete waste of time. Amy had been too busy trying to get his attention to pay any heed to the subject they were there to discuss. Leo was irritated just having her there, even if it was at the First Lady’s request – and that opinion was pretty much held by the rest of the senior staff as well. The night had degenerated into fighting at one point, when CJ had insisted on defending Willow’s honor by telling Amy she would break her hands if she touched Josh ‘even one more time’.

After that they were finally able to settle down enough to get –some- work done, though still not enough to make the night worth having left Willow alone with her insecurities. He would never understand what had happened in her life to make her believe that she was less worthy than the next woman; her lack of self-esteem was startling at times, even if it was slowly getting better.

The apartment was quiet when he unlocked the door. Pretty much what he had expected. Willow wasn’t a night owl, she preferred to get a good night’s sleep rather than the four or five hours he personally allowed himself each night. She called it her ‘beauty sleep’, though he didn’t see where she could possibly get any more beautiful or charming than she was already.

He crept into the bedroom, not bothering to turn on the lights. Willow’s steady, light breathing filled the silence. She was asleep. Even in the darkness he could still picture her, lying there with her hair spread out around her, eyes closed and face smooth in the lines of sleep. In the darkness he could still see the shape of her body, the outline of her t-shirt bunched up around her hips, exposing the pale expanse of buttocks as she lay on her stomach.

It was the idea of her laying there, half-nude, that did him in and gave him the perfect idea of how to make things up to her.

~*~An Hour Later~*~

“I love you.”

Willow smiled in the darkness, letting her hand trail over the sweat-soaked body of her lover.

“I love you, too, Josh. Thank you for the lovely. . .um. . .wakeup . . .”

She was blushing. He could tell just by the way she spoke, the tone of her voice.

“I’m sorry I had to go earlier. . .”

“Don’t be,” she interrupted firmly. “That is your job and I know that. I knew that before we got involved. If I tried to stop you from doing it now, it just wouldn’t be fair. I came to the conclusion after you left that I just have to trust you not to hurt me.”

“You. . . do?” he stammered, leaning up on one elbow to look down at her face – what little he could see of it with no light to assist him.

“Yup.” She giggled.

“You mean I did all of that to make you feel better. . . for nothing?”

Now she was full-out laughing at him, as though she had this planned the entire time. And maybe she did, in many ways she was a much better negotiator than he was – especially in ways of the heart.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say you did it for nothing, sweetie,” her purr of a voice came through the darkness, pushing its way past his post-orgasmic-sleep-deprived confusion. “Why don’t you lay back and let me make *you* feel better now. . .”

~*~The End~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Issue at Hand". This story is complete.

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