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A Year Abroad

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Summary: Multiple Crossings. Europe is seeking to make Vampires and Lycanthropes legal with rights. Many groups of our favorite heros are needed...

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Sunday Morning

Author:ChaosQueen (Phia)

Rating: PG-13, for swearing and almost unavoidable innuendo

Summary: Europe seeks to make all the things that go bump in the night legal. Many of our heros' helping hands are needed.

Crossings: Harry Potter/Anita Blake/Buffy/Angel/LXG

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING AND NEVER EVER WILL!!!! The Harry Potter characters all belong JK Rowling, the Anita Blake characters belong to Laurell K. Hamilton, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: The Series characters belong to Joss Whedon, and the League of Extrordinary Gentelmen characters belong to Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill

Timelines: Through NiC for the Anitaverse and ID never happened, “Chosen” for Buffy, “Not Fade Away” for Angel, OotP for the Potterverse and just the end of the LXG movie.

Chapter One: Sunday Morning

Anita opened her eyes slowly. Vacation was a good thing. Too bad it was her last week. She silently wished there was a way to make it last a bit longer. She felt around her surroundings. Satin sheets greeted her, and she instantly knew she was at Jean-Claude’s. She yawned and stretched.

The glowing alarm clock to her right informed her silently that it was 10: 00 in the morning. The clock had been a “necessary addition” as told by Anita to her vampire. She was grateful for it. Anita leaned over the side of the bed and found her robe lying there. She wrapped it around herself and headed for the door. She stopped just in front of it and sighed. Sunday mornings had become a wonderful thing. Well, when there weren’t mass amounts of chaos ensuing.

Anita slipped out the door and padded down the hall. She entered the living room and found Jason asleep on the couch. Anita smiled softly and went over to go wake him up. She bent down next to him and softly nudged the werewolf’s arm. “Jason...” she said quietly into his ear, “Jason, come on, wake up time.” Jason’s eyes fluttered open and he grinned at her.

“I always knew I’d wake up next to you someday.” Anita rolled her eyes and smacked him lightly on the arm.

“You’ve already done that, genius.” She replied.

Jason chuckled. “That I have.”

“Come on, Jay, coffee.” Anita had taken to calling him Jay, because it got her almost anything she wanted from him. And this early in the morning, she wanted coffee. It was their little code. They spent a lot of time together in the mornings where she woke up at Jean-Claude’s or when he somehow woke up at her house. He called her ‘Nita in return. Okay so she despised it, but it was only fair. So Jason was her coffee buddy, because no-one else could make coffee like Jason could. Nathaniel was a damn close second, though.

Jason nodded his agreement and made a rather humorous attempt to get up. “This would require actual movement wouldn’t it?” Anita smiled wryly.

“Sadly, yes.” Jason groaned and flailed about on the couch a bit. He nearly hit Anita. Anita rolled her eyes. She swore every morning he spent more energy complaining about moving then he did with the actual movement.

When Anita had had her fill of crazy Jason moments for the hour, she grabbed a flailing arm and pulled him up in one swift movement. Jason, being suddenly up, was very confused for a second or two. “Thanks.” He said, almost like it was a side thought. Anita nodded and tugged on his sleeve. She looked up at him and said one word.

“Coffee.” He laughed and they made their way up the stairs and into the kitchen that was in the back of Circus of the Damned. As was their morning “Jean-Claude’s Place” ritual, Anita sat down behind the counter which the coffee maker was on and Jason went and found the ingredients. Jason worked quickly and found everything he needed. The coffee beans were found first, then the cinnamon, and then the mortar and pestle Anita had donated. It was just magic when Jason made coffee. She figured he ought to have the right tools.

Jean-Claude was endlessly happy that Jason and Anita had found some common ground and become better friends. He loved absolutely anything that tied her closer to him. He’d even had the mortar inscribed with “’Nita and Jay, Coffee Buds”. Anita had been properly horrified.

