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cos you gotta have

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Summary: Faith ends up in Middle Earth. Book based - not the movie!!!!

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Lord of the Rings > Faith-CenteredserenduFR151322,91742622,6418 Mar 036 Dec 03Yes

cos you gotta have

*looks bemused* I wrote this ages ago. It did ok at and I thought what the heck? You might like it – you might not. Faith
was and still is one of my favourite Buffy characters.

Author: serendu

Rating: PG13

Genre: Buffy/Lotr Crossover.

Pairing: Faith/Legolas

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own these characters. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Lord of the Rings belongs to J.R.R.
Tolkien et al.

Distribution: It’s up at, Jill’s crossover site and will be at my site
as soon as I can manage it. Anyone else – ask before you borrow…

Author's Notes: After series 5 in Buffy, After Lothlorien in the book. Please
note – in my view if Faith stayed in prison she would end up as an old slayer
as the threat to her life would be removed (albeit temporarily). Also Legolas
can lose his immortality if he so wishes – just like Arwen can which makes it
slightly AU.  One other thing – this is
bookverse. BOOKVERSE – not the film dammit!

cos you gotta have


Galadriel was worried. See had looked into the mirror and
had seen what had befallen the fellowship with the death of Boromir. She was
afraid that middle earth would be destroyed by the might of Sauron. Now Gandalf
was at Lothlorien and Galadriel put her worries to him.

Chapter 1

Faith lay on her bed thinking. In 10 minutes she
would be dressed in her old clothes for 'Rehabilitation'. Something that she
was not looking forward to. The concept behind it was that to make good
citizens out of the prisoners held, they had to practice what it would be like
for them when they left. The theory had been brought in by the new governor of
the jail. In practice it was unpopular with almost all within the walls, more
particularly the wardens who had pointed out that it would just make it easier
to escape. Faith was still thinking. There wasn't much else to do in prison.
She generally tried to keep her head down and keep out of the other inmates'
ways. Not because she was afraid of them. She was more afraid of herself and
what she was capable of. Being a slayer is great for killing all types of
things, including humans. Faith's mind had been over her past again and again.
Murder is not something easy to forget or atone for. She shut her eyes. After
she'd done it she'd tried to forget, briefly. That hadn't worked out so well.
What had worked out was turning on the people who she had once considered
friends including the other slayer, Buffy Summers. Buffy. A picture of her
arose in Faith's mind. She'd died, Angel had told her on one of his infrequent
visits to the jail, then a few months later she'd been brought back by Willow.
Angel had told her that too. She was grateful for Angel's visits, they kept her
from going totally insane. She rolled of the bed and started to dress, putting
on her old leather jeans, boots, red tank top and denim jacket. "Here we
go again." She muttered as she walked out of her cell.

'Rehabilitation' was going worse than usual. Faith
had the intention of keeping as much to herself as possible. Not today however.
Today, somebody new decided to start something. With Faith. Faith defended
herself, blocking the girl's moves, determined not to let her anger take over
and kill this girl. It would be so easy, said a voice inside Faith's head.
"Not going there." She answered while clenching her teeth. A crowd
gathered. The girl, Linda? Faith thought, as she blocked another move only to
find herself on the floor, flat on her back. What the fuck? How the hell did
that happen? Faith leapt off her back landing on her feet. Then she saw. Linda
was not in this alone. Aww, Crap. Now I'll have to hurt her. Faith launched
herself at Linda and her friends. I ain't gettin' beat by no little piece of
shit as ugly as that. Within seconds Linda and her two helpers were battered,
bruised and floored. Not getting up any time soon either. She thought grimly as
she circled them, waiting for their next move.

The wardens came up behind her. "Time to teach
you a little lesson." One of them said. Faith turned and waited for them.

"What the?" The wardens looked stunned.

"Where the?"

"How the?"

They all glanced around them looking for her, but
Faith was gone.

* * * * * *

Chapter 2

Faith opened her eyes. Instinctively she had shut
them as the wardens had approached knowing that it would be impossible for her
to retaliate. It had happened before and at least if she shut her eyes it would
be over sooner. Only the wardens had gone, and the prison too it seemed.

Faith looked around. It was dark, but not too dark
to see. Greenery. She noted. Outside then. She shivered pulling her jacket
around her. Where on earth am I? She heard voices.

"There's no time to kill them properly. No time
for play on this trip."

"That can't be helped." Another voice said
"But why not kill them quick, kill them now? They're a cursed nuisance,
and we're in a hurry. Evening's coming on, and we ought to get a move on."

"Orders" a deep growl spoke. "Kill
all but NOT the Halflings; they are to be brought back ALIVE as quickly as possible.
That's my orders."

Faith crept slowly towards the direction of the
voices. She took cover behind some stones. Glancing up she saw something she
had never seen before. What the heck are they? She listened to them talking
carefully, trying to debate her plan of action.

