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Old Enemies and Old Acquaintances

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This story is No. 2 in the series "NCIS Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Navy ZEPPO - look inside for more.

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(1 week later – NCIS HQ, Director’s Office)

“You’re fired.” There was no New York accent, no flanking members of a board, no hand gesture, but Xander knew that his career was officially dead in the water. Even as he tried to speak, the Director went on, “Now, I bet you’re about to ask me why I’ve just fired you, kid, and believe it or not it has very little to do with your striking a prisoner that was in detention and in restraints, let alone breaking his jaw in so many places that it’s going to be months before he can eat solid foods again. No, you’re being fire … because you lied to us, Harris.”

Xander arched his eyebrow at the Director, who had a somewhat smug look on his face, “Lied, sir?”

“You put on your application and human resource in formation that you had no ties to any political or social organization that could possibly influence your abilities to be objective, yet we have pressure from not less than four different countries or organizations asking or demanding your resignation and or arrest. Do you care to make a comment about this?”

Xander blinked at this, knowing who one of those countries were, “Aside from England, sir, who else have I pissed off now?”

The Director smirked, “The Chinese, the French and, oddly enough, the Mormon Church – I get the feeling that the Mormons are quite upset with you over certain affiliations you have with a certain organization in England.”

Xander rolled his eyes, “Sir, I’ll cop to angering the Chinese and French while in the Marines, but I have not now, nor have I ever knowingly done so, angered the Mormon Church.” Xander honestly wasn’t sure what he’d done to piss them off, but he also somewhat figured that, due to his connections to the Watchers and the now-public-to-demon-hunting-organizations conspiracy that Robin Wood had planned, they were just taking a shot at an easy target. “Sir, if I may ask, have you secured the pathogen?”

“Yes … and no – there was only 50 gallons of it to begin with, but we have only found 48 gallons of it, which worries us all greatly. But, given that the creator of the pathogen is dead and Mister Wood is … incapacitated, we must resort to footwork to find it. Either way, though, it is no longer your concern, Mister Harris – clean out your desk, we’ll mail you your final check.”

Taking the hint to get out of the office, Xander spun around and marched straight out of the room, shutting the door and sighing when he did – he knew that hitting Wood would get him into more trouble than he could probably get himself out of, but he’d made a choice … the wrong one, in retrospect … and he could not unmake it, so he would have to live with the consequences, “This sucks.”

“Most assuredly it does, Alexander,” Ducky put in as he stood up from where he had been sitting. The ME had been kind enough to escort him to see the director, but knowing that his job was more than likely over, the same man had offered him to take him to a local pub for a pint. As they made their way down to his desk, there was not a word said, even as he packed up what little was left in and on his desk, namely a few pictures, a few notes and, of course, his emergency stash of Twinkies, but of course that was when Tony and Kate came back with Gibbs.

Tony blinked as he and Kate saw Xander gathering his things, “Hey, Xand, what’s up?”

“Got canned, Tony,” Xander said in his minimalist way, a sure sign that he was thinking about something else.

Kate winced next to him, knowing that was one less person to act as a buffer between them and Gibbs, “Because of what you did to Woods?”

Xander shook his head, “Non-disclosure of political affiliations, Kate.” She blinked at this and he gave her that infectious yet utterly adorable half-grin of his that often made her wonder WHY he wasn’t strapped to her bed for her continued physical pleasure, “Apparently the Director’s tired of being chewed on by two governments and one religious organization.”

Tony frowned, “You mean you didn’t get fired because you hit Wood?”

Xander shook his head, “Mitigating factor, at best.” He packed the last of his stuff into a box and put the top on it, “Still, maybe it works out for the best – office pool had one person in as me being canned like this, and that person just made a tidy sum. So, don’t kill each other, don’t pop his cork, Kate, Tony, don’t fish in the company pond, and I’ll mail ya both in a week or so.” Tony shook his hand and Kate hugged him as he left with Ducky, but then he stopped, “Oh, yeah, one more thing – give McGee hell, he deserves it.”

Tony gave Kate a huge grin even as Gibbs came out of the elevator, “Aw, thanks, Xander, we needed to have something make our day and you just did it.”

Gibbs, for his part, looked as irritated as he normally was, “Do it on your own time, DiNozzo, we’ve got work to do.” He then stopped and looked at Harris, “Sorry to see you go, kid.”

“Sorry to be going, Gunny. Doubt I could get you to seriously think about taking a job as a sort of DI to a group of teenaged girls, right?”

Gibbs shuddered, “No thanks, kid – I like what sanity my ex-wives left me.” He then tossed a set of keys to Tony, “Get the truck, Tony, multiple homicide found in a Navy Captain’s house – his wife says that ‘aliens’ did it.”