By the time Anita came out of her thoughts, Jason had already ground the cinnamon and coffee beans together perfectly and put them into a filter and then into the automatic coffee maker. He turned the machine towards her and gestured to the “ON” switch. “M’lady...” he said. This was the second part of their morning routine. He ground the coffee and set it up, then she flipped the “ON” switch, and then they read the paper together.

She flipped the switch and Jason ran out and got the paper. Two minutes later he came back through the kitchen door and was absolutely engrossed in a newspaper article. He looked up very suddenly, he was very pale. “Anita, you better have a look at this.” He flipped open to the “World News” page and set it down in front of Anita. “EUROPE SEEKS TO MAKE VAMPIRES LEGAL, CALLING ALL HELP!” Anita was a bit shocked, but didn’t see what was so important.

“What’s the big deal?” she asked. Jason looked really nervous, sort of “please-don’t-let-her-shoot-the-messenger” kind of nervous. “Jason...” she said warningly “what’s the big deal? Why does this concern me?” Jason let out a very nervous breath.

“This is unprecidented. Europe is host to over 20 different breeds of vampires.” He said, poking viciously at the article. Anita got the feeling he was directly quoting, Jason didn’t talk like that. “It’s not as simple as America, which only holds about two or three. Europe is old, dangerously so. And they’re not just considering vampire rights, their considering lycanthropic rights too. It’s a dangerous thing, that’s only ever been done once.” Anita was getting more and more confused. The more he continued the more it sounded less likely that she should be worried.

“Yes, and?” Jason sighed, almost tiredly.

“AND, the Vampire Council’s gone and gotten themselves in a tizzy no doubt. It doesn’t say so here, but they’re probably really angry. The government wants to bring Europe into the next millenium, so they simply can’t have the very people they’re trying to help getting angry. They need the vampiric support, but since they’ve never done this before they need help. From the only country to ever do this. They need American standards, this time around. They’re holding a year long conference moving across Europe. They’ve invited experts from around the globe. To refuse this invitation would be a grave insult to the Vampire Council.”

A light bulb went off in Anita’s head. Oh god please no. A silent montra began in her head. Don’t say it Jason. Don’t say it Jason. Don’t say it Jason. Don’t say it Jason. “Anita,” he said pointing down to a spot in the article “you’ve been invited.” I TOLD you not to say it, she thought.

She grabbed the paper up and started reading where Jason’s finger had pointed. Sure enough: “The list of those lucky few invited experts includes The Master of the City of St. Louis, The Vampire Jean-Claude. Also invited is his Human Servant. But she is also being invited as an Animator, Executioner, and proud member of the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team, St. Louis’s own Anita Blake.”

“Well,” Anita said, dejectedly “this...”

“Sucks hot monkey balls?” Anita laughed, albeit a bit nervously.

“Got it in one.”

“Looks like you’re going to Europe for the year.”

“Well... fuck me.” Well, she had wished her vacation would last a bit longer. Jason grinned slightly.

“Maybe later, you’re looking shocked now. Let’s just finish our morning coffee.” Anita glared a bit but found herself grateful for Jason’s endless humor. Jason sat next to her and slung a brotherly arm around her. She pushed it off.

“I vote we read this article.”


So the two sat and read all they could about the article. It kicked off in June with a Grand Gala in Scotland. Only two months away. They sipped their coffee and Jason helped her work out what was going to happen. First she’d have to tell Jean-Claude. Second would be packing and informing her superiors of her current situation. Lastly, would be booking Airplane tickets. Anita groaned suddenly. “What?” Jason asked.

“I hate flying.” She replied. Jason laughed. Anita punched him.

AN: Hey guys. After many computer difficulties and much swearing and eye twitching fits: I CAN FINALLY LOG BACK ON!! SO, I have many new stories that I've been writing while away and I'm perfectly aware that I SHOULD be working on Prophecy Childer but bear with me because I picked a really bad time to become a Draco/Ginny shipper. I'm just going to try and write this out and see what happens. Oh: and it's very a much an audience particpation thing. Any idea are welcome and will be worked in if possible. If you'd like to see a quote that you'd like or think something up that would be funny, tell me and I'll write it on in. I'm open to anything. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Review! Thank you.

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