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A Willow In Wolf's Clothing

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Summary: Willow transfers to Washington University at St. Louis to get away from things that go bump in the night. Too bad for her that things go bump in the night in St. Louis too. Willow/Richard

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardCarolFR153138,7541035100,4123 Jan 0328 Jan 03Yes

Shake your bon-bon

Chapter 22

Willow had gone over to Sylvie's house for advice. Actually, she

wanted to speak with Gwen regarding the Richard situation. Willow

would have discussed it with her aunt but she couldn't give all

the necessary facts for an educated opinion. Her aunt knew about

her lycanthropy but she didn't really know the identities of any

other pack members. It was for her aunt's safety that Willow

kept her in the dark. Auntie understood. The world likes to

discriminate against those who were occasionally furry.

So, here Willow sat on Sylvie and Gwen's couch waiting for Gwen

to get off work. Sylvie had gone into the kitchen to get them

something to drink. Sylvie was really cool. She didn't press

for any details. She knew that Willow would tell her if she felt

like it. Personally, Sylvie was relieved that Willow said nothing.

Gwen was so much better at the heart to heart thing.

Gwen walked in through the front door. She called out a cheerful

greeting to Sylvie. Sylvie came out of the kitchen and gave Gwen a

kiss. Sylvie then motioned for Gwen to follow her into the living


Willow sat up straighter on the couch. She gave a tentative

smile. "Um, hi Gwen. I need to talk to you about something

privately. If you don't mind?"

Sylvie handed Willow a glass of tea and excused herself. Willow

could hear the heavy footfalls as Sylvie climbed the stairs. Willow

kept silent until she heard the bedroom door close.

Gwen kicked off her shoes and joined Willow on the couch. "So,

what's got you all flustered, Willow?"

Willow gave a sigh. "I'm really confused. You know about my

going to Myerton with Richard, Jamil, and Shang-Da, Right?"

Gwen nodded. "Yes, I heard you got into challenge combat with

one of Richard's ex-girlfriends."

Willow gave a sheepish grin. "Well, when you put it like that.

It sounds kind of high schoolish."

Gwen gave an encouraging smile. "Well, I can't help the way

the rumor is worded, Willow. So, what is bothering you? What

happened at Oak Tree's lupanar? Or something else?"

Willow shyly bowed her head. "It's a something else. I went

to that big party at the Danse Macabre with my friend, Spike."

"Your vampire friend from California?"

Willow nodded. "Exactly. While I was there, well I was having a

good time with Spike and a friend of his. Damian, I think was his

name. Well, Richard sent Shang-Da to fetch me. He gave me a

lecture about vampires being dangerous and then he kissed me. I

don't know where Richard was going with that because we were

interrupted by Jean-Claude and Anita." Willow blushed at the

last bit of her confession.

Gwen had a thoughtful expression upon her face. "Hmmm. And you

want to know what this all means?"

"Yup, Is there something political going on that I don't know

about? I mean, first Jean-Claude practically orders Spike to bring

me to the Circus and then take me to the party. And now Richard is

acting weird. Am I pawn?"

Gwen sighed heavily. "Quite possibly. The triumvirate is a

tricky relationship to define. Jean-Claude, Anita Blake, and

Richard are tied together in a mystical bond. They don't always

get along either. There is a lot of anger and jealousy amongst

them. But without more information, I can't give you really good


Willow slumped. "I thought you might say that. Guess I'll

just have to play it by ear. I really hate mind games, especially

when I'm involved."

Gwen gave Willow a hug. "You're a smart girl. You just try

your best to stay out of the power struggles and you'll be fine.

Gwen paused a moment. She was taking in Willow's outfit for the

evening. "So, why are you so dressed up?"

Willow's eyes gleamed with a wicked light. "Would you like

to come with me and find out?"


Sylvie and Gwen both had a good laugh at Willow's destination for

the evening. She had managed to talk them into accompanying her to

Jean-Claude's strip club also known as Guilty Pleasures. They

were curious to meet her friend Spike. Tonight was his first night

on stage. Willow promised that she would be there to cheer him on.

