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A Willow In Wolf's Clothing

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Summary: Willow transfers to Washington University at St. Louis to get away from things that go bump in the night. Too bad for her that things go bump in the night in St. Louis too. Willow/Richard

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardCarolFR153138,7541035100,4363 Jan 0328 Jan 03Yes

Does this mean a trip to the vet?

Chapter 3

The darkness receded, leaving a confused and achy Willow in its

place. She slowly opened her eyes to take in her surroundings. She

was no longer on the ground near the parking lot. She took this as

a good sign. Her new surroundings had a doctor's office feel to

them. She took that as another good sign that she hadn't gone

into the afterlife.

The overhead lights were off. The room was lit from the side by the

light bar that was concealed from sight by a set of cabinets. She

was reclining on an exam table. Her shirt and bra were missing but

she still had her pants. A hospital gown covered the top part of

her body.

She struggled to a sitting position. She had to stop to catch her

breath. Her ribs ached. Finally, she managed a more upright

position. She looked down the front of her gown to find bandages

covering the wounds that Michael had inflicted.

"Oh, God! Michael! What happened to Michael?" she

exclaimed. Panic set deep into her bones. She was trying to

remember exactly what had happened. The memories were blurry. Had

she killed again with her magic? Self-loathing arose from the

depths of her soul.

Her trip to despair was cut off by the opening of the door. A

kindly silver-haired lady came into the room. She smiled gently at

Willow. "Hello Willow, I'm Dr. Lillian. How are you

feeling?" the doctor enquired.

Willow was dumbfounded. "Was she in police custody? Why was the

nice lady doctor being so gentle with her? Was Michael alive? Was

she going to be executed for using offensive magic on another human

being? What was going on?" Willow thought aloud to herself.

The doctor lady sat down on the stool. "Well, to answer your

first question," the doctor lady said with a smile.

Willow grimaced. She realized she had said all that spiel aloud.

The doctor continued speaking, "You are not in police custody.

You are being treated at the underground shifter hospital. I'm

being gentle with you because you've had quite the shock," she

smiled at that. "Michael is alive amazingly enough. I don't

know how to answer the magic question. I'm a doctor not a

lawyer. As for what's going on. Let me go get someone who could

probably answer your questions better."

Willow was again alone with her too many thoughts. Why do shifters

have their own hospital and why was she here? How had Michael

survived her onslaught? Was it because he wasn't completely


She looked up when she heard the door open. To her absolute

surprise, her professor, Dr. Lois Fane, strolled into the room. He

seemed relieved that Willow was awake.

"Lillian said you were just full of questions. Of course, I know

that from first hand experience," said with a grin from Dr.

Fane. "I was the one who found you. I heard your screaming and

ran as fast as I could. I found you and a naked Michael unconscious

on the ground. I realized that Michael was a shifter and that if

humans found you that it could be dangerous for you both. Humans

are not completely understanding to the plight of shifters. I

brought you both to Dr. Lillian for medical help."

Willow pondered all that he said. "Why bring me too? Are you a

shifter also? I mean, you go on about humans like you're not one

of them," Willow put a pause in her questions. She had a

horrifying thought. "You think that I've been infected!"

she exclaimed.

He looked sad but resolute. "Chances are you have been infected.

Those scratches were deep and Michael has wolf lycanthropy. You

know from my class that the wolf type is the most contagious type of


Willow couldn't seem to get her thoughts in order. They

scattered in the face of that fact. She probably would be furry.

Just when she thought she might have a slim chance at being normal,

life just snatches it away. Great, not only was she a recovering

dabbler of the dark arts but now she had to get used to monthly

mandatory furry time. This was too much. She felt dizzy.

Dr. Fane gave her an understanding smile. "It will take some

getting used to but I have faith that you will get through this,


Willow took her hand away from her head. "Are you going to help


Dr. Fane sat down on the little stool near the exam table.

"Willow, I'm not a wolf. You will need help from your own

kind. I've called Richard about this situation. He's your

Ulfric. He is sending down his Geri, Sylvie, to help you adjust to

your new life. And before you ask, Ulfric means king werewolf.

Sylvie will be here soon and she will answer any questions that you

will have."

Willow looked hard at Dr. Fane. "You said that you're not a

wolf. Can I ask what kind of shifter you are?"

Dr. Fane smiled again. "I'm a wererat."

Willow was thunderstruck. "Wow, a wererat. We haven't

covered that yet in class."

Dr. Fane stood up. "No, we haven't. We'll cover that

after midterms. Sylvie should be here by now. I'm going to go

out and see if she has." He patted her hand. "Don't

worry Willow, everything will work out eventually."

Willow lay back down after Dr. Fane left the room. She closed her

eyes. She was so bone-weary from the events of the night. All she

had wanted to do was get back home to her aunt. Was that too much

to ask from fate? She needed to call her aunt. She would be

completely frantic by now. Willow had to be hours overdue. She

glanced down to her wrist and saw that the watch was no longer

there. Well, as soon as they let her go from this place then she

would call her aunt to come get her. Willow drifted off to a light

sleep. Her body still needed to recover from all the night's

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