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Wishing and Hoping

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Summary: Hermione was going to be married to Snape, courtesy of the stupid Marriage Law. What would happen if she unknowingly dragged her American cousin and his friends into this mess?

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomanceCalbeeFR1344,7500249,5125 Dec 0422 Jan 05No


Author: Calbee

Rating: PG for now

Main pairings: Hermione/Severus, Willow/?, Buffy/?, Xander/?

Disclaimer: All the characters in this fic are not my own, they belong to the creation of Joss Whedon for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and JK Rowling for Harry Potter

Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth for the moment.

Wishing and Hoping


It was a morning like any other, as normal and regular as it could be anyway. Nothing could be said as normal when you were on the Hellmouth, or in a training school for slayers. However, this would be the day that Xander dare rate as "usual" as an apocalypse.

It all started just after he woke up. He went downstairs for breakfast, but was a bit surprised by all the noise coming from the kitchen. He didn't want to deal with another possible food fight again, especially not this early in the morning. He breathed deeply before opening the door to the kitchen, but was surprised that it was not what he thought it was. Apparently, the girls were chasing after a tiny brown owl, who was hovering in the air, away from the girls.

The tiny owl hooted happily when it spotted Xander, and flew as fast as he could towards him. Xander was taken aback by the enthusiasm of the owl, but it seemed to look like the owl was looking for him, and he noticed it was carrying a letter of some sort on its leg. Xander grabbed hold on it, while the girls all surrounded him wanting to know what it was all about.

Xander took the letter off the owl and released it, who kept hovering around him. He unrolled the letter, looking at the familiar handwriting, thinking it strange of her to do this, especially by letter and not by phone. She had his phone number surely. He opened the letter, and read it in shock. He read it once over making sure he wasn't seeing things, before he rushed out of the kitchen, screaming at the top of his lungs, "G-MAN!!!!! WILLOW!!!!"

The letter fell out of his hand in the rush, and one of the slayers, Chloe, picked it up and read it while following the others after Xander...

Dear Xander,

How are you? I hope you are settling in Cleveland nicely.

Well, there is no easy way of revealing this to you. You see, that boarding school I told you I went to? It's not an ordinary boarding school. It's a school for wizards and witches. I am a witch.

I am going to be married in a month's time. I really wish that you could come to the wedding. I am still arranging for ways of getting you to Hogwarts, since you couldn't travel by wizarding ways. I'll keep you posted.



And alongside with the letter, there was also an
invitation card...

Mr. and Mrs. Granger

request the Pleasure of
Alexander Lavelle Harris' Company

at the marriage of their

Hermione Granger


Mr. Severus Snape

son of Mr. and Mrs. Slavko

on Saturday, the twenty-eighth
of July

at one in the afternoon




To be continued...
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