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A Willow In Wolf's Clothing

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Summary: Willow transfers to Washington University at St. Louis to get away from things that go bump in the night. Too bad for her that things go bump in the night in St. Louis too. Willow/Richard

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardCarolFR153138,7541035100,4363 Jan 0328 Jan 03Yes

Blue Moon Cabins

Chapter 13

Willow stared out the window of the SUV. All she could see for

miles was trees and wow, more trees. Tennessee had pretty

countryside but it was becoming monotonous being in a car for so

long. The caffeine had worn off. Willow was now a very tired

Willow. Who would have thought that sitting in a car for several

hours could be so draining? It wasn’t like she was driving.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Da, as she had started calling Jamil and

Shang Da in the privacy of her own mind, were splitting those honors.

Just when Willow thought she would scream from the utter boredom,

Shang Da pulled off the highway and onto a gravel road. They must

be near the destination. She could only hope. This truly was the

middle of nowhere. She had a discomforting thought that they may be

roughing it. She wanted her trappings of civilization. She was a

city girl and wasn’t sure wanted to commune that much with

nature. A monthly communion at the lupanar was all she had in


Her thoughts were interrupted with the cessation of motion. Shang

Da had parked the vehicle. She couldn’t get out fast enough.

She hopped out and began stretching. Muscles screamed at her for

being cooped up too long. The others got out and went to greet a

man coming towards them. Willow walked around the vehicle to follow

the group.

The man had a smile on his weathered face. He had shoulder length

grey hair and a moustache. He bore a passing resemblance to that

actor Sam Elliot. He was yummy in an aging distinguished kind of

way. He stepped to Richard and gave him one of those one-armed man

hugs. Willow could feel his power even from where she was

standing. This guy was definitely a lycanthrope.

“Richard, it is good to see you my old friend. Hopefully, this

visit will be better than the last time you were here.” Older man


Richard smiled a little smile. “One can always hope.”

The older man then greeted Jamil and Shang Da with a handshake

each. He looked past Richard and straight at Willow. She gave a

tentative smile in return.

“Hello, who is this? Your new lupa? She is a cute little

thing.” He gave her a big smile in return.

Willow blushed. She wished but Richard yummyness was probably not

in her future. “Um, no. I’m not the lupa. Just one of the

wolves. I’m Willow. I didn’t get your name.”

“I’m Verne and I’m the Ulfric of Oak Tree Clan. It is a

pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He turned back to Richard.

“You didn’t say over the phone what exactly you needed. Just

that you needed to talk to Marianne.” Verne looked inquiringly at


Richard looked back at Willow as he spoke, “Willow has the

ability to channel the munin. She is having difficulties with it.

She needs a mentor and can’t find anyone in our pack that can

help.” A meaningful look passed between Verne and Richard at

that. Anita would not be mentioned out loud in this conversation.

Verne spoke up again, “Well, let’s get y’all settled into

your cabins. I’ll call Marianne for you and tell her that

you’ve arrived.” He then led them to a series of small

box-like cabins.

Willow went back to the car to get her stuff. She needed to call

her aunt so she could stop worrying. Maybe Willow could take a

shower and just relax for a while. She couldn’t wait. Jamil

handed her suitcase to her. She smiled at him and said,


Willow’s cabin was small but clean. The room was done up in

soothing blue colors. A painting by Monet hung on the wall. She

squinted at it to try to make it out. She had a theory that Monet

probably was nearsighted. It looked like a picture of one of the

canals in Venice. At least, that was what she guessed.

She set her stuff down and went to the phone to call her aunt. Her

aunt asked her how the trip was so far and if she was having fun.

Willow thought it was too soon to tell if fun-having was occurring.

She would keep an eye out in case that happened. She talked a few

more minutes with her aunt and then rung off.

She picked up her bags and placed them on the bed. She was going to

be there for a few days so she might as well un-pack and place her

things in the dresser across from the bed. She felt grubby and

tired. She needed to wash off the road grime and take a little

nap. The guys can come and get her when they need her. With that

thought, Willow headed for the bathroom.
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