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This story is No. 2 in the series "Fine Lines Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (Sequel to Fine Lines) While Tara is trying to understand her new life, Dawn finds herself in a bit of trouble in Kelowna.

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Stargate > Tara-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonJesminFR151553,37943519,0975 Dec 0422 Jul 12Yes


Title: Shelter

Author: Jesmin


Rating: 15

Pairing: Tara/Daniel mainly with some Dawn/Jonas

Description: While Tara tries to understand her new life with Daniel, Dawn finds herself in trouble while visiting Kelowna.

Disclaimer: Joss makes all the money when it comes to Buffy, not me, so hats off to him. Buffy and company also belong to the WB, UPN, FOX, Mutant Enemy and others I can't remember. Stargate belongs to MGM and others I can't think of off the top of my head. I make nothing and own none of these wonderful characters (except Malita).

Feedback: Yes please. I love feedback and will reply here at the site on the reviews page!

Author's notes: I just want to say that a small part of the conversation in the introduction actually belongs to those in a certain 8am theory class ran by Prof. Kerr in the spring of 95 at OCU.


Buildings stretched out before her, almost as far as the eye could see. They weren’t exactly of the type she was used to. In Italy and England, where she had been staying for the last few years, there were buildings made of stone, most of them left over from several centuries of a rich history. Even the newer buildings kept the old-world appearance that she had fallen in love with. In California, especially when she stayed in LA, it was a world of steel and glass, scraping the sky, chic contemporary filled with suits. Here though, it was a mixture she had not been around: contemporary, old-world with a spin of industrial.

Kelowna was different than what Dawn expected. Maybe it was the fact she was on a different planet that caused her exceptions to skew. Actually, scratch that. It was Andrew’s fault, subjecting her to hours upon hours of science fiction. Other planets equal a place where technology is far more advanced. Kelowna: it had its high points, a few things that may be more advanced, but in all, it was years behind Earth. This didn’t bother Dawn in the end though. On a whole the planet was fascinating, just like her guide.

Jonas Quinn was just as strange as the planet he lived on – not to say that was bad. He seemed to always be itching with energy. He reminded Dawn of the Energizer Bunny (keeps going, and going, and going…). The job of showing her around his home was non-stop. There was always some place or thing to show her, and he did it as if he was also experiencing it for the first time. His grin and laughter was catching, and when he tried to say some Earth saying from two years earlier… Let’s just say he needed to lay off the lingo.

All good things come to an end though, and Dawn was sad that it was her last day. Two more hours and they were scheduled to return to Earth. However, her tour was not completely over. There was one place that she hadn’t seen yet, and that was the lab Jonas had talked hours on end about.

Jonas’s lab was all him. Its brown hues were masculine, but the way they were presented spoke of knowledge. There were books strewn all about, file cabinets filled to the brink so that they couldn’t close, scientific equipment of jars, beakers and test tubes everywhere, machines with dials and read outs she wasn’t even going to act like she understood, and to top off everything, the notebook computer he had brought with him from his time on Earth. It was the type of lab one could lose them selves in and enjoy it. There was no sterile atmosphere of order but rather a place of understood disorder.

At the moment Jonas was telling her about the research he was working on as she leaned against a table. Behind her sunlight streamed in from large windows that stretched the length of the room. It warmed her skin, prickles traveling all over her body. Settling even more against the table, almost sitting on it, she closed her eyes. Jonas was explaining his current project, and with his ongoing voice coupling with the warm sun, Dawn found herself drifting…

One second it had been perfect, and in the next, Dawn’s eyes shot open. A large sound she couldn’t place, short and precise, jolted her awake. At the same time she scrambled for a hold on the table as it lifted what felt like several inches off the ground. Jonas had stopped talking, and as she looked at him, he asked, “Earthquake?”

Dawn shook her head. She knew Jonas had experienced earthquakes induced by unstable naquadria, but she had grown up around them in California. “No. Earthquakes don’t make a sound like a sonic boom.” The two stared at each other as she asked slowly, “Could there be any testing around here that…”

Walking past her, almost as if he wasn’t listening, Jonas shook his head. She turned towards the window that he was walking to. “Jonas?”

“There shouldn’t be smoke there.”

Joining him, Dawn shook her head. Probably about a mile or two away a cloud hovered in the air. Staring at it, Dawn whispered, “Are you sure that is smoke?”

