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It's Cold Outside

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Summary: New family is found, new enemies and a strange relationship forms.

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredLucifaelFR18611,74744232,4537 Dec 0410 Jun 05No

Chapter 06

TITLE: It's Cold Outside.
AUTHOR: Siege (
DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere just let me know `K
DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Whedon and M.E. Smallville belongs to the great WB.
SUMMARY: New family is found, new enemies and a strange relationship forms.
FEEDBACK: The more I get, the faster I write, and the more often I'll post.
CATEGORY: Action/Adventure/Crossover
RELATIONSHIPS: X/?? It's a surprise.
BEWARE: Spoilers for Btvs S2,3,4. And Smallville Up to Series 4, episode 4 :-).
DATE: Started: 06/12/2004 - Completed: XX/XX/2005.
WORD COUNT: ??,???
BETA'D: I'm posting this live in an effort to keep the creative juices flowing. Milli seems to be trying to get another holiday, hopefully this will stop her.

This is my Christmas Present to my readers. I hope you like it. I'm having trouble in RL still and added to that is a bad hand. So typing is, not easy. So this may be slow. But I hope to get a part out a day. We shall see if I succeed. I've no idea how long this will be, but I'm posting in a serialized format, so it may end up being quite long.

Time Line Notes; I've brought BtVS Time line up a few years. Xander in this Fic graduated Class of 2003. That makes him a year or so older than Clark in this FIC.

A/N 02 : Sorry this is SO late it's almost the next Christmas on from when I started it. I'm still working on it, and it'll come out as RL allows. Please give me loads of feedback as it's really helping to cheer me up at the moment and I really need it :)

Chloe Sullivan walked into the Talon with her usual clipped step and a smile on her face. She had nothing to do that day, no big story for the torch, nothing but have a cup of coffee and hopefully catch up to her friend Lana and swap some fun back and forth.

She saw the brunette's head facing away from her on one of the couch seats and frowned when she noticed the head next to her. It looked like it could be Clark, but she wasn't sure. Being the ever curious reporter she was; there was only one thing to do and that was to investigate.

"Hey there" she said with one of her large beaming smile that seemed to light up the surrounding area.

Two heads turned to face her, both laughing from something and whilst one was certainly Lana, the other was certainly NOT Clark. He looked a little like him perhaps, but where Clark had bright blue eyes, these were twin pools of chocolate and the face and general look was more swarthy than Clark. So hiding her surprise and hoping she'd not just butted into a date Chloe waited for Lana to be able to form a sentence, something the other woman was having a problem doing at that exact moment.

"Oh hey there Chloe. Come on in and join us. I'd like you to meet someone!" Lana said with laughing eyes.

Chloe quickly took her up on the offer, this obviously wasn't a love interest, at least of Lana's, but there was something 'news' worthy about him. She could feel it. Even if it was just scuttlebutt between friends. "Hi; I'm Chloe" she said when she deemed her friend to be too slow in making the intro's.

"Xander Harris" the dark haired man said with a lopsided smile. He shook her hand warmly, and actually rose out of his chair as she sat down. Chloe just sort of blinked in a bemused way at the old manners and looked expectantly at her friend for the full story.

"Xander is my cousin"

Chloe frowned.

Lana caught her before she could ask, "It's a new thing. I didn't know my mom had another sister either but she did, this is her son Xander and my cousin. Family I didn't know I had!"

Chloe knew what it meant to her friend to have family and prayed there and then that nothing wall of weird was going to happen to or because of this guy. "Well in that case I'm VERY pleased to meet you."

"Thanks; I think" Xander said with a bemused smile. "Lana was just telling me some ... interesting tales about the town, and why she needed to be saved" he added the last with a frown. "Seems like a dangerous place."

Lana and Chloe laughed, "You have no idea. You should see the wall of weird sometime" Chloe said.

"Wall of Weird?"

"Just a little shrine to all the weird crap that's happened in this town since the meteor shower."

Suddenly the air felt heavier, "There's been weird stuff going on since that. Nothing before?" Xander asked his eyes bright and mind working.

"Well, actually..." Chloe said slowly.

Lana looked at her, "What?"

"I've recently been finding out that Smallville's been weird on a smaller scale for a very long time. Like a couple of centuries actually. Hell they once found a baby out in the middle of a field back in the 80's and that was just before the shower hit."

Xander's face closed up. There was no other way to describe it. And Chloe watched it with interest. It was almost a mirror of the way Clark got when she got close to something about him. Suddenly Chloe found that she was a lot more interested in that story than she had been only a few seconds ago and made a mental note to follow up on that one later. She gave herself a little shake and switched subjects, "Funnily enough I've got MY cousin coming into town tomorrow"

"Hey maybe we should have a show and tell at school" Lana added with a smirk.

