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cos you gotta have

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Summary: Faith ends up in Middle Earth. Book based - not the movie!!!!

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Faith opened her eyes to see she was back in
'Rehabilitation'. Linda and friends were slowly getting up from the floor. She
remembered what Galadriel had told her about time passing differently on earth
as it did to middle earth. Which explains, she thought wryly, why I'm about to
get a severe beating.

The wardens saw Faith reappear in front of them as
though she had been there all along. They advanced to teach her a lesson yet
again. Suddenly a light flashed from around Faith's neck blinding the wardens.
As one they covered their eyes before retreating away from Faith. She smiled,
whispered to her necklace "I love you." and waited for
'Rehabilitation' to finish.


Legolas recovered slowly from his collapse. His friends,
especially Gimli kept a close eye on him, determined not to let him die from a
broken heart. Whenever he felt especially bad he would hold his necklace and
whisper to it, it gave him comfort and the strength to continue with his life.
He visited Fangorn and the Glittering Caves with Gimli before returning home to
Mirkwood, but all the time he wished that Faith had been with him.


Faith finished writing the letter. She read over it
again and sealed it, wondering if the recipient would even bother to open it
when she saw the postmark. Faith shrugged her shoulders as she posted it and
grasped her necklace. "It's up to them now." She murmured.

Three weeks later and Faith made her way to the
visiting area. She sat down and waited nervously for her visitor. As her
visitor sat down opposite her she picked up the phone to speak, the only way to
communicate as they were separated by the glass.

"I didn't know if you'd come." Faith said

"I got your letter."

"How've you been?" Faith asked.

"I've felt better. You?"

"I'm good."

"What happened to your arm?"

"Got stabbed by a Ringwraith."

"You seem different."

"I am. I've changed."

"What's that around your neck? And how come
they let you wear it in here?"

"My necklace can only be seen by those of pure
heart. Nobody else can see it, except you and me."

"Pure of heart? You have changed. What

"I fell in love." Faith answered, then she
grinned. "With believe it or not, an elf!"

"What? An Elf?"

"Buffy, they'll chuck you out in a minute
unless you keep quiet and I'll end up back in there with a 'serious reprimand'.
So shh!"

Buffy looked at Faith through the glass, staring
deep into Faith's eyes. Faith met her gaze and didn't look away. Buffy was the
first to speak again.

"You're telling the truth aren't you." She
stated softly.


"Pure of heart." Buffy mused. "We'll
have to work on getting you out of here."


Faith was back patrolling. She had been let out
early thanks to 'good behaviour'. Faith knew that someone somewhere had been
pulling strings on her behalf. She didn't know who is was and she didn't care.
She had a job to do and she was doing it. She was not back in Sunnydale with
Buffy. The two of them mutually agreed that this would be a bad idea. Nor did
she have a watcher, she worked alone and preferred it that way. She travelled
around a lot, moving from place to place and slaying whatever needed to be
killed. She kept in touch with Buffy, she was the only one besides Angel that
Faith told her adventure to. She would check in with them every so often to let
them know that she was still alive and in one piece. It had been some years
since her adventure and fate had taken her to New York. She was patrolling an
area where she had heard that there was intense demon activity. Saying a small
prayer as she held her necklace she walked down into the dark alleyway.

She spotted the vampires as they surrounded a
heavily pregnant woman. Faith advanced, staking one silently before any of the
others noticed. The woman let out a scream as one of them grabbed her and bit
deep into her neck. Faith flew into action, dusting five vampires before they
even knew she was there. Eventually it was just her, three vampires, the
pregnant woman and a demon which Faith did not recognise in the alley. Faith
took out the remaining vampires and stood facing the demon. She pulled out her
one remaining stake, cried "GO!" to the woman and charged at the


In the year 1541 Legolas built a grey ship in
Ithilien, and sailed down Anduin and so over Sea; and with him it is said, went
Gimli the Dwarf.


Faith watched as the woman managed to make her way
down the alleyway and back to the main street. She was stalling the demon,
getting between him and his prey. The demon threw Faith hard against a wall and
started off towards the woman. Faith felt her strength beginning to fail her.
"Dammit!" She shouted as she picked herself up and charged at the
demon again, "You'll have to kill me first to get to her!"

"So be it!" The demon growled as he turned
back to face Faith.

They fought for what seemed like hours. The demon
bit Faith and she felt her blood seeping out of the wound and down her body.
The demon, believing he had won, got up and made his way back to where the
woman was cowering.

Faith pulled herself up and grabbed a broken box,
the nearest thing to a weapon she could find. Stumbling towards the demon she
threw her full force behind her thrust as she yelled. "I said you'd have
to kill me first!"

The demon fell beneath Faith's makeshift weapon,
Faith fell on top of the creature, her strength exhausted as she felt her life
slipping away from her. "Go" She managed to say to the woman who
nodded and began to make her way from the alley. Faith watched as the woman
reached the relative safety of the main street. She saw that there were more
vampires that had appeared and were glaring down at her. They grabbed her
almost lifeless body and then Faith felt everything turn black.


Legolas had been sitting watching the waves crash
onto the shore for some days now. He felt restless as though something would be
happening soon. His necklace seemed to give him no comfort anymore and the
memory of how Faith was to die played in his mind yet again.

"Moping again Elf boy?" Said a voice

Legolas turned his head to see Faith shimmering
behind him. Her body began to solidify in front of him. He stood, turned and
ran towards her.

"It is finished?"

"Yes. Now you've got me for good."

"No more going back." He said as he
crushed Faith to his body.

"No. Stuck here with you forever now." She
said smiling up at him.

Galadriel looked out of where she was and saw the
two of them together.

"The Valar granted her wish."

"Yes." Replied Gandalf as he watched
Legolas and Faith. "She is here for eternity, her work on earth is

"Why did they not just make her an elf?"
Gimli asked. "Surely it would have been easier than parting them for so

"It was not possible." Galadriel answered.
"Faith is a slayer. The next one would only be called on her death, to
turn her immortal would not have worked. She still had many things to do on
earth. It was only on her death that she could return here."


"You are the Slayer." Said the man as he
stood in front of the young girl. The girl knew what the man meant as she
looked down at the stake he had put into her hand. She remembered the story her
mother had told her of a girl saving her mother when she was pregnant with her.
The girl wondered what that slayer's name was and decided that she wanted to do
as good a job as that slayer had done.

The end.



R&R please. You know you want to ;o)



The End

You have reached the end of "cos you gotta have". This story is complete.

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