Tony caught the keys, “Is she nuts, boss? I mean, come on, little green men?”

Kate shook her head, “Forget it, Tony – we’ll probably only have it until those two yahoos from the FBI get sent in … Skulder and Mouldy, something like that…”

Xander smirked as he got onto the elevator with Ducky, holding back slightly about ‘The Truth’ until he and Ducky were in the elevator car, doors shut, “If they only knew The Truth, Ducky.”

“Quite right – why, I remember my first visit to that quaint little place out in the desert, Area 51, I do believe it was called …”

(4 days later – Council HQ)

Rupert Giles repressed a massive grin as the last of his ‘kids’ settled into his new office, having been immediately granted a job as interim Head in charge of the Slayers by an overwhelming majority of the Council, and knew that the boy would have a lot of his plate in the coming days, “Tell me, Xander, just what possessed you to offer Doctor Mallard the job of Council Liaison? You knew he would turn it down, given his prior past with us.”

Xander looked up from what appeared to be a schedule, which, unless his eyes deceived him, started with the words ‘0500 – Awaken Slayers’, and grinned, “Well, I was actually hoping that he would accept it – I trust about four people to do the job and he’s one of them.”

Giles walked into the office a little further, sitting down into a vaguely-offered seat from Xander, and smiled slightly, “And just whom did you get to accept the job, Xander? Please tell me it wasn’t that troll over at the FBI, Fornell.”

Xander shuddered slightly, “Hell no – let’s just say that, when she checks her e-mail, I’ll have a response from her in a few seconds, one way or another.” He gave Xander an odd look and the man sat back in his chair, his brown eyes sparkling with amusement, “Let’s just say that Abby’s never been able to turn down a challenge, and this is one of the ultimate challenges she’ll run across.”

Giles shuddered this time, “Xander, if she accepts I’ll be forced to enforce a strict dress code – Council Liaison to the US Government is not a position that can be taken lightly … even if it is based out of Cleveland.”

“Good luck, G-man,” Xander said with a slight grin in his voice, “Abby’s not much for rules, even less-so than me.” He sat back in his seat again and groaned, “So, what brings you here, Giles?”

“I have a meeting in a few minutes with one of the more reputable hunting agencies here in England and I want you to come with me to meet them – if I work things correctly, they will be lending us some of their trainers until we get some of our own.”

Xander nodded and stood, pulling on the official-looking suit jacket and Dawn, Willow and Faith had ‘talked him into’ buying, which Giles read to mean that he’d actually showed his male survival instincts and had listened to the threats the girls were making, “So, who are we meeting?”

Giles stood as well, “Her name is Sir Integra Fairbrook Windgates Hellsing, of the Hellsing Organization, and she is the leader of the Protestant Knights of the Table.”

“Sir? And … a woman?”

Giles shrugged, “No woman can sit at The Table, so she takes the title of ‘Sir’ and it works; she, however, isn’t the one I’m worried about.”

Xander looked at him for a moment and then reached into his desk, pulling out what looked to be a ridiculously oversized revolver, one that he doffed his jacket in order to put on a set of shoulder leathers before putting said pistol into said leather and putting the jacket back on. At his inquisitive look, Xander responded, “.44 magnum revolver – just in case.”

“Given what I’ve heard about her associate, you may need it – the man known as Alucard has been known to be … irritating.”

(One Hour later)

All was quiet and serene as she walked by the outer office of Sir Rupert Giles, where he and Mr. Harris were meeting with Sir Hellsing and her ‘associate’, Alucard; still, it was none of Margaret’s business what went on behind those doors, so she went about her business as if all was serene.

That serenity was broken when a female voice roared at someone else, “ALUCARD!” Not a second later, a shot was heard and, if her ears were right, it was from a Walther. Given their past, Margaret paid no attention to it at all.

What worried her was as the Walther barked out the rest of its ammunition, it was joined by the roar of a Magnum, one that Mr. Harris was reputed to carry until ‘he could find a decent handgun’. Silence reigned for a few seconds before a peal of female laughter was heard from within the office and a mock-irritated voice was heard saying, “Only my Master can shoot me, little boy!”

This statement was quickly followed by the muffled barks of what Margaret’s ears made out to be a hold-out 9mm and more female laughter.

Margaret just shook her head and went back to working on a proposal that Mr. Harris had given her to type up, pertaining to the Slayer’s new Drill instructors, one named Highway and the other named Zim.

AN: Okay people, that’s it for this chapter and the story – what do you think? Do I need to go on? Read and review, please.

The End

You have reached the end of "Old Enemies and Old Acquaintances". This story is complete.

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