"We are the fighting Uruk-hai! We slew the
great warrior. We took the prisoners. We are the servants of Saruman the Wise,
the White Hand: the hands that gives us man's flesh to eat."

'Man's flesh to eat?!' Faith thought. Where the hell
am I?

The voice continued, "We came out of Isengard,
and led you here, and we shall lead you back the way we choose. I am Ugluk. I
have spoken."

Faith retreated, her mind whirling. Okay calm down.
First point. Probably not on earth anymore. Second point. They eat man's flesh,
which includes me. Not good. Third. They killed some 'Great Warrior' whoever
that was. Buffy? She hoped not. And fourth. They have prisoners. Which they
will probably eat. She sighed inwardly. Okay plan. First. Find wherever the prisoners
are and get them out of here. Second figure out where I am and how I get back.
A grin appeared on her face. That must have freaked out those bastards in the
prison when I vanished. It faded. Unless, of course I reappear just as they're
about to do it. Which would suck. She shook herself mentally. Right then, where
the heck are these prisoners?

She got no further. A fight had broken out between
what seemed to be rival factions of the Uruk-hai. Faith sensibly took cover,
glad that her clothing was dark so it was less easy to spot her.

Faith knew the fight had ended when Ugluk shouted
"Pick up those prisoners! Don't play any tricks with them! If they are not
alive when we get back, someone else will die too."

Not going to eat them then, Faith noted with a wry
smile. She looked at the two prisoners being carried by the Uruk-hai. Then
again, not quite Uruk-hai, she thought, Slightly different. Just as ugly

The Uruk-hai with their prisoners set off. They had
undone the ropes around their prisoners legs and were making them run. Faith
followed discreetly behind, hoping that none would notice her. At one point one
of the prisoners got away, almost heading towards Faith. She noticed he dropped
something discreetly, before being grasped and dragged back into the line. A
marker. She pondered. Obviously whatever he is thinks he may have a chance of
rescue. She glanced down quickly at what he had dropped before continuing her
chase. It was a brooch shaped like a leaf.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 3

The march ended when it was morning. Faith was glad
of the respite. Even with slayer strength keeping up with this lot isn't easy.
I wonder what happened to Buffy? She took cover away from the group, straining
her ears to hear what was going on. She heard Ugluk sneering at another.

"The Whiteskins are coming. What's happened to
your precious Nazgul? Has he had another mount shot under him? Now if you'd
brought him along, that might have been useful - if these Nazgul are all that
they make out."

"Nazgul, Nazgul," came the answer from the
other (rival leader? Wondered Faith) as he shivered and licked his lips.
"You speak of what is deep beyond the reach of your muddy dreams, Ugluk.
Nazgul! Ah! All that they make out! One day you'll wish you had not said that. Ape!
You ought to know that they're the apple of the Great Eye. But the winged
Nazgul: not yet, not yet. He won't let them show themselves across the Great
River yet, not too soon. They're for the War - and other purposes."

War? Oh great. Prison would be a cinch compared to a
war. Faith looked around her wondering when she would make her move for the
prisoners. The company began to move aiming for a forest. Faith ran on,
determined not to be left behind. They ran all day, closer and closer to the
forest. Faith thought she heard something and looked behind her. Horsemen had
appeared giving chase to the company as they headed for the trees. I wonder if
that's the rescue party? Not bad for just two little men. The edge of the
forest was almost reached. Ugluk and the other leader urged them on, getting
faster as they were reaching cover. Instinct told Faith to duck suddenly and an
arrow flew over her head. She ran faster as some of the creatures close to her
fell dead. The riders encircled the company. Fortunately for Faith it had grown
dark and none had spotted her. Yet. She saw Ugluk make off to halt what could
be a stampede as some of the company attempted to attack the riders. The two
prisoners were left alone. Faith started to crawl towards them. Only to stop
suddenly as the rival leader grabbed them both and took them a little way away,
through a gap of watchers. Faith silently followed. He paused and saw in front
of him a rider. The rider called out and Ugluk pulled his sword out preferring
to kill his captives rather than let them escape. The sword glinted from the
light of a fire and an arrow struck his hand. Faith crept up behind him as he
began to run, taking his sword suddenly and slit his throat. He managed to cry
out. The rider who bore down on him and speared him as he began to fall did not
see the girl as she retreated back to where the prisoners had been left.

The rider rode past Faith and the two prisoners,
missing her completely. Faith blessed her fashion sense, glad she preferred
dark colours to anything else, and she still had the sword which she also
considered a blessing.

There was a call from the surroundings in answer to
the rival leader's cry, Faith guessed the call to be more Uruk-hai. "Time
to make tracks" she muttered picking up both prisoners and aiming for the

Faith slit the cords of both prisoners once under
the cover of the trees. Dawn came and battle commenced as soon as the riders
had blown their hunting-horns. Faith and the two prisoners watched in silence
until a small group of Uruk-hai began to make it to the forest.

