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A Willow In Wolf's Clothing

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Summary: Willow transfers to Washington University at St. Louis to get away from things that go bump in the night. Too bad for her that things go bump in the night in St. Louis too. Willow/Richard

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardCarolFR153138,7541035100,4363 Jan 0328 Jan 03Yes

First Date, Take Two

Chapter 25

Willow sat on her bed and pondered how much money she would need to

skip the country. Things just didn’t seem to be working out here

in St. Louis. Maybe she was cursed or something? That is a

possibility. It would explain why her life is turning out the way

it is.

Willow didn’t ask to be infected. Yes, she had forgiven Michael.

But she couldn’t help but long for the relative peace of

anonymity when she was just a witch. Now, she was caught up in some

crazy plot with pushy vampires, ticked off werewolves, and let’s

not forget Ms. Blake. What wrong turn did she make to find herself

in an episode of “Passions?”

Willow sighed. Well, time to get out of this dress. If running is

going to occur, then she needed to change into something more

comfortable. She rummaged around her closet until she found a worn

pair of faded blue jeans. She tossed it onto the bed and kicked off

her heels. She took of the dress and hung it up on a hanger. She

found an oversized sweat shirt with Washington University emblazoned

upon it. Nothing is more comforting than old baggy clothes.

Willow got changed and headed downstairs for a snack. Auntie had

already left for the evening. Something about going out for a few

drinks with some of her colleagues. Who would have thought that

Auntie was going to have more fun this evening than Willow? Willow

could have been blushing by now being in the close proximity of the

ever hunky Richard. But no, the evening had been ruined by

vampires. You can take the girl out of Sunnydale but you can’t

take the Sunnydale out of the girl.

Willow shuffled towards the kitchen. She heard a knocking at the

front door. What could it be now? Door to door Demons? Willow

peeked out one of the side windows near the door. Great, it is

Richard. Hope he isn’t still pissed. Though that would be the

perfect ending to her evening. Willow gulped and opened the door.

“Hi, Richard. Just happened to be in my neighborhood?”

Willow hoped a little that maybe if she played cute and non-

threatening that maybe Richard wouldn’t be too angry. After all,

she did kind of disobey a direct order from her Ulfric in front of

the Master of the city. Hope there won’t be any thumbscrews

involved. Spike said there were many uses to thumbscrews and all of

them icky.

Richard smiled a very grim smile. “May I come in, Willow?”

Willow gave a weak grin in return. “Sure, why not?” She

gestured for him to come into the house. He brushed passed her. He

didn’t seem to be as angry. He still had an air of determination


“So, would you like to sit in the living room? My aunt is out

for the evening. She won’t mind if you make yourself at

home.” Willow led Richard into the living room and plopped down

on the couch. Richard sat down next to her.

Richard took in the outfit she was wearing. Willow blushed. Way to

impress, she thought sourly. At least she wasn’t wearing her

oldest and holiest of jeans. That would have been mortifying.

“So, Willow. About our date…”

Willow interrupted. “Um, sorry about running off and everything

but you know don’t do the emotional confrontation really well.

You didn’t really need me there for whatever you needed to say to

Jean-Claude. And I probably didn’t need to know what ever was

going on…” Richard placed a finger on her mouth in an effort to

stem the flood of babble.

“Breathe, Willow.” He graced her with a Willow-melting

smile. “I’m not angry at you. Don’t worry about

Jean-Claude. I took care of it. It was just a jurisdictional

dispute. Nothing for you to worry about it. What I came here to

say was, would you like to try this date thing again? The evening

is still young.”

Willow smiled and then frowned when she took in her outfit.

“Well, I’m not really dressed for going out now. I don’t

quite feel up to being around masses of people either.”

Richard got a thoughtful look on his face. “Do you like Chinese


Willow nodded.

Richard then smiled. “Well, how about we go back to my place and

watch some movies and eat takeout. A no pressure first date. How

does that sound?”

Willow took all of two seconds to decide. “Sure, but I get to

pick the movie.”

Richard escorted Willow to the car and opened her door. Willow

wasn’t used to all this chivalrous behavior. It was a nice



When they had arrived at Richard’s house, he had told her to make

herself at home while he went to change. Willow plopped herself

down in front of his video collection. The man sure did love his

musicals. She would have never guessed. She finally settled on one

that she had never had the chance to watch. She placed it on top of

the video player and settled back on the couch for a fit of nervous


He came out of his bedroom. He was still buttoning his shirt.

Willow would have never thought that flannel would be a personal

turn-on for her. He was clad in some holey jeans and bare foot.

Ooh, he had sexy feet too. Was there any imperfections? None that

she could find and she was really looking.

“So, did you find something to watch?” He asked this as he

sat down next to her. She felt herself grow just a tad warmer.

“Yeah, I’ve never watched the Music Man before and I’m

curious.” Willow looked up into his big brown eyes as she said


He gave a mock-look of horror. “How terrible for you. You have

led a deprived life. I’ll introduce you to the wonderful world

of musicals. Nothing like a little bit of harmless fun to take your

mind off your troubles.”

He popped the tape into the player and sat back against the couch.

Willow scooted a little closer and felt his arm go around her

shoulders. This was nice. Maybe Richard smoochies were in her

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