"As you know, mines already been to our school and hated it" Chloe said with a laugh. "She was very pleased when 'someone' sorted out her admission for her into Metropolis University."

Lana just laughed, "Yeah she didn't seem to like it very much. Though she seemed to take to the paper pretty quick"

"You guys still go to school" Xander said in remembrance cutting into the conversation, "Hell, I'd forgotten that. Leaving this year though I suppose?"

"No next. We're all being held back" Chloe said, "The schools lost so many teacher's and then other weird stuff going on that we literally have lost out on a year of school."

It was Xander's turn to smirk, "Sucks to be you."

Off of Chloe's curious look Lana filled in, "Xander left this year; Lucky guy. Spent some time doing the 'On The Road' thing before he came to visit me."

"How long you staying?" Chloe asked.

Xander glanced at Lana, "I'm not sure yet. I'd kinda like to hang out with my cousin for a while. And I'm not likely to be going to college or anything, so..." he shrugged, "Plenty of time on my hands"

"What's that accent?" Chloe asked with a smile, "California?"

"I'm So-Cal through and through; from a little town called Sunnydale, just south of LA. Great place but was getting kinda old. Mind you I thought it was small until I came here!"

"Sunnydale?" Chloe asked thoughtfully, then snapped her fingers, "The school blew up. Homeland security was crawling all over it for a while, they thought it was a terrorist attack. Turns out it was..." she trailed off her memory failing her for a moment.

"Gas Leak" Xander said with a weird sort of smile.

"Yeah that was it!" Chloe said with a big smile. "Happened Graduation day didn't it?"

Xander glanced at his cousin, "Why do I feel like I'm being interrogated?" he asked with a smile.

"Because you are!" Lana said with a pointed look at Chloe, "Chloe is the editor and chief for the school paper as well as an investigative reporter that sometimes asks too many questions!"

Chloe spread her head in supplication and sunk back in her chair, "Sorry" she said with that same winning smile that had constantly pulled her out of trouble.

Xander just smiled back, "I don't mind I was just curious is all. Ask what you want. I've got nothing to hide"

Chloe just looked at him, as did Lana, but she was more along the lines of 'are you mad' but Chloe had a look of disbelief just barely hiding on her normally open expression. "You should never say that to a reporter they may prove you wrong" she told him jokingly, prompting a laugh.

Xander let the laughter subside a bit, "Actually I've got a question for you two" he said.

"Go on" Chloe asked a smile on her face again.

"I'm going to need to get a job if I'm going to stick around here for a while..." he trailed off leadingly.

"Well, the Talon doesn't need anyone right now" Lana said apologetically.

"The Kents sometimes need workers but not very often, Clark tends to do most of the work." Chloe said, not even realizing what she was saying.

"The Plant" they said together.

"I could speak to Lex" Lana added, "They may need someone up there." then she smirked, "Unless Mrs Kent wants to start taking on strippers of course."

"Hey" Xander said as Chloe nearly spat out her coffee. "That was supposed to be a secret."

"You never told me that" Lana pointed out.

"Didn't I?" Xander asked with a grimace, "Damn. Okay well, it is."

Chloe looked Xander over, his baggy clothing gave nothing away but underneath it... She blinked and smiled, "Stripper?" she asked pleasantly.

"No power on earth will make me tell you. And nor will she if she wants not to be tickled to death" he said with a glare at the giggling Lana.

She held up her hands, "Oh no, I'm WAY too ticklish. I won't tell a soul." she promised.

"Come on..." Chloe said winningly.

"No power on earth" Xander repeated.

.:Metropolis Army Base:.

A large panel of what had been office wall was pushed aside by one of the many Earth mover's that had been rushed on side the night before. As it did so there was a thud and rumble as some rocks were dislodged and fell into the gap before suddenly the ground seemed to shake with repressed anger.

Then without warning even as the earth mover's driver was getting out of his vehicle there was an explosion that sent it and the surrounding debris flying off to the sides up and away a single figure who was standing in the center of a sudden crater.

The figure swayed slightly and then keeled over and dropped to the floor, the figure that had been Brigadier Colonel Mayer was now spent, at least for a moment. As everyone had been blown away from the blast no one saw the strange way his eyes had flashed green before he had fallen, nor indeed that he had been the cause of the odd explosion.

So when wary saviors appeared at the crater's lip and looked down all they saw was the dirty and bloodied man lying flat out and set out to do their work.


The End?

You have reached the end of "It's Cold Outside" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jun 05.

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