"There's Ugluk!" Cried one of the
prisoners. " I don't want to meet him again." So Faith and the two
prisoners fled from the edge of the forest as Ugluk met his death from the
hands of one of the riders.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 4

Faith and the two prisoners ran on into the forest,
until the cries from the battle behind them was long left behind. Exhausted by
the stifling feeling in the forest, the three stopped and began to drink from a
stream making its way though the dense forest. Eventually, after all three were
revived the questions began.

"Who are you?" Asked one of the two
prisoners in wonder after finally taking a good look at Faith, noticing her
tight black leather trousers, black heeled boots and blood red tank top. Not
missing her dark eyeshadow and dark red lipstick.

"I'm Faith." Responded Faith. "And
you are who and what please?" she'd seen their furry feet.

"I'm Peregrine Took and he's Meriadoc
Brandybuck. But you can call us Pippin and Merry, everybody does. We're
Hobbits." Came the response from the first his eyes still wide gazing at

"And you were taken prisoner because?"

"Because of the..." Pippin began

"Pippin!" Merry whispered angrily as he
elbowed him "We're not supposed to talk about the you know what."

Faith rolled her eyes. Great, she thought, just
great. I'm stuck here with these two 'hobbits' and I haven't got a clue what's
going on and they won't tell me "and I still don't know where I am."
She finished saying the last thought aloud.

"You don't know where you are? How d'you
mean?" Asked Merry looking puzzled.

"I mean, where am I? What land? What planet?
What dimension? What galaxy?" Faith asked and then "Is this place
Plrtz Glrb?"

The hobbits looked confused. Obviously not the same
place where Angel went, noted Faith, oh well at least that's one place less to
consider. "Where am I?" She asked again louder than last time and
looked at the two hobbits.

"You're in middle earth. But where in middle
earth I couldn't say, we don't know ourselves." Pippin spoke up this time,
beginning to look a little sad as he confessed that they were lost.

"Ok. Fine. Good. Whatever." She looked
around and saw a little sunlight breaking through the forest. "We'll make
for that and see where we are."

"How can we trust you?" Asked Merry
getting up bravely and glaring at her.

"I just saved your life you moron. Are you
coming or not?"

The two hobbits glanced at each other as Faith set
off towards the light. Pippin shrugged his shoulders and the two ran to catch
up with her as she walked away.

They finally got to the break in the trees and Faith
felt the cool breeze on her face as she saw they'd come a few miles in from the
edge of the forest. The light was beginning to fade. Pippin remarked,
"This shaggy old forest looked so different in the sunlight. I almost felt
I liked the place."

"Almost felt you liked the forest!" Faith
jumped and turned swiftly as a voice came out of nowhere. " That's good!
That's uncommonly kind of you. You're hasty I see." Faith and the hobbits
were confronted by a tall figure which was like nothing Faith had ever seen
before. The hobbits obviously hadn't seen anything like it either. She grasped
her sword warily.

"Who are you and what are you?" Pippin asked.
Good question, thought Faith still holding the sword.

"Well I am an Ent, or that's what they call me.
Yes Ent is the word. The Ent, I am, you might say in your manner of speaking.
Fangorn is my name according to some, Treebeard others make it. Treebeard will

He glanced at Faith and the hobbits. "Human,
and what are you?"

"We're hobbits" came the answer.
"Peregrine Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck, but you can call us Pippin and
Merry." Faith shook her head in bemusement. If I'd have known the introductions
were going to happen here I wouldn't have asked earlier. She realised that
Treebeard was talking to her and looked up.

"And you are?"

"I'm Faith."

"Hmm, hasty folk as well you humans. What with
the orcs and Saruman these days and Gandalf too."

"You know Gandalf?" asked Pippin.

"The only wizard to care about trees."
Treebeard looked at Pippin and Merry closely. "I like news. But not too
quick now. Let us go."

Go? Go where exactly? Faith wondered, but suddenly
she felt herself lifted off the ground by Treebeard. I'm being kidnapped by a

Treebeard covered the ground swiftly in his way,
taking great strides with Faith in one arm and the two hobbits in the other. He
explained that he was a tree-herd and that the forest was his flock. There were
others of his kind in the forest too. Finally they came upon what Faith thought
must be a house for an Ent. Eventually after giving them refreshment and then
asked them to tell their story. The two hobbits looked at each other and then
at Faith. Faith groaned. "Fine I'll go first then. I was inside a building
(she neglected to mention that it was a jail) I shut my eyes and then I opened
them to find that I was here. It was day there and night here. I'm not from
middle earth, I'm from earth. And I'm a vampire slayer. And that's it" She
folded her arms across her chest and looked at the hobbits and Treebeard. The
hobbits began their tale, interrupting each other constantly, explaining about
the Ring, the Fellowship and their kidnap by the Uruk-hai and orcs.

Their tale finished and Treebeard advised them to
get some rest. Faith sunk down to sleep like the two hobbits and Treebeard left
them to sleep.

* * * * * *

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