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Old Enemies and Old Acquaintances

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This story is No. 2 in the series "NCIS Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Navy ZEPPO - look inside for more.

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Old Enemies and Old Acquaintances

Old Enemies And Old Acquaintances

Author: Anime Ronin

Rating: R

Summary: NCIS Agent Harris finds himself neck deep in trouble caused by old friends and enemies alike.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

AN: Sequel to Navy ZEPPO – don’t expect to see McGee, Faith, Willow, Dawn or the Kindred in this one at all outside of flashbacks … of course with the way my last story went, that could be total BS (no, not Buffy and Spike).

AN2: Story, post Flashback, starts about 6 months after last story.


(Flashback – 3 days before wedding in last story)

Xander rubbed his hands together, the chill of the Virginia November air starting to set in as the rest of his NCIS cohorts-turned-rookies-in-vampire-hunting finally arrived at the small grove of trees outside of a cemetery; Timothy McGee was dressed in his suit, something that Xander had told him NOT to do, but after the fight, something the twerp still blamed him for, he could give a rats ass about the guy, both Tony and Kate were dressed down in jeans, jackets and gloves, occasionally sniping at one another in a way that reminded Xander of himself and Cordelia back in high school just before a trip to the janitor’s closet for a quick make-out session, but while he and Cordelia, at the time, were an official couple, Tony and Kate were not, which played hell with the office pool. Gunny Gibbs, through, was just out of sight, waiting for his cue to come in and scare the hell out of either McGee or DiNozzo, hopefully the former because Timmy-boy hadn’t had a good scare in weeks, “Seeing as we’re all here, how about you two either make out or shut up so we can get this over with, Kate, Tony.”

Kate glared at him, which he shrugged off with a smile that caused Tony to snicker, earning the older man an elbow from Kate, “Where’s Gibbs?”

“Right here, Kate.” Tim jumped out of his loafers and Xander held a smirk of pure contempt as Gibbs stepped out of the shadows, “McGee, why aren’t you in something other than your work clothes?”

“Because vampires don’t exist, boss – this is nothing more than a Snipe Hunt.”

Xander smiled at McGee, “It’s a good thing I decided to use you as bait tonight, Tim-Bo – maybe a near-attack by a vamp will put the fear of both God and Satan into you.”

Tim glared at him, “And why not use Kate? Or how about Gibbs or Tony?”

Xander snorted, “Kate’s a no-go because she doesn’t give off the ‘helpless’ vibe, Tony has one that clearly is used by a plant and can you think of anything, alive, dead, undead or mechanical, that would be stupid enough to think of Gibbs as a snack?” Tim opened his mouth to say something then appeared to reconsider just what had been said and shut it, “Good, now, all you have to do is to walk through this place, slow and completely unaware, and try and look tasty – we’re going to shadow the vampires that are going to shadow you.”

Tim looked to want to object, but a glare from Gibbs silenced the objection and, with tail betwixt his legs, Tim took off on his ‘bait’ patrol, allowing Xander to pass out several surveyor stakes, “Movies have it right, for the vamps we’re going after – in the heart, but do yourselves a favor and don’t try to out-muscle them. Vamps are about four times as strong and as fast as you, so if you have a shot, take it.”

As they walked, almost twenty yards and with a row of hedges between them and McGee, but not so much that they lost sight of him, Xander shagged questions as they came from Tony and Kate about vampires and such – after the case involving Lady Diana and The Black Death, he felt it was time they know about some of the real world, but only as much as they were ready to handle, which lead to them being out on a bitingly cold night, tolling for vampires. Kate was a little skeptical of the whole idea, Tony only less so as if he knew it would piss Kate off, but it was Gibbs that had Xander worried – the old Gunnery Sergeant was taking this all way too well for a ‘rookie’, which made Xander wonder just what the older Agent knew.

“Harris, why do I get the feeling that you’re not telling us everything about what ‘really’ goes on in this world?”

He looked over at Gibbs, who was absently whittling the sharp edges off of his stake with a pocketknife, but also carving something into the sides of it as well, “Well, Gunny, it’s like the old saying – crawl before you walk; once you guys have proof …” Xander stopped talking and walking, something that the others quickly mirrored as a new pair of voices were heard from the other side of the hedges – one male, one female, and one slightly-panicked one that was McGee, “Shit.”

(McGee’s location)

“Look at what we have here, Traci,” the effeminate man that had melted out of the shadows in front of him purred to someone who was obviously behind him. Quite frankly, the feel he was getting off of the guy was like the one he got off of Abby, only with a darker, more sinister edge that made him want to go for his sidearm, “It looks like we have a meal.”

“Oh, and such a tasty one, too, Trevor.” He stood stock still as he felt a wet and cold tounge run over the side of his neck, a motion that he liked from Abby but not from whoever this was, “I can taste the fear running through him – lets eat him now.” Tim felt the possibly-female person behind him latch on to the back of his neck, something he was completely unable to break out of despite his struggles, and bend his neck off to one side, as if to bite him, “Still yourself, mortal – I hate it when my food squirms.”