He had been a little worried but Willow knew better. Once Spike got

on that stage he would be fine. He loved being the center of

attention. How much more attention-getting could one get?

Sylvie managed to wrangle a table close to the stage. She could be

very demanding when she wanted to. Sylvie had insisted once she

learned that this was Willow's first time ever at a strip club.

Willow was going to have a good time if Sylvie had anything to say

about it.

Sylvie motioned for one of the waiters to come over and take their

drink orders. Willow wasn't so sure after her last alcohol

debacle. Sylvie insisted and Willow caved under the good natured

pressure. Soon, they were sipping their drinks waiting for the

floor show to begin.

The lights dimmed and the audience became rowdy in anticipation. A

slow thumping song came over the speakers. A spotlight highlighted

the stage. A man, with the longest hair Willow had ever seen on the

male sex, sashayed onto the stage.

His dark auburn hair was pulled away from his face by a small clip

at the base of his neck. The crowd began to chant

`Nathaniel' as he did a slow bump and grind. Willow got

caught up in the excitement and was soon shouting encouragement.

Sylvie and Gwen were laughing at Willow's antics. Willow had

managed to make a dive for Nathaniel's silk shirt. She had to

wrestle it away from some bitchy peroxide blonde. Willow had

actually growled at the woman. Sylvie and Gwen could barely stay

seated from all the laughter they were not managing to hold in.

Willow stuck out her tongue in response.

Nathaniel was now making a circuit of the club. Gwen encouraged

Willow to hold up a bill to get his attention. Willow feeling

completely liberated by the alcohol in her system agreed readily.

She wasn't prepared for Nathaniel to pull her up on her feet as

he slowly slid down her body. She blushed but still remembered to

slip the money in his g-string. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and

continued on his merry way.

Willow bounced in her seat. This was what she had been waiting

for. It was time for Spike's debut on the stage. Willow gulped

down the drink that she had been nursing. She was feeling no pain

whatsoever. Gwen and Sylvie turned to the stage in curious

expectation. They had never had the pleasure of meeting Willow's


The M.C. called out over the speakers. "Please give a warm

welcome for our newest entertainer, Spike!"

The lights began to strobe in time with the thumping techno. Spike

had chosen Lords of Acid for his debut music. Spike twirled out

onto the stage. He was decked out like the bad boy that he was.

His hair had been bleached white and stood up in spikes. He had a

vicious-looking dog collar on. His well-defined muscular chest was

covered in a skin tight black wife-beater. He was wearing black

jeans and had his combat boots on. His pale skin stood in sharp

contrast to the dark of his clothing.

He was dancing around like Tigger on crack. The crowd was getting

into his high level of energy. He hit the floor and did a few

finger pushups with one hand behind his back. Willow started

shouting for him to take it off. She wanted to see skin.

He finally stood and tore the shirt right off his back. The crowd

went wild as he began to twirl the shirt around. He tossed it into

the crowd. A mad scramble for the article of clothing ended when a

middle-aged woman cried in triumph. Spike during this had kicked

off both of his boots. He was now only wearing those jeans.

He grabbed Willow's hands and pulled her against his body. He

had a wicked smirk on his face. Willow wasn't going to blush. He

thought she would cringe and try to hide from the crowd. Well, he

was so wrong. Willow ran her hands up his chest and around to the

back of his neck. His smile widened in reaction. He pulled her

closer and they ground together. He leaned down and gave a quick

kiss onto Willow's lips. He then danced out of her embrace.

Willow sat down with a sigh.

Spike had returned to center stage and was shimmying out of those

jeans. He tossed that article into the crowd. Willow almost had a

heart attack at what he was left in. His long lean body was only

clad in a black leather studded g-string. Spike coaxed more ladies

to dance with him. By the end of his routine, his g-string was

covered in bills.

Willow could tell Spike just loved his new job.
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