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Summary: Cordelia's cousin comes to live with her.

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Title: Banishment

Author: LindsayR

AtS/Gilmore Girls

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I only wish I did.

Summary: Cordelia’s cousin comes to live with her.

Spoilers: GG- Tristan didn’t get sent to Military School (not sure which episode that is), but to his cousin in LA.

AtS- Through Season 4 but no coma for Cordelia and they did not take over W&H which means that Fred is still alive too. Cordy is living at the Hyperion and no longer at her apartment.

Los Angeles. The City of Angels. He couldn’t believe that he’d finally gotten out of Hartford and away from Chilton. His father thought time away would do him good, that his cousin would be a positive influence on his life, even if her family had been embroiled in scandal, something he himself was familiar with. Tristan snorted softly at the idea that a girl only five or six years older than he was could be a positive influence, especially in a city like LA. He just hoped that she didn’t live a dump. The Chase side of the family, his mother’s people, wasn’t talked about much. He’d only met his cousin Cordelia once and he’d been so young at the time that he couldn’t remember anything about the meeting. His mother cut off all contact a few years ago. Something about a scandal involving Cordelia’s dad, his uncle. Scandal wasn’t something his father wanted associated with the Dugray name so of course his mother had immediately ceased speaking to her brother and his family. His father’s obsession with avoiding scandal was the reason behind his banishment to the west coast.

The plane touched down on the ground and ten minutes later Tristan was trudging up the skyway, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He was dreading every minute he would have to spend in his uncle’s company. No doubt his father had left strict instructions as to how he was to be treated, including a curfew. Then again, what his uncle didn’t know couldn’t hurt him. He refused to be restricted by a curfew, not in a city like LA. There was so much potential for fun and a little bit of trouble. Besides, he’d never been to a public school and wanted to find out what the girls of Los Angeles were like. Maybe his banishment wouldn’t be a completely awful experience.

As he stepped into the terminal he began looking around curiously, hoping to spot his uncle, but all he had to go on was a vague memory of what the man looked like. He spun in a small circle and was surprised when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and found himself facing a tall brunette whose chocolate eyes were regarding him carefully, warily, as if she didn’t trust anyone easily. Finally she spoke. “Yeah, you look just like I expected. Spoiled. Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised by that.”

“Hey…” he began only to be cut off.

“Don’t bother. Up until a few years ago I was just like you. I’m Cordelia by the way.”

He looked her up and down. This was his cousin? “You’re Cordelia?” She was wearing a tight black sleeveless v-neck top and a simple red skirt that flared out around her knees. A pair of black heels adorned her feet and there was a black clutch bag in her hands.

“Yeah. And you’re Tristan. I know we’ve met before but I honestly don’t remember it. Too young. And if your mom would have been decent enough to stay in contact with my dad and mom during their time of crisis, I’m certain we would have seen each other before now, but she didn’t. By the way, just so you know, my parents are living it up somewhere in South America. Dad’s wanted for tax fraud, so you’ll be living with me and a couple friends.”

Tristan was confused. He was certain his dad had said something about speaking to Randall Chase and that staying with them would be okay. “But my dad talked to yours…”

“Wrong. He talked to a friend of mine pretending to be my dad. When I heard that it was either here or military school for you, I figured that a little time here in LA with me would scare you into being good a lot quicker than some guy with a stick up his butt ordering you to clean toilets for two years.” There was a wicked grin on her face and he began to worry. What the hell was he getting into? “Besides, I can keep an eye on you while I work since you’ll be working with me after school two days a week and on the weekends.”

God it just kept getting worse, and they hadn’t even headed toward baggage claim yet. Maybe he could just turn around and get a ticket out of here. A flight to Mexico couldn’t be too expensive and he had plenty of money for a hotel once he got there.

“Oh…fear. That’s good. Of course before the year’s up you’ll learn that there’s lots scarier stuff in the world than me. Count on it.” She smiled brightly, her demeanor becoming very relaxed. “Now, let’s go get your stuff. We have to be back to the hotel before sunset otherwise things might get a little…well, messy.”

She began to walk away and he stared after her for several moments before sighing deeply and strolling after her. Five minutes in her company and he was already exhausted. Catching up to her quickly he listened as she launched in a long monologue about her boss and co-workers. It occurred to him then that maybe military school would have been the better choice after all.

The End

You have reached the end of "Banishment". This story is complete.

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