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It's Cold Outside

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Summary: New family is found, new enemies and a strange relationship forms.

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It's Cold Outside

TITLE: It's Cold Outside.

AUTHOR: Siege (



DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere just let me know `K

DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Whedon and M.E. Smallville belongs to the great WB.

SUMMARY: New family is found, new enemies and a strange relationship forms.

FEEDBACK: The more I get, the faster I write, and the more often I'll post.

CATEGORY: Action/Adventure/Crossover


RELATIONSHIPS: X/?? It's a surprise.


BEWARE: Spoilers for Btvs S2,3,4. And Smallville Up to Series 4, episode 4 :-).

DATE: Started: 06/12/2004 - Completed: XX/XX/2004.

WORD COUNT: ??,???

BETA'D: I'm posting this live in an effort to keep the creative juices flowing. Milli seems to be trying to get another holiday, hopefully this will stop her.


This is my Christmas Present to my readers. I hope you like it. I'm having trouble in RL still and added to that is a bad hand. So typing is, not easy. So this may be slow. But I hope to get a part out a day. We shall see if I succeed. I've no idea how long this will be, but I'm posting in a serialised format, so it may end up being quite long.

Time Line Notes; I've brought BtVS Time line up a few years. Xander in this Fic graduated Class of 2003. That makes him a year or so older than Clark in this FIC.


/:It's Cold Outside:\\

.:Smallville, The Talon - Late Evening:.

Xander looked down at the small slip of A5 paper in his hand and frowned at it. Just in front of him was the door to a member of his family he'd never met. Or at least, it had been the last time she'd written. Which, now that he came to think of it was some time ago now.

He almost turned away, indecisiveness written plainly across his face. Then he turned back to look at the door. He hadn't been so undecided about something since leaving Sunnydale. Of course, that's not what he had told everybody. He had said he was going on a road trip. Which he had, it'd taken him a few months to get across the various states between Kansas and his native California. In fact, he'd left shortly after graduation. Now it was coming up on Christmas, with only a month to spare before the holiday.

Xander looked at the door again, still undecided.

{Should I stay, or Should I go}. Drifted out of a window of a passing truck and Xander's lips quirked into a lopsided smile. He shook his head ruefully and walked forward to grab the door handle.

Just at that moment a form came barrelling out from the other side of the door.

Xander found himself meeting an solid form head on, as the other man, somewhat taller than he ran into him.

The two men clashed against each other. Much to the other mans surprise he found himself bouncing off of a solid form as well.

Both men went down to the floor with a crash as the door was ripped from it's hinges in the wake of the meeting bodies.

The two males led on the floor for a moment before Xander finally managed to stop seeing stars and sat up with a rueful smile on his face. "Hi" he said with a laugh.

Clark Kent, erstwhile son of Jor'el looked at the stranger with a mixture of fascination and fear. "Hi" he said in shock.

The two men's eyes met and sparks flew between them; literally.

Green shot from Clark's eyes into Xander's quickly turning into a golden tinge that seemed to pour from Clark into Xander. It carried on for an entire minute until finally it suddenly and without warning stopped dead.

The two looked at each other for a long moment.

Xander smiled sharkishly, "Well; that's a fine howdy do."

Clark looked at the dark haired man smiling at him in utter shock. There was something strangely familiar about him; but he couldn't quite place the feeling. "Who are you?" he said, darting a quick look around. Luckily, the streets seemed to be virtually void of human traffic.

"Xander Harris" Xander said standing fluidly and looking a little stunned himself. His smile was fixed and wary. He held out his hand to help Clark up.

Clark looked at the hand and smiled slightly ruefully, "No; thanks" he said standing under his own power.

Xander smiled a simular smile back and the two looked at each other for a long moment. "Okay; freaky light show aside; for a sec. Do you know Lana Lang?"

"Lana" Clark said, even more warily, "Why?"

"I'll take that as a yes. Is she in?" he asked nodding towards where the Talons' door had been. He was surprised that no-one had come to check out the noise yet.

Clark looked down at the door a little worried. He had NO idea how he was going to explain that one away. Let alone how he was going to explain this to himself yet. The only other time he had felt like that was back in the caves. Clark looked sharply back at Xander. "Who are you really?" he asked threateningly.

"Xander Harris" Xander repeated, "Look; this isn't going well. What with freaky light shows and the fact you seem to think I'm your enemy. I'm not your enemy Kal-El" Xander said. Then if he could've he would have looked at his mouth in shock.

Clark, blanched and stepped forward with cold fury in his eyes. He grabbed Xander by his coat lapels and tried to pull him off balance. The words on his lips never came as Xander didn't budge an inch.

Xander reacted angrily. His hands coming up in a simple blocking move that twisted Clark's arms around and down, moving the larger mans body in a small circle. Clark totally stunned went with the movement and found himself in an arm lock. Xander was just moving with ingrained vampire hunting abilities. His technique picked up over the years of sparing lightly with Buffy, and of course; the fabulous Halloween night a few years before.

Clark meanwhile was trying to use pure strength to move back around to face Xander. It didn't work and he was becoming more perturbed by the second. "What are you?!" Clark asked in pure shock.

"Huh?" Xander replied intelligently. Then shook it off. He let go of Clark. There was something about the younger man that was throwing him off of his game. He felt almost apologetic for hurting Kal-El. Plus, he was starting to feel more than a little freaked out at that name. "You seem to ask a lot of questions and answer none kid" Xander said then frowned slightly. This guy was like a year younger than him; if that.