Face growing somewhere between horror and anger, Jonas shook his head. “No.” Grabbing her arm, he started dragging her to the door of his lab. “We need to…”

Dawn screamed as Jonas was interrupted. The sound was back, but this time it was deafening. It all happened so fast before Dawn registered what was going on. One second Jonas was talking and the next she felt as if someone had literally thrown her against the far wall. The window behind Dawn shattered. She didn’t know it from the sound of glass breaking, but from the fact some of its shards had embedded themselves into her. Grunting, she felt something slam into her and then darkness fell over her.

“Dawn. Dawn! DAWN!” Groaning, Dawn shook head as not only pressure was lifted from her, but also Jonas Quinn’s voice called out to her. Opening her eyes, everything slowly coming into view, she looked around her. A filing cabinet was being laid beside her, and she had a feeling it had been on top of her. Jonas came into view, hovering. “Dawn, can you get up?”

Nodding, she shook the cobwebs from her mind, concentrating on her injuries. Her arm felt a little off, but as she moved it around, she decided it was just sprained. There were cuts all over her due to flying glass. As none of them seemed to hinder her, she went on with the checklist. Her head felt like it was spinning, which probably meant concussion. As for the rest, she decided maybe there was a rib broken and other than being shaky on her legs, they were fine. After going through all this she realized Jonas was talking to her. Turning to him, she asked, “Huh?”

“Shelter. We need to find shelter.”

Dawn nodded numbly. Glancing to the window area, she found herself frozen for a minute. That entire wall had been destroyed, but she was pretty sure it wasn’t exactly from a direct blast. Smoke, dust and debris filled the area.

“Jonas?” Dawn asked, turning to him. It was at this time she realized he was hurt. Small shards of glass were still all over him, and from what she could tell he was favoring one leg over the other. Getting a closer look, she noticed a bit of blood blossoming on his pants. “Are you…?”

Grabbing her arm, wincing as he moved, Jonas panted, “Down stairs. We have to get down to the basement.”

Nodding again, more coherent this time, Dawn placed his arm over her shoulders so he could balance better. “Stairs?”

“Elevator could malfunction,” Jonas replied.

Letting him lean on her, Dawn guided the two them out of the lab and to the stairs. Grabbing onto the railing with his free hand, Jonas tried to help Dawn better in controlling his decent. A few times they paused, trying to get balanced. One or the other would stumble, but they always stopped, caught a breath and moved on.

The building rocked again and Dawn found her footing slipping. The next thing Dawn knew, she was at the bottom of the flight. There was something soft behind her. Moving her aching body around, she looked to see Jonas. Shaking him, she called out, “Jonas! Jonas!”

Groaning, Jonas pushed himself up into a sitting position. “Get to the basement Dawn. I’m holding you…”

Pulling him up, even though he cried out in pain, Dawn shook her head. “I won’t leave you behind. What is in the basement that will help us?”

“A bomb shelter. They… they built it during our last war.”

“There was more than one war?” asked Dawn, sarcasm in her voice as she started moving them back down the stairs. After all of their sight seeing, she had learned quite a bit of the history of Kelowna, or rather Langara. The whole planet seemed to have been at war constantly.

“Point taken.” Jonas winced and tried to once again help. Mind set, he worked on getting both of them down the stairs.

It was as they finally reached the basement when the next blast hit. Lights and alarms started blaring. Yelling, Dawn called out to Jonas, “You would think someone would have set them off by now!”

Hobbling to a large metal door, Jonas keyed in a code. It clicked and he opened it up. Green lights gave off enough of an eerie glow to see one more set of stairs. The two headed down, closing the first door behind them. The second door automatically opened for them. As they stepped inside and Jonas went to close it, Dawn asked, “What about others? Do we need to keep it open for them?”

“No.” Shaking his head, Jonas closed the door finally and answered, “This is the business district. No one should be here. And, if there are people around, all of Kelowna knows their own personal code to open these doors. We aren’t keeping them out, and anyone else that should…”

Dawn, not screaming this time, flew into Jonas’s arms as he wrapped them around her for safety - as if it could help. The ground shook and above them it sounded like the world was exploding. Dust fell from the ceiling but surprising her, it held. As the tremors stopped, not from the blast but those moving through her, Dawn whispered, “Was that...?”

“I think…” Jonas didn’t know how to answer. Moving to the door, he tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. Then, moving a sliding panel that would allow him to glance out of special glass, Jonas peered out of the door. The stairs were gone and all he saw was stone.

Closing the panel, he turned back around to Dawn. As if she read everything on his face, she asked, “We’re trapped, aren’t we?”
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