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A Willow In Wolf's Clothing

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Summary: Willow transfers to Washington University at St. Louis to get away from things that go bump in the night. Too bad for her that things go bump in the night in St. Louis too. Willow/Richard

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardCarolFR153138,7541035100,4483 Jan 0328 Jan 03Yes

Grab the Pebble From My Hand, Grasshopper

Chapter 15

Willow wanted to tear out her hair in frustration. She was already

suppressing the urge to scream. She felt stymied. She didn't

like feeling that she couldn't move beyond a certain point. She

never did like the feeling that she might be incompetent. It

brought back bad memories of spells that had gone all wonky on her.

Willow lifted her head up to look at the cause of her frustration.

Marianne calmly returned her gaze. She was radiating serenity that

only a Buddhist monk would be able to rival. That also frustrated

Willow. How could she be so calm?

Willow wanted to tackle the whole controlling munin issue. She was

no longer frightened of the idea of munin possession. Marianne had

explained that munin are the deceased spirits of former pack

members. The role of the munin was one of spiritual guidance to the

common good of the pack. They weren't out to just mess with the

lives of those who had the ability to channel them.

Willow had the ability to channel due to her witchy status. Anyone

could channel the munin if they are accepted by the pack and hold

rudimentary psychic abilities. Lucky Willow had the capability but

Marianne wasn't letting her try. Marianne was taking everything

so slow.

Marianne was going over meditation exercises with Willow. Willow

needed to incorporate her witchiness with her wolfiness. Marianne

wouldn't let her progress beyond this. Marianne thought that

channeling the munin along with dealing with her wolfiness was too

dangerous. Willow needed to be whole before she could properly

handle the intrusions of spiritual others.

Marianne interrupted Willow's `meditation' by standing

up. "I think that this is all we are going to be able to

accomplish for the day. Cheer up. You are doing fine. I'm only

taking things this slow because you have so much un-tapped power

within you due to your beast and your innate magic. We'll get

there but it just will have to take a while."

Willow finally gave a grudging smile. "I guess. Will you drive

me back to the cabins or do I need to call the guys?"

"I'll drive you back. It isn't an inconvenience to


Marianne led Willow out of her house and down to her truck. They

got on and Willow braced herself for the bumpy ride back to the Blue

Moon Cabins where she was staying.

Willow waved a farewell to Marianne. Marianne turned her truck

around and went back the way she had come. Willow gazed around the

cabins. The only people staying there were her, Richard, Jamil, and

Shang-Da. She didn't see them about so she went to Richard's


She knocked at Richard's door. She heard a question of "Who

is it?" She replied, "Cranky Willow." She then opened

the door and strolled into the cabin.

Richard, Jamil, and Shang-Da were sitting around cardboard table

playing cards. They looked up as Willow came into the room.

Richard smiled one of Willow-melting smiles. "What has you so

cranky? Lessons not going well?"

She huffed, "You could say that. Marianne is taking everything

so slow. I think I will be ready for my old age pension before she

decides that I'm ready to channel the munin."

Shang-Da looked away from his cards at Willow. "These things

take time. You have to be patient."

Willow rolled her eyes. "Sure, take her side. I don't have

all the time in the world. The next lupanar will be happening in

just a few weeks. I have to be ready by then."

Jamil finally chimed into the conversation, "You will be ready by

then, Fireball. It has only been a few days."

Willow's eyebrows shot up to her hairline with his use of that

nickname. Jamil thought it best suited her after they suffered from

the consequences of a caffeinated Willow. She gave an evil

grin. "Whatever you say, Tweedle Dee."

Jamil gave a mock growl at her for being a pain in the ass. She

could get away with it. She could play cute and non-threatening.

Her smile widened at his reaction.

A pounding knock was heard at the door. Jamil and Shang-Da visibly

stiffened. Their serious demeanors were put back in place by the

presence at the door. Willow could feel the shifter energy from

where she was sitting. "Were you expecting somebody?"

Richard replied, "No." He then called out to the door.

"Who is it?"

A woman's voice replied seductively, "It's Lucy. May I

come in?" She didn't bother waiting for Richard's reply.

She strolled into the cabin like she belonged there and that

everyone else was trespassing. Willow took an immediate dislike to


The woman made a beeline for Richard. She gave a kiss on the cheek

and draped an arm around his shoulders. "I heard you were back

in town." She then gave a little pout. "You didn't call

to tell me. I missed you, Richard."

Willow could feel her hackles rising up with the presence of this

woman. She was such a…well Willow couldn't think of a bad

enough adjective to do the woman justice. Willow could feel her

shields slip a little. The beast wanted to take a bite out of the

woman. Willow couldn't come up with any good reasons not to.

The woman casually glanced in Willow's direction. She gave a

dismissive gesture of Willow's presence. "Are you all

alone?" The woman had the gall to ask Richard. "No Anita

around to hold your leash?" Willow saw Richard stiffen at the

mention of her name.

Richard shrugged her arm of his shoulders and stood up. "No,

Anita is not here. I'm here to help one of my pack members with

a problem. Nothing to concern yourself with Lucy. I'm not here

to socialize with you."

Lucy again invaded Richard's space. She purred into his ear,

"But you use to like socializing with me. Remember the last

time? You should have picked me for your lupa. Anita isn't one

of us and if that one over there is anything to go by there isn't

anyone worthy enough to be your mate in your own pack."

Willow let out a growl at that. She had just insulted her and her

entire pack. True, it was just the females but still it was an

insult. Willow stood up also.

Lucy gave a smug smile. "Got something to say, Little One?"

Richard tried to intervene but Willow wasn't having any of it.

She was tired, frustrated, and cranky. To top that off, she had

been insulted by some stranger. Willow wasn't going to take it.

"Yeah, I have something to say. No one insults my pack and gets

away with it." She finished her spiel by invading Lucy's

personal space.

Lucy gave another smile that further infuriated Willow. "Think

you can take me on, Little One?"

Willow looked up at Lucy and gave an evil smile of her own. "I

can take you on any day. I'm more than enough to put you in your


Lucy nodded at Willow. "Fine, the next time the pack meets at

the lupanar will have us an official challenge. We can fight until

the other submits." Lucy turned back to Richard and gave a

sultry look. "I look forward to seeing you again. Bye for


She regally strolled out of the room and slammed the door.

Willow was still seething when she turned around to look at the

faces of the guys. She faced bewildered expressions by them all.

She put her hands on her hips. She gave them a demanding,


They shook their heads in unison. She then gave a mental groan.

What had she gotten herself into?
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