Clark glared at the other man for a moment. Then; to any outsider looking in. He seemed to just disappear into the ether. For Xander it was a totally different matter. His perception seemed to slow and everything around him seemed to freeze. Clark started to run, his legs and arms moving at normal speed even as Xander watched him go with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Weird kid" Xander said to himself. Wondering how this 'Clark' had pulled off the light trick and why. Not why anything particular yet, just a whole lot of whys.

Xander looked over at the door and picked up the solid metal door slowly, pushing it back into place. Then using the other door he walked into the empty coffee shop.


Lana Lang smiled at the elder woman, "Mrs Kent, I'll run through this for you again. Okay, at the end of the day..." she cut off as they heard a voice calling from the front of the coffee shop. They looked at each other.

"I must've forgotten to lock up" Martha Kent said with a flush of embarrassment.

"Don't worry happened to me all the time at the beginning" Lana said with a warm smile.

They stood together and walked out to the front of the Talon, arriving just in time for Lana to walk straight into a broad chest. She was sent immediately to the floor, where she landed painfully on her backside.

"Oh hey; damn I'm making a habit of that!" The man said helping Lana to her feet with an apologetic smile.

"Can we help you?" Martha asked pleasantly.

The young man smiled at her in a charming fashion. "Yeah; I'm Xander Harris. I'm looking For Lana Lang..." he was cut off by Lana suddenly squealing and wrapping her arms around him excitedly.

"Xander!" she said with a beaming smile. "I'm so happy to see you!"

"Friend of yours?" Martha said with a small smirk.

"No" Lana said with a beaming smile and still hugging a slightly startled bunny looking Xander. "He's my cousin!"

"I thought..."

"So did I" Lana finished, "Then Xander here contacted me a while back. Apparently he was searching for his roots" Lana said letting go of the smiling Xander.

"You never said you were so pretty!" Xander said with a brotherly smile at the attractive young woman. "Damn it's good to finally meet you!" he continued.

"I'm sure you've got a lot of catching up to do. We can finish this off later" Martha said with a fond smile.

Lana smiled back thankfully, "Okay; I'll be in first thing to help you set up then" she said as a sort of compremise.

"Okay" Martha said and she made a shooing motion with her hands, "Now go" she added.

"Come on" Lana said, excitedly taking Xander by the hand and dragging him away.

Martha watched them go with a slightly nervous expression on her face. One of the things that Lana wanted more than just about anything was a link to her family. Someone that wouldn't abandon her and be there for her. She just hoped that this Xander Harris was the real thing and not some sort of outsider with nefarious goals. Martha smiled ruefully to herself, 'You're getting more cynical every year' she admonished herself, 'Just be happy for the girl; she deserves some family' she told herself. The trouble was that she couldn't shake the feeling that Lana was diving into this too fast. The hug and excitement was a sure sign that there were good vibes between the two of them. But how much could you really find out with letters or e-mails.

.:The Apartment Above The Talon - Night:.

"So that's it really" Xander said, finishing off his tale's of his road trip. "I just drifted on over to Kansas after that."

"Wow" Lana said with her eyes wide sparkling. "Stripper hey?"

"I knew you'd pick that up" Xander said wryly. "I really didn't mean to tell you that. I'm so used to telling you everything in our letter's that I kinda forgot there's no a thousand miles between us anymore" he continued.

Lana looked at him softly for a moment, "Talking of which; how are your parents?"

Xander flinched, "Something else I wish I'd never told you. After all my Mom's your moms other sister"

"I never even knew she had another sister until you wrote. I did some digging after that. Strange town you're from." she said with a frown. "Bit like here really."

Xander flinched again, this time comically, "Oh god; I hope not." then he grinned at her, "Digging hey? Checking out my story more like"

Lana blushed slightly, "Well..."

"I know, I'm glad you did in fact. I'd be unhappy if you hadn't."


"Well, I'm glad you're watching your back," Xander blushed himself, slightly, "I've always wanted a sister" he added in an aside.

Lana beamed at him happily. "I've always wanted a brother" she said.

Their letter's had somehow managed to turn into a sharing session that would've done any therapist proud. Lana had unloaded a lot about how she felt about Nell leaving, her mom and dad dying and a few bits and pieces here and there about her relationship with Whitney. Of course, the last year's writing had been a little sketchy. She certainly hadn't expected Xander to turn up on her door.

"So, what you got planned now?" Lana asked.

Xander shifted nervously, "Well; that kinda depends" he started slowly. "I'm not going home; like ever."

"Don't blame you" Lana said emotionally. This may be the first time she had met the man sat next to her. Yet, she felt a deep emotional bound with him already. "I wouldn't want to go back to that either!"

"It's not just that. My friends, the ones I told you about. Well, after graduation they pushed me away again. This time, I went" Xander said in a defeated tone. "I can't stick around that *place* and not be apart of the gang. You know?"

Lana nodded sympathetically, "Yeah; I get it. They were like a life line or something?"

Xander smiled softly at his new cousin. He had told her things in his letters that he hadn't even told Willow. Things that, when he was alive at least, he hadn't told even Jessie. The diminutive beauty sat beside him, looking at him with big soulful eyes, knew him better than anyone. At the same time, this was the first time they had met. Strangely, it didn't seem to be a problem for either of them.

.:Kent Farm - Night:.

Martha walked into her home and came face to face with a very worried Clark. "Honey, what's the matter?"

Clark looked pained, "Mom; we've got trouble" her said with a heavy sigh.

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