Before Tim could say anything, he heard a muffled gunshot and watched as the ‘man’ in front of him … dissolved into dust? He found himself suddenly in freefall, having been flung away, as the woman screeched and a man’s voice was heard, a familiar one as the ground came closer.

“Now, decapitation of vampires is good, but explosive rounds like that are very illegal, so stick to bladed weapons or staking them through the heart.” Anything after that, Tim was a little busy being in pain from hitting the ground and rolling into the shrubs.

(Xander’s position)

“Now, seeing as we have only one other vampire to deal with, we’ll forego the staking … for now.” Gibbs and Tony both had their guns out, trained on the snarling woman while Kate was juggling the twin stakes that said agents had thrown at her, so Xander just walked forwards, pulling out a bottle, “Holy water is like acid to them – observe.” He doused the vampire with the water, the sizzling sound and smoke becoming immediate as she screamed, but then took a drink of the bottle himself to prove it was harmless, before putting it away, “Holy relics work, but … so does fire.”

As Xander pulled out a road flare, the bubbling remains of the vampire hissed at him, “Mortals, I will feast upon your bones and torture you for eternity.”

With a pop and a hiss, the flare erupted into life and Xander smiled, “By trying to impersonate Iggy Pop with the looks? I think not.” With a negligent flip of his wrist, the flare flew through the air and ignited the vampiress on contact – she burned and screeched even as McGee got to his feet, but then the dust came and she was no more, “So, any questions?”

(End Flashback – ‘The Pub’, 1349 hours, Norfolk, VA)

Xander grimaced at the amount of dust on the ground and the number of damage done by a lot of bullets, but also at the lack of casings and blood, “Well, this isn’t good.” He and the others had been called out to the club after shots had been heard fired sometime after dawn that morning, lots of them, and when the MP’s had taken the place, they had arrested four men with SMG’s and swords, four men who declared that they were British and wanted to speak to their consulate. This meant they were Watchers, or were Watchers, and that meant having to deal with that asshole Travers … eventually.

“Harris, I want you to check out the perimeter of this place, make sure that we didn’t miss anything, Tony, measurements, Kate, photos.” Gibbs noticed the same things he did, apparently, even as Ducky came back from the truck, “Duck, are you sure there was nobody killed here?”

“Nobody that could every be prosecuted, Jethro – I’ve taken samples of the dust on the floor, for analysis, but you and I both know what will happen of this.”

Xander, as he left the bar, knew that this was going to be a huge headache in the making … but the question still remained that he wanted to know what in the hell the Watchers were thinking sending a wet works team to America when the Slayer wasn’t rogue anymore.

(Next Day – Bull Pen)

Jethro Gibbs wasn’t an easy man to get along with before his first cup of coffee in the morning, and the man who had just stepped in front of him instantly made him wish that he’d foregone the cup he had just finished, “Mister Baker, of the British Consulate – what do you want? And if you are going to say your men out of our jail, then I’m going to have to disappoint you because we’ve matched their weapons to the shooting at a bar near the Naval Base. They’re going away for a very long time.”

“I’m not here for that, Agent Gibbs.” Jerome Baker was a man in his fifties, balding, with a slight gut and a superior attitude that came through easily in his British accent, “I am here to speak with Agent Harris and to deliver a message.”

“What message?” Gibbs held back a smile as Baker jumped and squealed in surprise at Harris’ voice from directly behind him – he’d taught the kid rather well when it came to sneaking up on people, as he practiced often on Kate, Abby and McGee, before the latter had been TAD over to Pearl Harbor.

Baker settled down, “Mister Harris, please do not scare me like that.”

“Agent, Mister Baker,” the kid growled. “My name is Agent Alexander Harris – not MISTER.”

Baker snorted, “Bloody Americans, always so temperamental. Regardless, Mister Giles wishes to have a word with you as to the nature of the … disturbance your team investigated yesterday.”

Harris just yawned, “If G-man wants to talk to me, he can get off of his British ass and come and find me.”

“He is currently in Autopsy, speaking with Doctor Mallard. Good day.” Baker waddled off and Gibbs got a good look at Harris – the kid wasn’t easy to piss off, but currently he looked ready to tear into a Company of the most bloody-thirsty Marines on the planet, bare-handed, and would probably win.

“What’s up his butt, Xander?” Tony walked over, muffin in hand, and looked vaguely curious, “You haven’t annoyed anyone like that since Fornell last month.”

Xander said nothing as he turned on his heel and made his way towards, Gibbs presumed, Autopsy, his face set into a mask of stone, “Huh, I haven’t see that kind of face since my second wife.”

AN: Okay, a little tension, a lot of anger - what's going on here? Find out some of it in the next chapter, coming to a computer screen near you. R&R, AR.
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